Rise of Castles: 7 Best Inexpensive Packs for Small Spenders

A compiled list of inexpensive in-game packs to buy in Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire, that give the best value.

Rise of Empires best inexpensive packs to buy for small spenders

Straight out of the gate, we are not going to lie to you – the game is not cheap. In-game purchases can range anywhere from USD 0.99 to as high as USD 179.99. Even though the game is free-to-play, the fact that there are so many in-game purchases can be pretty daunting for new players, or even small spenders.

That being said, we understand that not everyone is willing or able to spend a lot of money on a game. But if you do want to make some small in-game purchases, there are a few affordable packs that give you a lot of value for your money.

Disclaimer: We are not associated in any way with the company behind Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire, and this guide is not sponsored nor endorsed by them. We just want to provide a helpful guide to the best packs that you can purchase to help you progress faster.

Rise of Castles Best Inexpensive Packs to Buy

I live in Europe, so the prices below are in Euros. Here are our top 7 picks for the best inexpensive packs in Rise of Castles:

1. Royal Prestige Pack


The Royal Prestige pack costs €27.49 as a single purchase for 30 days, or €25.99 for a monthly subscription. I personally never bought the subscription as I don’t think it’s worth it. But I did buy the one-time purchase a few times.

What you get with the Royal Prestige Pack

Unique privilege buildings: The most useful things you get with this pack are the two unique privilege buildings: Royal Charcoal Factory, which will significantly increase your Charcoal production, and the Worker’s Guild which increases the construction speed of your buildings.

Custom chat bubble and name tag: a custom chat bubble, a custom name tag, as well as a Personalized bio.

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Privilege National Quests: You get access to some Special Province quests (National Quests is the former name) accessible via the Class Hall building, which can only be completed by players with this pack.

Privilege Buff Bonuses: You can spend gems while having this pack active, to get additional Might, Resistance, or Gathering Speed bonuses.

Resources and special items combinations: You can choose from different combinations to receive each day during the 30 days that the pack is active. No matter which combination you choose, you will get 500 gems each day. The combinations include either speed-ups, resources, hero EXP items, equipment material chests, or War Badges.

2. Extra Building Queue Pack

The Extra Building Queue Packs give you extra workers which are vital for your game progression. Having extra workers means you can build or upgrade more buildings at the same time, get more rewards from Exploring quests, craft more equipment in the Blacksmith or upgrade your buildings during the Reign of Chaos event, and much more.


You can purchase a maximum of 4 Extra Building Queue Packs, the first one being the cheapest at €5.49 and they become more expensive (almost double the previous price) with each consecutive purchase. As you see in the screenshot, I purchased 2 of these packs, and I have a total of 6 workers.

What you get with the Extra Building Queue Pack

You get 1 permanent extra worker for your town. You can have a maximum of 8 workers if you purchase 4 Extra Building Queue Packs. You also get some resources, gold, as well as speed-ups, and a small Alliance gift.

3. Hero Development Pack


The Hero Development Pack is €27.49, a bit more expensive than the other packs on this list, but the value it offers for that price is worth considering. By purchasing this pack, you get a series of goodies over 30 days.

What you get with the Hero Development Pack

This pack will give you a lot of Hero Exp items and Wisdom Medals that are essential for upgrading your heroes and their skills. You will also have a total of 15 Super Recruitment Tickets, 40 Normal Recruitment tickets, a blue color development hero, 2 purple quality heroes, and 1 random Legendary Hero redeemable right after purchase.

4. Super Recruitment Pack

Super Recruitment pack


This pack’s price may vary depending on your location and sometimes I’ve seen it at €10.99 with the same amount of gems and Super Recruitment tickets. At the moment is €5.49 which is a great deal considering the items you get.

What you get with the Super Recruitment Pack

For this pack, at the moment you get 2000 gems, 4 Super Recruitment tickets, 50 Wisdom Medals, 20 x 50,000 Food, and 1 Small Alliance Gift.

5. Orichalcum Pack

Orichalcum pack Rise of Empires

Orichalcum is required to upgrade your castle and most of your buildings from level 25 to level 30. Of course, you can get Orcichalcum by other means, but if you are also in need of some Iron, gold, or gems, then this pack might be a good deal for you.

The price of the Orichalcum Pack is €10.99 and you get 2000 gems, 1 Good Construction Gift, 120 Orichalcum, 20 x 75,000 Iron, and 20 x 25,000 gold.

6. Imperium Quests – Premium Rewards Pack


The Premium Rewards Pack costs €10.99

What you get with the Imperium Quests – Premium Pack

After purchase, and only if you complete all tasks, you’ll get a total of 15 Super Recruitment tickets, 1 Legion Skin (7 days), 7000 War Badges, 600 Gems, 18 x 20,000 Hero Exp items, 2400 Mark of Fallen (can be used to resurrect fallen troops to the Shrine building) some speed-ups and resources.

7. Weekly Pass Packs

The Weekly Pass packs are by far to best deals on this list as they have the most affordable price and you get a lot of value for your money. The War Badge pack is an amazing deal for the offered price if you need some War Badges to research the latest Lofty advanced military techs.


There are 4 packs available: War Badge and Research Pioneer, both at €3.29, and Gold Supply and Resource Tycoon at €2.19 each.

What you get with the Weekly Pass Pack

The Weekly Pass packages include the following:

  • The War Badge pack: a total of 4500 War Badges over 7 days (1000 after purchase + 500 daily) and Medical Tent capacity increased by 40,000 during these 7 days.
  • Research Pioneer pack: a total of 1560 Courage Medals over 7 days (300 after purchase + 180 daily) and wounded units healing resource cost (including gold) decreased by 7% during these 7 days.
  • Gold Supply pack: a total of 7.8 Millions of Gold over 7 days (1.5M after purchase + 0.9M daily) and training speed of all unit types increased by 22% during these 7 days.
  • Resource Tycoon pack: a total of 23.7 Millions of Iron over 7 days (4.8M after purchase + 2.7M daily) and building speed increased by 18% during these 7 days.

Are these packs mandatory to progress in the game?

No, none of these packs are mandatory to progress in the game. You can very easily play and enjoy Rise of Castles without ever spending a dime. However, if you are looking to get some extra goodies or speed up your progress, these packs may be of interest to you.

Can you compete with the big spenders in Rise of Castles?

Unfortunately, no matter how much money you spend, there will always be someone who spends more. In the end, it really doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the game, but rather how much time and effort you put into it. Some players are happy to buy the most expensive packages in Rise of Empires to speed up their progression.

But spending it’s not necessary to enjoy the game or be competitive. There are also free ways to get most of the same items that you can buy with real money, such as creating multiple Farm accounts and being active in events (e.g. the Snow Festival event) to get more resources and other special rewards.

Should you spend real money on Rise of Castles?

Although spending money is optional, I believe that every person who enjoys a game and plays it frequently should consider spending at least a few bucks to support the developers.

Games are not cheap to make and even a few dollars can go a long way in helping the developers continue to create content and updates for us to enjoy. However, it’s up to you whether or not you want to spend any money and there is no shame in sticking to the free-to-play model.

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Rise of Empires best inexpensive packs to buy for small spenders
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