How to Level up Heroes Fast in Rise of Castles

Learn how to level up heroes fast in Rise of Empires Ice and Fire with this compiled list of 14 useful tips to get ahead of the competition

How to level up heroes faster in Rise of Empires
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I think is safe to say that every player wants their heroes to be as strong and as soon as possible. Having a strong legion of heroes is one of the key components to having a successful town in Rise of Castles. But, like most things in life, leveling up your heroes takes time and patience. In this guide, we’ll share the most essential tips on how to level up your heroes faster in Rise of Castles.

1. Upgrade the Bar

The Bar building is where you recruit heroes and should be among the first buildings to upgrade in your town. Upgrading this building will increase the experience your heroes get after each Marauder win.

The higher the level of the Bar, the more experience your heroes get. For example, a Bar building level 5 gives a 5% Hero Exp bonus, whereas a Bar building level 25 gives a 40% Hero Exp bonus after each Marauder win.

2. Defeat Marauders daily

By defeating Marauders daily, the bandits you see all over your map, and your heroes will level up pretty fast, a good way to become stronger in Rise of Castles. However, if you are in the early stages of building your legions, you should be focusing on those from level 1 to level 15.

That’s because these are the only Marauders who also drop Hero Exp, besides the experience your heroes receive after each victory. Another advantage of levels below 15 Marauders is that they have no daily win cap, unlike the levels +16 Marauders where you have a 10 wins limit per day.

Once you’ve built a strong legion that can deal with level +16 Marauders, you should start attacking Gale – Tomahawk (levels 16-20), Gale – Axe Master (levels 21-32), and Gale – Hillsplitter (levels 33-35) Marauders for more experience and better rewards. Among these rewards, you will also get Orichalcum, a special item added in the latest Rise of Castles expansion, and required to upgrade your Castle up to level 30.

3. Craft a Scavenger’s Straw Hat (purple, orange, or golden)

Try crafting a purple, orange, or golden Scavenger’s Straw Hat if you can. This helmet will reduce your Stamina cost on Marauder attacks by 10% for a purple helmet, 20% for an orange, or 30% for a golden helmet.

Although there’s no direct Hero Exp earning for crafting this helmet, it will reduce your stamina cost on Marauder attacks, which means more attacks, and more experience for your heroes.

The golden color offers the highest bonus and stats, but it is also the most difficult to craft. Additionally, you could also craft a Scavenger’s Pickaxe and a Scavenger’s Coat which offer a +25% chance of bonus loot after defeating Marauders. This bonus loot could be either big chunks of meat to feed the Red Dragon, resources, or extra Hero Exp items.

4. Upgrade the Strengthen or Peasant skill

If you are one of the lucky people to have a hero with the Strengthen skill, make sure you maximize this skill as soon as possible. Placing a hero with this skill in your formation will give a significant Hero Exp boost to all the heroes in your formation (an impressive 50% Hero Exp bonus at level 10) after each Marauder win.

At the time of writing this guide, there are only two blue-quality heroes having this skill, Sheriff: Eason, and Apprentice: Daryl. There are also two gree-quality heroes, The Pirate and The Beggar, having a similar skill to Strengthen, called Peasant.

However, the bonus offered at the max level (10), is only 30%. Is good if you have just started playing or if you don’t have any of the blue-quality heroes I mentioned before.

5. Sign up for the Heroes Duel event

The Heroes Duel event in Rise of Castles is a fantastic passive way to get great rewards. You don’t need to do anything but sign up your best heroes and let them do their thing. You can sign up for the Heroes Duel by tapping on the “Events” located icon on the right side of your screen while inside the Castle.

Next, select the “Heroes Duel” event from the list of events. Among the list of rewards, those who qualify among the top 8 spots will get Hero Exp items, Wisdom Medals, and Courage Medals, the three most necessary items to level up your heroes.

6. Complete Hourly Challenges

The Hourly Challenge event occurs every hour daily and provides rewards that can help you level up your heroes faster.

Each Hourly Challenge has different objectives, and upon opening the third chest from any Hourly Challenge, you will be rewarded with 40 x 5,000 Hero Exp items (blue colored) and 40 x 20,000 Hero Exp items (purple colored), among other things like diamonds, Hero Tokens, Advanced Teleport, etc. Once you get these Hero Exp items, you can use them to level up your heroes.

7. Be in the top 2 spots in Clash of Province

Clash of Province ranking rewards

The Clash of Province event offers some of the best rewards among all the events in Rise of Castles. The higher the Zone Commemoration tech is researched, the better the rewards you’ll get.

