Viking Rise Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked

We’ve put together a tier list for all the best heroes in Viking Rise, to help you decide which ones to focus on as you progress through the game.

Viking Rise tier list best heroes
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In Viking Rise, heroes are vital for your progress, and having the best ones can make a huge difference in battle. Each hero has a unique set of abilities and stats, some are best used for attacking monsters and barbarians, whereas other heroes are better suited for defending your city, gathering resources, or raiding other players.

That’s why using the right heroes for the right situation is important. To help you out, here’s our Viking Rise tier list with the best heroes in the game.

Viking Rise Tier List

Here, we ranked all the Viking Rise characters based on their overall performance in every gameplay mode, whether is a campaign quest or a PvP battle. We divided them into five tiers, the S-tier offering the strongest heroes in the game, and the D-tier, the weakest (but good enough for new players). We will keep this tier list updated as soon as new characters are introduced in the game.

Rank Viking Rise Characters
S Artur, Ragnar, Rosky (S3), Lagertha (S2), Leandra (S3), Hobert (S1), Verdandi, Helgar (S2)
A Ivana, Bjorn (S1), Yulmi (S2), Laird, Sigurd, Jens, Yvette, Gregory
B Ivor, Wooder, Leidolf, Cecia, Olena
C Sheila, Varka, Erik, Michaela, Lindy, Snorri
D Sveinn, Waltham, Ulf, Eugen

S-Tier (Outstanding)

  • Artur (Archer, PvP, Skills)
  • Ragnar (Leader, Polymath, Support)
  • Rosky (S3) (Pikeman, PvP, Skills)
  • Lagertha (S2) (Infantry, PvP, Basic Attacker)
  • Leandra (S3) (Archer, PvP, Counterattack)
  • Hobert (S1) (Infantry, PvP, Basic Attacker)
  • Verdandi (Archer, PvP, Skills)
  • Helgar (Pikeman, PvP, Counterattack)


Artur Viking Rise
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining

Artur is the best hero you can have in Viking Rise for two main reasons: he has powerful PvP skills and he excels at leading archer units, which have the highest DPS of all units in the game.

When teamed up with another great damage dealer like Verdandi, he gains an increase in Burn Damage using his active skill. This will boost his passive Burn skills as well as Verdandi’s Burn skills, which allows them to deal great skill damage.

Enchanted Pursuit and Bow of Chaos is a powerful skill combination, which can be further increased by Arthur’s Burn Damage. The Hymn of Life skill is also a great help as it will heal your troops and help them last longer in battle.

Arthur’s best-recommended skills are Blessed by Fate, Fiery Detonation, Enchanted Pursuit, and Blow of Chaos.


Ragnar Viking Rise
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining, Commerce, Security

Ragnar is one of the most efficient heroes in Viking Rise, almost as good as Artur. Although he is not great at dealing damage, he excels at many other things. First, he has powerful healing, defense, and buffing abilities, which help your squad survive even the toughest battles.

Moreover, Ragnar is capable of leading any type of unit and adapting to all types of combat, making him suitable for any situation. Last but not least, he has outstanding performance in all 3 types of village specialties. Ragnar’s best-recommended skills are Odin’s Asylum, Baldr’s Blessing, Battle Hym, and Hera’s Curse.


Hobert Viking Rise
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Security

Hobert can take a lot of damage for his squad due to his increased defense stats provided by his talent and his ability to lead Infantry units.

This makes him perfect for PvP battles as well as PvE missions, as he can withstand a lot of damage from enemies. When combined with a great damage dealer like Artur, it makes Hobert an invaluable asset in any squad composition. The best-recommended skills for Hobert are Breaking Free, Disarmament, Hymn of Life, and Battle Hymn.


Verdandi, Viking Rise hero
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Commerce

Verdandi is another great damage dealer. She applies Burn to targets and increases the frequency of the team’s use of active skills. She performs well when combined with other similar heroes like Artur.

But because she excels at leading Archers, and they have the weakest defense, in most cases she should be combined with a tank hero like Hobert or a good support hero like Ragnar to protect her. Her best-recommended skills are Fiery Rage, Fiery Detonation, Rage Leech, and Enrage.


Helgar, Viking Rise hero

Helgar is another good example of a strong hero to use not just for PvP combat but in all types of combat, as she excels in situations where is outnumbered. Her first skill, Spear of Judgement, deals massive damage to up to 3 targets within an arc area, with additional damage if the deployed troop has more than 5 stacks of Judgement Mark. You definitely want her in your squad.

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Commerce and Security Village

A-Tier (Excellent)

  • Ivana (Leader, Polymath, Support)
  • Bjorn (S1) (Infantry, PvP, Basic Attacker)
  • Yulmi (S2) (Archer, PvP, Counterattack)
  • Laird (Pikeman, PvP, Counterattack)
  • Sigurd (Pikeman, PvP, Skills)
  • Jens (Infantry, PvP, Basic Attacker)
  • Yvette (Pikeman, PvP, Support)
  • Gregory (Infantry, PvP, Basic Attacker)


Ivana hero
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Commerce

Ivana has quite similar abilities and talents to Ragnar, but less effective talents and also not the same top-notch performance in Village specialties. However, her stats are still quite good and if you need a leader that can adapt to different situations, Ivana is your best option.

