Viking Rise: 7 Buildings to Prioritize as a Beginner

The following buildings are crucial for beginners to prioritize in Viking Rise. Follow our guide for a strong start to your Viking village!

Buildings to prioritize for beginners in Viking Rise
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Key Takeaways

  • Build and upgrade Divination Shack to gather more resources and speedups.
  • Upgrade Tribe Hall to speed your village development and receive more ally support
  • Prioritize upgrading your Warehouse to protect your resources from being plundered by other players.

In the beginning stages of playing Viking Rise, you are probably focusing on training more troops to start attacking weak villages and gathering resources for your tribe. Yes, it’s fun, but you better be prepared for when you reach higher levels or in case the enemies attack you. As you increase the level of our village, more and more buildings will become available and not knowing which ones to prioritize can delay your progress a lot.

Below, we compiled a list of 7 buildings that you should prioritize as a Viking Rise beginner to help you develop your village faster and hopefully become a top-ranking player on your server. Although not all of the buildings in this list may offer you a large Might increase, they offer more practical uses that will help you in the long run. So, let’s get started!

7. Chief’s Hall

To increase the level of your city

Chief's Hall building level 16 in Viking Rise

Chief’s Hall is the cornerstone of your city, as it determines the maximum level your city can reach. But what you probably did not know is that this building increases the number of March Queue, meaning the squads you can send to gather resources outside your city or attack neutral enemies or other castles.

It also offers the largest increase in building Might among all buildings and unlocks new buildings and upgrades, letting you expand and strengthen your village/city. Our recommendation, however, is to raise the other buildings in this list close to your current Chief’s Hall level before proceeding to the next level. This will give you a balanced city with a strong foundation for further development.

6. Divination Shack

To get more resources and speedups

Divination Shack building level 14 in Viking Rise

In Viking Rise, resources are essential for your tribe’s growth and success. That’s why the Divination Shack is a building you should prioritize early on as a beginner. This building allows you to gather more resources and speedups with a simple tap of a button.

Depending on how many Rune Combinations you have unlocked and your needs, you could choose between a quick portion of Lumber, Food, or a general speedup that you can use for training troops, upgrading buildings, or finishing a tech research.

Each attempt costs Divination points, which are refilled automatically over time. Upgrading this building will give you more combinations and increase the maximum number of points you can obtain, making it a crucial building for resource management.

5. Infirmary

To heal more troops at a time

Infirmary building in Viking Rise (level 15 )

Injuries and casualties are inevitable in Viking Rise as your tribe grows and you engage in battles, or other players attack you. That’s where the Infirmary comes in. These buildings (yes, you can have multiple hospitals, I am level 16 and have 3) allow you to heal more troops at a time, reducing downtime and ensuring your army is always ready for action.

Upgrading these buildings increases their capacity, meaning you will lose fewer troops. You see, when the Infirmary buildings are full, heavily wounded troops will be lost forever. So make sure you upgrade all of them as your army grows.

4. Squad Base

To train more heroes

The Squad Base building in Viking Rise, level 7

As you progress in Viking Rise, you will want to have strong heroes leading your troops into battle. The Squad Base is where you train these heroes entirely passive. You assign them to the empty slots and let them earn EXP for a certain duration (how long, depends on your current Squad Base level). Here is a breakdown of how many hero slots and the maximum training duration for each level:

1-518 hours
6-1029 hours
11-15310 hours
16-20411 hours
21-25512 hours

As you can see, upgrading this building also increases the number of Hero slots, meaning you can train more heroes at once (up to 5 from Squad Base level 21). Just make sure you collect the accumulated hero EXP before the maximum duration to make the most out of your training.

3. Barracks (Porters before the other 3)

To gather more resources with Porter units

Porter Barracks building in Viking Rise (level 9)

The Barracks is where you train your troops, and while all four are necessary (Infantry, Archers, Pikemen, and Porters) to build a strong city, in the beginning, prioritize training Porters. These units are crucial for gathering resources quickly and efficiently, giving you a head start in resource management.

What’s even more impressive about these units, is that once you reach Porter Barracks level 10, they will offer a 3% increase in load for the entire squad. The more you upgrade this building, the higher this bonus goes (6% from level 16, 9% from level 21, and 15% at level 25). So yeah, Porter units are the pillars of an efficient resource gathering strategy.

2. Tribe Hall

To get more help from allies

Tribe Hall structure in Viking Rise, level 13

As the saying goes “There is strength in numbers”, in Viking Rise it couldn’t be more true. The Tribe Hall allows you to join a tribe and receive help from other players, or create your own and invite others to join you. The more you level up the Tribe Hall, the more times you can get help from your allies (basically, each member can decrease the duration required for an upgrade or research by 1 minute or more).

The Tribe Hall building also allows you to transfer resources to other members of your tribe and be reinforced by them. Speaking of RSS transfers, each time you transfer a certain number of RSS to other players, the game gets a 35% cut. Luckily, this tax can be decreased to as low as 10% if you upgrade the Tribe Hall to level 25 (13% at level 23 is also okay).

1. Warehouse

To protect more resources from raids

Warehouse, an important building that every beginner of Viking Rise should prioritize

The Warehouse is of the utmost priority for beginners in Viking Rise. This building protects your resources from being raided by other players, and the higher level it is, the more resources it can hold. It protects Food, Lumber, Stone, and more importantly, Gold.

Besides upgrading the Warehouse, you should also avoid making the beginner mistake of using all resource tokens on your inventory. This will encourage other players to plunder your village if they scout you and see that juicy RSS number. Instead, use resource tokens only when doing upgrades and researching new techs.

That’s it! You now have a better understanding of the most crucial buildings to upgrade first in Viking Rise. Remember, a strong foundation is key to success in this game, so focus on upgrading these essential buildings before moving on to other structures. As always, keep an eye out for any new updates or changes that may impact your gameplay strategy. Happy building and conquering!

Buildings to prioritize for beginners in Viking Rise
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