Rise of Castles Snow Festival (Great Rewards)

Learn everything you need to know about the Snow Festival in Rise of Empires and what exciting rewards you can earn.

Rise of Empires Snow Festival - December 2022
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If you participated in the Halloween event a month ago, you will be familiar with the Snow Festival’s game mechanics. It includes a variety of special tasks and challenges, as well as unique rewards that can help you progress faster in the game. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the various objectives to complete during the event, as well as some tips and tricks on how to maximize your rewards.

What is the Snow Festival in Rise of Empires?

Rise of Empires Snow Festival preview
Snow Festival preview

The Snow Festival in Rise of Empires is a special event that offers players the chance to participate in a series of Christmas-themed activities and challenges, compete against other players, and earn exclusive rewards.

The event takes place from 12 to 26 December and offers a wide variety of activities, ranging from solving a memory puzzle to Frost Fortress battles and fighting the ferocious Yeti and more.

To access the Snow Festival, all you need to do is to tap the blue globe visible on the right side of your screen. This will take you to the event page, where you will be able to access all the activities available.

how to access the Snow Festival in Rise of Empires
How to access the Snow Festival

What’s new in this event?

The first thing you’ll notice in the Snow Festival is the new delightful Winter-themed design inside your town. The walls surrounding your Castle are decorated with festive garlands and the streets are filled with snow.

You will also notice a Santa Claus sitting on top of each gate; just for decoration, of course. The entire game interface has been adapted to the Christmas theme too.

The World map outside your Castle has also been given a festive makeover. The Ruins Exploration structures, used for activating the Marauder Siege Defense event, are entirely covered with snow, decorations, and small Christmas Trees surrounding them.

You will also come across 2 new characters for the special event: Santa Claus and the Christmas Yeti, which I will explain in more detail below.

Rise of Empires Snow Festival Activities

Below, we’ll take a look at all the different tasks and challenges available and what rewards each one offers.

Splendid Fireworks

This section of the Snow Festival allows you to select your favorite fireworks pattern so you can light up the sky. You get Winter Fireworks by participating in the different activities offered by this festival. Lighting fireworks is not only for fun, but you can also gain rewards from doing this.

The rewards are split into different tiers such as 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 Winter Fireworks that need to be consumed, the latter being the highest tier reward, but also the most difficult to achieve.

As an example, to get the first reward, you need to consume 10 fireworks and you will be rewarded with 240k Iron, 320k Stone, and an 8h Speedup item. The highest one, on the other hand, requires you to light up 400 fireworks and will reward you with 5 Super Recruitment Tickets, 500 Courage Medals, 100k EXP for your Rise of Empires Dragon, and 2 x 8h Speedup items.

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist first attempt rewards
The rewards for my first try

This section allows you to spend your Wish Stars for a chance to redeem a random reward. The rewards include a Rare Surprise Chest, the Reindeer Sleigh permanent legion skin, and Red Crystals that you can use in the Lucky Wheel event.

But that’s not all! You will also get plenty of other valuable rewards. For example, after spending my first batch of 10 Wish Stars, I got 10 Word Truth, 5 Red Crystals, 1h Training Speedup, 1.5M Marble, 2M Lumber, 75k Iron, 5 Blaze Stones, and 10 Hero Tokens, quite a nice package!

Christmas Wishlist fifth attempt rewards and won the Reindeer Sleigh permanent legion skin
The rewards for my fifth Wish Stars try

I had 60 Wish Stars in total, and luckily I got the Reindeer Sleigh permanent legion skin on my 5th try, as well as Courage Medals, but no Rare Surprise Chest so far, unfortunately.

The Wish Stars are earned by completing the different activities of the Snow Festival, or by purchasing Value Bundle premium packs (although the amount offered is quite low for the price you pay). Same as recruiting heroes, you can spend one Wish Star or in batches of 10, the latter offering higher chances of getting more valuable rewards.

Kiss Under Mistletoe

The first thing you should do to benefit from this activity is to place your first Mini Christmas Tree inside your town. For this, visit the Build menu, located on the right side of your screen, and tap the Decoration icon.

On this list, swipe from right to left until you see the Mini Christmas Tree, tap it and place it anywhere you like inside your town area. The first one is free, but you can purchase more later.

The Kiss under Mistletoe activity interface in Snow Festival, and the Recommendation tab

There are two types of Christmas trees that you can place: the Mini Christmas Tree, which generates Mistletoe, and the Exquisite Christmas Tree which generates Christmas Wreaths, and is also the biggest. Both trees produce 5 items every 6 hours.