Also, her healing and buffing abilities are helpful in any kind of battle because will improve all her capabilities and those of her allies, whether in PvP or PvE. Her best-recommended skills are Battle Hymn, Freya’s Blessing, Fading Battle, and Retaliate.


Laird hero
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining, Commerce, Security

Laird is another good example of a strong Viking Rise hero. He has excellent buffs and skill damage, which make him great at PvP fights. His Counterattack ability can be deadly in a fight, while his skills make him capable of dealing increased damage.

When using the right skills, he can boost the entire squad’s damage and make them more effective. The best-recommended skills for Laird are Shield Reflector, Shield Attacker, Fiery Detonation, and Shield Support.


  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining

Sigurd is yet another good Viking Rise hero that you could use to create a high-damage squad. His first talent, which can be unlocked once he reaches one star, increases Main Comander’s active skill damage quite significantly. That’s why he’s best when combined with another good damage dealer hero like the ones mentioned previously.

In addition, he is great for PvP battles, excels at leading Pikeman units, and can be quite powerful when you use the right skills on him. His best-recommended skills are Hymn of Life, Odin’s Asylum, Fiery Detonation, and Rage Leech.


Jens, Viking Rise hero
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining

Jens is a good alternative to Hobert as he has a good balance between defense and offense. While his first talent is not that great as it offers a very small chance of triggering the passive skill, his next 3 talents are quite useful as they will increase your troop’s attack and defense stats.

Plus, he excels at leading Infantry troops, which also contributes a lot to having a great defense in tough battles or defending your city.

This will help your squad last longer in PvP battles and make a great basic attacker if you don’t have any other better ones. The best-recommended skills for Jens are Fading Battle, Odyn’s Asylum, Hera’s Curse, and Blessed by Fate.


Yvette hero
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining, Commerce, Security

Yvette might not strike you as a Viking warrior, but she is quite handy in battle. She has great healing abilities, which can be boosted by her first talent and by choosing the right skills.

This makes her perfect for PvP battles, as she can restore the health of your troops and give them an edge over the enemy. On top of that, her second talent will boost your squad’s attack, while the third one can offer your squad a chance to deal additional damage whenever they are healed by her.

All in all, Yvette can be a good choice if you need support in your squad composition or a hero who has an outstanding performance in village specialties. The best-recommended skills for Yvette are Chance of Reversal, Awakening, Wild Indulgence, and Rapid Attack.


Gregory hero Viking Rise
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Security

Gregory has similar talents to Jens, but he is better at offense and AoE damage. Most of his talents are great for increasing your squad’s basic attack damage output, while also providing additional defense.

On top of that, he can also be great at crowd control when using skills like Disarmament or Silencer, which will help you in any kind of battle.

Overall, Gregory is a great pick for your squad if you need an additional PvP damage dealer or need to increase your squad’s defense. His best-recommended skills are Disarmament, Silencer, Rage Leech, and Blessed Negation.

B Tier (Good)

  • Ivor (Leader, Polymath, Skills)
  • Wooder (Pikeman, PvP, Counterattack)
  • Leidolf (Leader, Jungler, Support)
  • Cecia (Infantry, PvP, Basic Attacker)
  • Olena (Archer, PvP, Skills)


Ivor hero
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Best Village Specialties: Commerce

Iver is the best Epic here in Viking Rise because it has the Leader and the Polymath abilities, which means it performs well with any type of troop, and in any kind of situation, whether is gathering, Niflung attacks, or PvP fights.

However, because he has an Epic rarity, his damage output is not as great as any of the offense-type Legendary heroes I mentioned above. If he had a Legendary rarity he would have been the perfect Viking Rise hero.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have any of the Legendary heroes and need a Leader that can adapt to different situations, Ivor is your best choice. Ivor’s best-recommended skills are Battle Hymn, On Alert, Rapid Attack, and Hymn of Life.


Wooder, Epic hero Viking Rise
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Best Village Specialties: Security

Wooder is a good tank alternative to Hobert as he has a good balance between offense and defense. His main strength, however, lies in defending your squad from damage, an effect that can be further boosted when activating his first talent.

To get the best of his abilities, you should combine him with a good damage dealer like Ivor. Some of the best-recommended skills for him are Shield Reflector, Shield Attacker, Hymn of Life, and On Alert.

For instance, the Shield Reflector skill will significantly increase the counterattack damage of his units while they are under a Shielded state, while Hymn of Life will heal lightly wounded units. This will make him a good choice for PvP battles.


Leidolf hero
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining, Security

Leidolf is the only Viking Rise hero that has the Jungler ability, which allows him to perform great in PvE battles such as attacking Niflungs and other neutral units on the map.

