Rise of Castles Clash of Province Event (Tactics & Rewards)

Learn everything about Clash of Province the most important event in Rise of Castles, how to prepare, and what are the best strategies

Rise of Castles Clash of Province event guide

Clash of Province is by far the most important event in Rise of Empires because it offers the best rewards among all events. It is thus crucial to prepare for it in the best way possible and to use the most effective strategies to get as many rewards as possible. Here is a guide that will help you do just that!

What is Clash of Province?

Clash of Province is a weekly event that takes place in the game Rise of Castles. It starts 1 month after the creation of a new province, and each province must compete against 7 other provinces with similar development. Once it starts, each season will last for 4 weeks, at the end of which the provinces will be promoted or demoted into divisions based on their performance.

The main objective during this event is to score the most points by completing various tasks each day during the 7-day schedule, which I will describe in more detail below.

These tasks include upgrading buildings, researching technologies, recruiting or upgrading heroes, training units, gathering resources, or attacking other players from the rival state during the killing event, which usually happens on the 6th day.

The province that earns the most points at the end of each day will be crowned the winner and will receive valuable rewards, such as Courage Medals, gems, speed-ups, resource bonuses, and more.

Clash of Province Divisions

There are 3 divisions in total, and these are Silver, Gold, and Legend. The first week of each season is called the Clash of Province Warm Up, where depending on the score that each province gets, it will determine who their opponents will be for the following 3 weeks.

At the end of each competition or season, the last 4 provinces of the Gold or Legend Division will be demoted to the previous Division, and the first or the first two provinces will be promoted to the next division.

The CoP Daily Schedule

Here are the events and tasks you will have to do on each day during the Clash of Provinces:

MondayMonday is the gathering day. During the Warm Up phase, however, there is no gathering day.
TuesdayUpgrade buildings and craft accessories
WednesdayResearch Technologies or buy gems
ThursdayHero Development day. You can recruit new heroes by spending your recruitment tickets and leveling up your heroes and their skills.
FridayTrain Units day. Recruit the highest-tier units available to get the best score.
SaturdayThe Kill Event. During this day, players from two different states can teleport to each other’s states and attack each other. However, During the Warm Up week, the KE day is replaced with a Free Development day.
SundayFree Development day. During this day you can choose any of the activities mentioned above.

What rewards do you get in Clash of Province?

The Clash of Province event offers the best rewards among all events. The rewards include gems, gold, Courage Medals, all kinds of speed-ups, 50% and 100% CoP Score boosts, Wisdom Medals, Hero Tokens, Equipment Chests, and resource items.

Opening all 9 chests is the best way to get gold in Rise of Castles. As an example, you can get a total of 5,900,000 gold during the Training Day, and if you have maxed out the Zone Commemoration, the rewards from all 9 chests will be doubled, which means you’ll get a total of 11,800,000 gold!

How to prepare for Clash of Province?

Taking part in the event is very important as it offers great rewards, but preparing for it is even more crucial. Here are a few things you should do to get the most out of the event:

Maximize Zone Commemoration & Zone Conflict

Zone Commemoration is no doubt one of the first technologies you should aim to max out from the early game because all the technologies from this tree are related to Clash of Province. It will increase the amount of gathered resources and the gathering speed.

It will also significantly increase the point your receive during the CoP event, and most importantly, you will unlock additional chests (up to 9 chests in total), which means more rewards.

The last tech in this tree, “One More Reward“, is also a must-have, because it will double the rewards from all 9 chests.

Zone Conflict should also be one of your top priorities because it will increase the damage you deal in battles and the battle points you earn. It will also lower the enemy’s defense and death rate upon each victory.

However, if you do not participate in the KE (kill event), the day(s) when players from different provinces can attack each other, you can focus on researching other technologies.

Use Cavalry units T1 for Gathering Day

I know you are probably wondering why using T1 Cavalry units when you have higher-tier units available. The answer is simple: T1 Cavalry units have the highest load capacity of all tiers, even higher than T9 or T10, crazy, I know.

If you don’t have any T1 units, just use the tier you have the most units available, but always use Cavalry units on your legions for resource gathering, no matter which Class you have.

Research other related techs

Besides Zone Commemoration & Zone Conflict technologies, you should also try to fully research technologies that could help improve your gathering, building, or research during the Clash of Province event.

For instance, to increase your resource gathering speed and load, you should first max out the entire Town Development tech tree or at least those techs that increase the gathering speed.

After that, you should also research technologies like “High-Speed Gathering” and “Take it All” from all your 4 Legions Research tech trees, and the “Transport Cart” from Cavalry Training tech trees. This will increase the resource amount that your Cavalry units can gather.

Upgrade your Training Grounds

Upgrading your training grounds will increase the maximum allowed number of units you can have in each of your 4 legions. Therefore, your troops will not only become stronger but will also increase the amount of resources they can carry.

Level up your Red Dragon

The Red Dragon talents for increasing the gathering speed

The Red Dragon in Rise of Castles can also increase your gathering speed, so leveling it up should also be one of your goals. The talents related to gathering can be found in the Power of the Dragon talents tree.