The Kiss Under Mistletoe section is divided into two parts: Recommendation and Exchange.

The Recommendation tab

The recommendation tab gives you the possibility to earn additional Mistletoe and Christmas Wreath items by helping other players with their Christmas Trees production. To help a member, pick one from the list and hit the “Join production” button.

Helping another player with his Christmas tree production
Helping another player with his Christmas tree production

This will take you to his castle and you’ll need to find his Christmas tree(s) and hit the tree that he requires help with (you will see a shaking hands icon).

Once the production is complete, you will receive the same amount of generated items as the other player. Each Christmas tree has 3 help slots, so it can receive help with the production from a maximum of 3 players.

You can participate in up to 20 Christmas Trees production per day, and you can help the same player more than once if he has multiple trees.

The Exchange tab

The Exchange tab allows you to exchange some of the collected Mistletoe and Christmas Wreath items for valuable rewards, such as resources, powerful boosts, or decorations.

Here you can also exchange 20 Mistletoe for one Exquisite Christmas Tree. The majority of more valuable, however, can be exchanged for Christmas Wreath items. A Merry Christmas Snow Globe decoration, for example, will cost you 20 Christmas Wreath items.

Yeti is Coming

Yeti level 10 during ROE Snow Festival
Yeti level 10

This page shows you a preview of potential rewards after defeating Yeti. To participate in this event you need to locate a Yeti close to your castle and start a rally attack or join an existing rally made by your allies.

All of them have a level 10 difficulty, and upon defeat, you will obtain one Christmas Sock, which includes Wish Stars, Gems, and Courage Medals. You will also get Gold hero EXP. Same as with Giants, you will also receive a bonus reward for defeating a Yeti for the first time on that day, which also includes Wish Stars and other similar rewards.

Memory Puzzle

By visiting this page, you will notice at the top of the page a few locked puzzles. To unlock a puzzle, you will need to first collect all its pieces by participating in all the available activities in the Snow Festival. Once you have all the pieces, you can start completing the puzzle by dragging the pieces from the bottom to the right place.

While trying to complete the puzzle, don’t forget to tap the eye icon visible in the top-right corner, so you can have a preview of the puzzle, and where you need to place your pieces.

After completing the puzzle, you will be given a star rating from 1 to 3 based on how fast you finished it. You can complete puzzles 10 times a day, and your best score will be tracked in the leaderboards. The top 100 ranking players will also receive a bonus reward, delivered by mail, and includes Wish Stars and Speedups.

Frost Fortress

Similar to the Halloween event, the Frost Fortress has 2 stages, Frontline Armament and Frost Fortress. During the first stage, the Frontline Armament, players can complete various daily tasks related to but not limited to the Snow Festival.

These tasks can include killing the Christmas Yeti once or multiple times, recruiting heroes, sharing the event on social media, claiming Hourly Challenge rewards, and more. The more members of the same alliance participate in the Snow Event, the faster the second stage of the Frost Fortress will be unlocked.

Frost Fortress overview and the progress chests

There are also 4 progress chests you can open for more valuable rewards (see the screenshot). These chests require a specific number of points ranging from 50k points for the first chest to 500k points for the 4th chest. The points are calculated based on the overall performance of all alliance members.

In the second stage, you can complete missions and improve your ranking score by carrying out similar tasks as in the first stage. Additionally, there is a requirement to launch assaults on the Frost Fortress five times each day. To save time, I suggest teleporting your castle close to the Frost Fortress before carrying out your daily attacks.

Santa’s Present

In this section, you have a preview of the potential rewards you can get from Santa Claus. For this activity, you need to locate Santa Claus on the World Map, tap on it and next, hit the “Receive Gifts” button. This will send one of your available legions to that location.

Santa Claus on the world map
Santa Claus on the world map

Upon return of your legion, your rewards will be sent in your mail under the Activity tab. You will then need to check the message and hit the “Claim” button to collect your rewards. You can receive 10 Santa gifts a day.

Lucky Wheel

The last activity of the Snow Festival is the Lucky Wheel. However, this is not new, it’s the typical spinning wheel event where you can spend your Red Crystals to spin the wheel for a chance at getting great rewards. The reward pool includes courage Medals and various amounts of fragments for the latest introduced legendary hero, Jeanne d’Arc.


The Snow Festival is a great event to participate in and get some awesome rewards. It’s not only fun but can also be rewarding if you manage to participate regularly in this wintery event! It will not only benefit your gameplay but also your allied members because it’s mostly a team effort. So be sure to check out the Snow Festival before it ends, and start earning those Winter Fireworks! Happy Holidays!

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