How to Get More Resources in Rise of Castles

Learn how to get more resources in Rise of Castles with these methods of resource production, gathering tips, and efficiency techniques.

How to get more resources in Rise of Castles
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No matter how good you are at playing Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire, it is always nice to have more resources. Whether it’s to upgrade your buildings, train more troops, or simply because you want to research new technologies or level up your Castle, having a good amount of resources will ensure that you can keep your kingdom flourishing.

After all, that’s what the game is all about: gathering resources to make your town and army stronger. In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways to get additional resources in Rise of Castles.

1. Build and upgrade your Waterwheel buildings

a level 25 Waterwheel building and four Farms affected by the Food production bonus

The Waterwheel is a new building included in the latest major Rise of Castles expansion, the Castle Era. The purpose of the Waterwheel is to boost the Food resource production for the Farm fields near it. The only requirement for this building is that it needs to be placed next to a river.

Once you update the game to its latest version, you will have a river automatically created in your town, or you can dig your own river by using the “Dig river” option in the Build menu.

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You can then place your Waterwheels next to this river or small lake, to start receiving the Food production boost. The Farms affected by the Waterwheel will have a glowing yellow light coming from the ground.

For example, a level 25 Waterwheel building will increase the surrounding Farm’s Food production by +9,550/h, which means that if you have four level 25 Farms next to your Waterwheel, you’ll get a total Food production bonus of +38,200/h, only from four Farms and one Waterwheel.

2. Create some farm accounts

Farming accounts are the best way to get more resources in Rise of Castles. These are basically multiple different accounts that you can create, manage, and switch between them on the same device. You can create multiple farming accounts (up to 10) and use them to produce resources and support your main account.

The most popular Class for Farm accounts is the Farmer class, but some also prefer the Trader or the Builder class. Once created and advanced to a level where they can hold a good amount of resources, you can switch to your main account and transfer the resources through repeated attacks.

3. Maximize your resource production buildings

The resource production buildings are one of the first buildings you should upgrade in Rise of Castles. To get the most out of your resource production buildings, (Lumber, Food, Ale, Marble, Iron, Gold, and Charcoal) you should make sure that they are upgraded at their maximum level to produce the most resources per hour.

You should also have the maximum amount of these buildings as per your current Castle level, as more buildings will increase your production rate.

4. Always refill your Charcoal Factories

halted charcoal production and all other resources dropped to 26% production efficiency

Many players are tenuous about whether they should use their lumber on charcoal or not. But what many do not know is that by halting the production of charcoal, your gold, food, marble, iron, and ale, basically all your resource buildings, will drop to a critical 26% production efficiency.

To avoid this, and have 100% production efficiency for all your resource buildings, you should always make sure that your Charcoal Factories are supplied with Lumber.

5 Use the Rapid Production feature

food rapid production

The Rapid Production feature can be used to receive instantly a certain amount of the chosen resource and its success rate decreases after each consecutive use. If the rapid production fails, the resource production structure loses a certain percentage of its durability and enters a Damaged Status, lowering the building’s Production Efficiency until is repaired.

However, you can increase the Rapid Production success rate of each resource production building by researching the Rapid Production inside the Institute Building. You also get a guaranteed usage per day once you research Will and Way under the same branch.

6. Level up your Red Dragon

The Rise of Castles Red Dragon is a powerful unit that can be used to increase your resource-gathering speed, decrease the building time of your structures, and boost the production of your resource-generating buildings.

Besides this, now since the latest expansion of this game, the dragon can also be attached to your legion and used in battle. Each level of the Red Dragon increases its power and the resource-gathering benefits it provides. So it’s definitely something you should level up as soon as possible.

7. Complete your daily tasks

The daily tasks list in Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Each day you will receive a set of tasks that you can complete to earn rewards. In general, these tasks are similar each day and focus on different things such as training troops, gathering resources, spending VIP points, researching technologies, recruiting heroes, upgrading buildings, and so on.

Each task or mission has a certain number of points that you’ll earn upon completion and once you reach a certain number of points, you’ll receive a chest with rewards.