Talents like “Typhoon” and a level 29 for Power of the Dragon, will increase the Lumber gathering speed by 5.8%. Of course, this percentage may be different depending on how much you have upgraded your Red Dragon and his skills.

Use Gather Bonuses for Gathering Day

using a 50% 24 hours gathering speed bonus

Before sending your troops to gather resources on the Gathering Day in Clash of Province, make sure you activate a 50% Gather Bonus. This will increase the gathering speed by 50% for 24 hours.

Similarly, if you have bought the Royal Prestige pack, you could activate the Privilege Gathering Bonus for 30 days and it will increase your gathering speed by +60%. However, this bonus item will cost you 6,000 gems, quite high if you are in the early game.

Craft 4 pieces of Scavenger equipment

By crafting 4 pieces of Scavenger equipment, you can increase your gathering speed by an additional up to 60% bonus, on top of the gathering speed bonus provided by each piece of equipment.

However, to get the 60% bonus, these pieces of equipment must be of Gold quality, which is the best quality and most difficult that can be crafted. Otherwise, you can also craft 4 blue quality pieces, which offer a +5% bonus, purple with 10%, or Orange for a 25% gathering speed bonus.

Scavenger Equipment 4-pieces bonus

Each piece of Scavenger equipment provides a bonus for a specific type of resource. For example, the Scavenger’s Pickaxe (weapon) increases the Food payload and gathering speed, the Scavenger’s Straw Hat (helmet) increases the Lumber payload and gathering speed, and so on.

Only the Scavenger’s Amulet and the Scavenger’s Lantern increase the overall gathering speed, no matter what resources you gather, but the bonus offered is also much lower, 20% compared to 60% from the other pieces.

Start building or gathering in advance

If you want to have a kick-start, you should start upgrading buildings that offer high building power or send your troops to gather before the event starts.

For example, you could send your troops to gather resources on Sunday evening or sooner, so that by the time the event starts on Monday, they will have already gathered a lot of resources.

The same you can do for tech researching or building upgrades that require a lot of time. Plan the duration in advance so that when the building or research day starts, they should be almost completed. This strategy will not only give you a big score advantage against others, but it will also save you some speed-ups.

Boost your Clash of Province score

Using a 100 Clash of Province score bonus

Before starting your daily challenge in Clash of Province, you should use a 50% score boost item or combine 5 50% items into one 100% item. This will double all the points you get from that day’s tasks for 30 minutes.

So for example, for a tech research equaling 2,500 tech power, with a 100% score boost, you will get 5,000 tech power. However, if you don’t have many 50% bonus items or at least 6 reward chests unlocked, it is better to use the 50% CoP score bonuses instead.

Consider using an auto-clicking app

I can’t even express how helpful this is. Before I started using an auto-clicking app, I would spend hours clicking on those 1-minute or 5-minute speed-ups, and most of us know how much of a pain that can be.

As you see in these screenshots, I have over 26,000 5-minute speed-ups and each Cavalry T9 training session takes me 1 day and 11 hours, that’s 420 x 5-minute speed-ups. This is a total time-saver for me!

The one I use is called Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap, it’s free and you can find it on Play Store. All you need is to install it, enable it and then move the circle over the speed-up items you want to use and hit the play button. It will do the clicking for you automatically.

No Kill Event for you? Use a 3-day Peace Shield!

Using the 3-day Peace Shield

If the KE is not your cup of tea, use a 3-day Peace Shield starting from Friday evening to protect your castle from enemy attacks during the KE event. Also, ensure you have enough gems as this will cost you 2,500 gems.

Choose your Free Development

Don’t forget to choose the type of activity you want for the Free Development day before it starts, otherwise, the activity will be chosen randomly for you.

Synchronize your challenges

Focusing on opening as many Clash of Province’s chests as possible is great, but why not increase your rewards even more? You can get multiple rewards at once by completing other similar tasks such as the ones from Hourly Challenge, the Alliance Cup event, or any other event with similar goals.

For instance, in the screenshots above, you can see that I took the Technology Power Increase challenge from Hourly Challenge and the Alliance Cup event at the same time during the research day in CoP; 3 rewards at once!

Clash of Province FAQ

How to get 50% Clash of Province score bonus items?

You get 50% Clash of Province score bonus items every time your alliance qualifies for a new phase score during the CoP event. You will need to claim these rewards, sent by Isabella in your System mail folder. You can also get this bonus from opening chests 6 and 8 from individual rewards and from all 3 alliance chests.

How many divisions are in the Clash of Province event?

There are 3 divisions in the Clash of Province event: Silver, Gold, and Legend. There is also a 1-week preparation phase at the beginning of each season, called the Warm Up.

Can I choose another activity for the KE day?

No, you cannot choose another activity for the KE day, unless is the Warm Up week and there is a Free Development on the 6th day.

How many chests can I open during the Clash of Province event?

You can open up to 9 chests if you have unlocked them in the Zone Commemoration technology tree.

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