You should upgrade him to at least level 10 as soon as possible as this will allow him to gain experience whenever he wins a PvE battle. This will help you increase his level and get him to his 6th talent sooner than any other hero.

Once he reaches his 6th talent, you will be able to provide your troops with a huge boost in damage against PvE units, which is important if you are struggling to get more resources in Viking Rise. The best-recommended skills for Leidolf are Enchanted Pursuit, Blow of Chaos, Divine Blessing, and Hymn of Life.


Cecia hero
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining

Cecia is a good choice for leading your Infantry troops in battle. Although she’s not the best choice in terms of damage output, or village specialties, her good set of talents makes up for it. To increase her potential, she should be teamed up with other offense-type heroes (preferably Legendary).

For example, when combined with Ivor, her passive skill can be stacked with Ivor’s attack bonus, which can increase the overall team’s attack quite a lot. However, this example of a team is not recommended in late-game or high-level PvP fights. Her best-recommended skills are Battle Hymn, On Alert, Blessed by Fate, and Hymn of Life.


Olena - Viking Rise hero
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Best Village Specialties: Commerce

Despite being good at commanding Archers, which are known for their high damage output, Olena’s main strength is providing support. She has great crowd control and support abilities that can be boosted by her talents.

For instance, her 6th talent, which unfortunately is not easy to reach as it requires 6 hero stars, can help your troop reduce the target’s Rage quite a lot. Additionally, her first talent increases Burn Damage, which is why she should be teamed up with a powerful hero like Artur or Verdandi. Olena’s best-recommended skills are Fiery Rage, Fiery Detonation, Rage Leech, and Enrage.

C-Tier (Average)

  • Sheila (Porter, Gathering, Skills)
  • Varka (Porter, Gathering, Support)
  • Erik (Infantry, Gathering, Skills)
  • Michaela (Porter, Gathering, Skills)
  • Lindy (Archer, Gathering, Skills)
  • Snorri (Pikeman, Gathering, Skills)


Sheila hero
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Security

Sheila is the best hero for gathering Food and Stone due to her Gathering ability. The fact that she also excels at leading Porter units, makes her even more useful in this kind of task because Porters have the highest resource load capacity.

However, that’s pretty much all Sheila can do as she doesn’t have any offensive or defensive bonuses prived by her talents. If you don’t need a hero to gather resources, then there are better options to use in battle in Viking Rise. Sheila’s best-recommended skills are Blessed Negation, Odin’s Asylum, Enrage, and Fading Battle.


Varka hero
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Best Village Specialties: Commerce

Same as with Sheila, Varka also should not be used in any PvP or tough PvE combat. She is great at gathering Lumber and Gold though. Additionally, most of her talents will increase her gathering efficiency and resource load capacity, while Porters, the same as Viking Rise workers, can further help you get more rewards.

She is also a good choice for supporting your Porter troops with her healing and buffing abilities while gathering, which can be further boosted by her talents or the right skills. Varka’s best-recommended skills are Awakening, Enrage, Disarmament, and Baldr’s Blessing.


Erik hero
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining

Erik is good at leading Infantry units, but because he is also a gatherer and does not get the boost from Porter units, he is less useful in any type of battle or gathering.

He is good at gathering Lumber and Gold, the same as Varka, but again, much weaker. His talents and skills, however, can still be useful in battle if you don’t have any other options. Some great skills recommended for Erik are Battle Hymn, On Alert, Rapid Attack, and Hymn of Life.

Viking Rise Tier List: D-Tier (Weakest)

  • Sveinn (Infantry, Gathering, Skills)
  • Waltham (Archer, Gathering, Support)
  • Ulf (Pikeman, Gathering, Basic Attacker)
  • Eugen (Porter, Gathering, Defense)


Sveinn hero
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Best Village Specialties: Security

Svein, as well as any of the mentioned heroes below him, are the weakest heroes in Viking Rise, mostly because of the Rare rarity, which does not help them much. You should not use them in PvP or tough PvE fights unless you have just started playing the game and you have no other heroes to build up.

He is good at gathering resources, however, and this should be his primary role. Some good skills recommended for him include Blessed Healing, Wild Indulgence, Fading Battle, and Enchanted Pursuit.


Waltham hero
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Best Village Specialties: Mining

Same as Sveinn, Waltham’s main role should be gathering resources. He is not a good choice for leading your troops in battle since his Defense and Attack stats are quite low.

However, he is good at gathering Food and Stone while offering a good dose of support for your troops. The best-recommended skills for Waltham are Chance of Reversal, Awakening, Hymn of Life, and Halo of Sacrifice.


Viking Rise is an incredibly fun game, and having the right heroes in your team is essential for your success in the game. As there are so many different types of heroes available, it’s important to choose the ones that best fit your strategy. Additionally, check out our beginner’s guide to Viking Rise, which also includes a lot of useful tips and tricks.

Viking Rise tier list best heroes
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