But unfortunately, none of the individual chest rewards offer Hero Exp items. The only way to get experience items from the Clash of Province is to be in the top 2 spots in your province when the daily event ends.

However, this will require a tremendous amount of effort as you compete with some of the best players in your province. Nevertheless, the rewards are 10 x 20,000 Hero Exp for the second spot, and 5 x 100,000 Hero Exp items for the first spot.

8. Join or create Savage Giant rallies

Savage Giant level 25 rewards in Rise of Empires

Savage Giants can also be a good way to get exps items. You can either create a rally or join a rally already formed by other members of your Alliance.

Before joining a rally, make sure you’re not too far from your team to arrive in time before the rally starts. After the battle is over, you’ll receive rewards based on the damage you’ve dealt to the Savage Giant. The higher the damage, the better the rewards you’ll get.

You can defeat Savage Giants up to 10 times a day, but you will get the bonus rewards only for the first daily win. But the good thing is that the bonus rewards do not include any Hero EXP items. There are 6 levels of Savage Giants, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25, the Savage Giant level 25 being the most difficult to defeat, but also the most rewarding.

9. Be prepared for Marauder Siege Defense

Marauders Siege Defense is an event that can be started every few days by your Alliance Rank 4 and Rank 5 leaders. To be rewarded at the end of this event, you must have your legions checked inside the Fortress building in the Garrison section, and have your legions present in the castle during all the attack waves of Marauder Siege.

There are 30 damage ranking spots, the first spot having the best rewards. The more damage your legions do, the higher your chances are to be better rewarded. Those who qualify in the first place will be rewarded with 5 x 250,000 gold, 10 x 5,000 Hero Exp, and 100 Wisdom Medals.

10. Complete Benefits Center quests

Benefits Center offers plenty of quests that you can complete every day to get rewards, including experience items. The quests are pretty simple some of them can be completed within minutes. For example, the Ultimate Duel tab inside Benefits Center > Day 4 > Scavenger or Hero Recruitment quests chain, offer great Hero Exp items for completing any of these quests.

Additionally, on the same tab, the Ultimate Duel, the more quests you complete, the more chests you can open. Although only the last chest offers Hero Exp (one 100,000 Hero Exp item), these chests also offer some nice additional rewards, including Orichalcum, and hero fragments for the newest legendary hero, Alfred.

The downside is that most of these quest chains are available for a limited time, but if you manage to complete them before they disappear, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

11. Use your Recruitment Tickets

I know how tempting it is to use those Super Recruitment Tickets as soon as you get them. But to increase your chances of getting legendary heroes, you should wait until you have at least 10 Super Recruitment Tickets or multiple 10 x Recruitment Tickets packs.

Although you don’t get any Hero Exp by spending these tickets, every time you get the same hero more than once, you get a Hero Medal for the same hero. You will need a lot of these Hero Medals later to unlock all the skills of your legendary heroes.

12. Exchange your Hero Tokens

Hero Exp, Wisdom Medals and Courage Medals inside Token Shop in Rise of Empires

The Hero Tokens can be exchanged in the Token Shop (the Bar building) for valuable items. Some players prefer trading these tokens for Hero Fragments, but this is a long-term process as you need 200 Hero Fragments to summon a hero, which will cost you 12,000 Hero Tokens in total for one hero.

The best use of Hero Tokens in my opinion is to exchange them for Hero Exp, Wisdom Medals, or Courage Medals. You can get 10 x 100,000 Hero Exp items for 300 Hero Tokens.

13. Keep the Exp items for Legendary Heroes

This advice applies mostly to the early game when you’re still trying to level up your first heroes and create your first fast-marching legion. In the early game, you will have mostly green, blue, or purple-quality heroes. These heroes are not that difficult to replace later in the game as you will get more powerful heroes as you progress, so avoid spending too many experience items on them.

I would also highly recommend focusing first on creating a strong Class legion with legendary heroes and upgrading them as high as possible. Once you have a strong Class legion, you can start focusing on other legions.

14. Use the Wisdom Medals wisely

The last tip for today is regarding the Wisdom Medals. You can use these medals to upgrade your heroes’ skills up to level 10 for each skill.

Even though it might seem easy to get them at first, as you will get some from daily quests, events, and rewards, they are actually quite hard to get, and the required amount to upgrade the skills will increase with each skill level.

You should be focusing first on spending your Wisdom Medals on maximizing your Class legion heroes, and once your heroes’ skills are maxed out, you can then move on to other less important heroes or stationed heroes. As for stationed heroes, use your Wisdom Medals to upgrade the first skill only in the beginning. After that, their first skill will provide experience whenever their active skill is being used.

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