There are 8 chests you can open each day, and the last chest requires you to have 500 points and it will give you the best rewards. This includes resources, speed-up items, gold rewards, VIP Points recruitment tickets, and other items that can be very useful.

8. Upgrade your Stationing Heroes

Stationing heroes Rise of Empires

Your Stationing heroes are the ones you leave in your town to provide certain buffs and help with resource production. These heroes have multiple skills that can provide a wide range of benefits such as increased resource production, faster building construction and upgrades, increased troop training speed, and so on.

Some of their skills are passive while others need to be manually activated. These Stationing heroes can be placed inside Town Hall, one of the first buildings you should focus on from the very beginning. The more you level up Stationing heroes and their skills, the stronger the buffs they provide will be.

9. Increase your troop’s carrying capacity

Cavalry units are by far the best units in the game when it comes to gathering and marching speed. To increase their gathering capacity even further, you should focus on researching the “Take it all” tech (5 levels) under the Class Legion Research (or any of the other 3 legions) and the “Transport Cart” (15 levels) under the Cavalry Training branch in the Institute building.

Additionally, you should also upgrade as high as possible the Training Grounds buildings, to increase your legions troops size. The more you research these two technologies, and upgrade the Training Grounds, the higher the gathering capacity of your cavalry units will be, and therefore more resources.

10. Send your troops to gather high-level tiles

Level 10 resource tiles in Rise of Empires

Having a gathering routine will gradually increase the number of resources you have, without having to spend any real money on this game. Most players prefer to send out their troops to gather resources overnight, to not interfere with their daily activities in the game. The higher the level of the tile, the more resources it will provide. 

Currently, the maximum resource tile level is 9 but veteran players from the oldest states can still create level 10 resource tiles. However, before sending out your troops, you should first check or ask your Alliance members if it is allowed to gather that day, as some Alliances might have an agreement to not score during gathering day in Clash of Province event.

11. Use a 24h gather bonus

24h gathering bonus item in the alliance shop

While gathering, is always good to use a 24h gather bonus. These can be bought from the in-game Alliance store using Alliance contribution points. Once you use one of these items, your gathering speed will be increased by 50% for the next 24 hours.

To use this item, either go to your bag, tap the Buff tab at the top, locate the Gathering Bonus item, and tap on it, or while being outside your Castle, tap the Castle, the Town Buffs icon, and after that tap the Gathering Bonus item from the Buff items list.

12. Research resource-related techs

town development research maxed out in Rise of Empires

If you want to increase the production of all your resource-related buildings, you should focus on maximizing all the resource-related techs. This includes Rapid Production and Town Development inside Institute.

The techs under the Town Development branch are even more important as they directly affect the production of your resource-related buildings, increase gathering speed, and resource storage expansion.

Clash of Provinces resource-related techs

You might also research resource-related techs for specific events. For example, under Zone Commemoration, the tech tree responsible for improving the Clash of Provinces event rewards and abilities, you have 3 techs that can improve resource production or gathering speed:

  • Full-scale Production: It’s the first tech from the Zone Commemoration tech tree and can be upgraded to a maximum of 10 levels. This tech increases gathering speed during Clash of Province
  • Expedition Force: It’s the second tech from the Zone Commemoration tech tree and can also be upgraded to a maximum of 10 levels. This tech increases the number of resources gathered during CoP
  • Load increase: Placed on the 7th spot in the Zone Commemoration tech tree, this tech has 15 levels and increases the load of your legion, which means that your troops will be able to gather more resources during CoP

13. Send your workers on expeditions

If you do not have any building construction or upgrades in progress, you can always send your workers on expeditions. It’s a good way to get extra resources, and the only thing you need to do is to send your workers and wait for them to come back.

To do that, while inside your Castle/town, tap the hammer icon on the top-left side of your screen. From the list of workers, tap any worker and hit the “Explore” button.

Next, you’ll need to choose the Exploration type, Normal or Advanced. The Advanced Exploration provides better rewards but is available only after purchasing the VIP Shop.

After that, choose the Exploration time, 4h, 6h, 8h, or 12h, and hit the Explore button at the bottom, to send your worker on an adventure. Once your worker(s) come back, they’ll bring you some resources as a reward.

You can then check the report by visiting your in-game inbox. At the bottom of this page, you will see a new section called Expedition Report, which includes all the details about the resources your workers have found.

14. Rob some workers

robbing other player's workers

Sending your workers on expeditions is not the only way to get additional resources. You can also rob other players’ workers while they are exploring near your Castle. To do that, you need to have the Watch Tower building placed. When someone’s workers are exploring near your Castle, you will see a little red icon over shaking on the Watch Tower.

Tap on it, and it will send you to that worker’s location where you can hit the “Snatch” button to steal some of its collected resources. However, you should be aware that the player you stole the resources from, will be informed, and can do the same to you.

15. Take part in Clash of Province and Hourly Challenge events

The Clash of Province event is a great way to get additional resources as it offers generous rewards for every chest you open. The more chests you open, the more rewards you will get. You will get extra rewards if your Alliance ranks among the top first spots at the end of the event.

The Hourly Challenge is pretty similar to the Clash of Province event, and it changes every hour. The event offers different tasks that you need to complete within the given time limit. To maximize your rewards, you should try to score for both events at the same time when the activities are similar, such as training troops.

16. Be ready for Marauder Siege Defense

While researching and upgrading all these resource-related techs and buildings, you should also remember to be always prepared for a Marauder Siege Defense event. The more damage scores your troops can do to the Marauders, the higher rewards you will get from defeating them.

These rewards include a decent amount of resources (depending on the damage you’ve done) and Hero Exp items that you can use to level up your heroes. Once this event is over, you can collect your rewards from your inbox in the System folder.

17. Take advantage of the discounts in the Trading House

The Trading House is a great place to get additional resources as it offers various discounts on the items available for purchase. To start trading, tap the Trading House while the Trading Float (the balloon) is in the building and hit the Trade icon.

You can then trade different resources on resource items, speed-ups, Dragonite, gold, or other useful items with discounts that go up to 70%. The offers I look for, are the ones that I can trade for Food or Ale.

18. Do White Crow and Dragon Exploration missions

White Crow missions are a great way to upgrade your Red Dragon but, more importantly, they also provide decent rewards for successfully completing them.

The more missions you complete, the higher the quality and quantity of rewards you will get and it will also increase the White Crow building’s level.

At the same time, you should also focus on completing all the Dragon Exploration missions as they offer great rewards, and it is also one of the three ways to upgrade the Power of the Dragon, a set of special talents that greatly improve your resource production, gathering and building construction speed.

19. Attack and plunder other players

You can also get additional resources by attacking other players. Upon victory, the more resources your targeted player has in his Depot (not the bag), and the stronger your troops are, the more resources you will plunder.

However, you should pick carefully your targets if they are within the same state, to avoid starting a war between Alliances.

20. Defeat Marauders and Savage Giants

Marauder resource rewards

Marauders and Savage Giants are scattered all around the map. You can see their locations by zooming out on the map. Attacking and defeating them will give you a chance to get valuable rewards like resources, Hero EXP items, and gold.

The higher-level Marauders have a 10-kill-per-day limit, while the lower-level ones have no kill limit. Although the higher-level Marauders are much harder to defeat, the rewards they offer are definitely worth the challenge.

How to get more resources: FAQ

How can I protect my resources from being taken by enemy players?

You can protect your resources from being taken by enemy players by keeping your resources in the Storage (not the resource items from your bag) close to or below the Depot Protection limit. You can see this limit by tapping on the Food, Lumber, Marble, or Iron resource icon at the top of your screen.

How many Waterwheels can I have?

A level 25 Castle can build up to 6 Waterwheels, which means you could have 24 Farms surrounding them. However, you can have a maximum of 20 Farms at level 25.


These are some of the best ways to get additional resources in Rise of Castles. The more resources you get, the faster you can upgrade your city and progress through the game. It’s the perfect way to get ahead of the competition and become the ultimate ruler in this game. So what are you waiting for? Start collecting those resources today!

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