Viking Rise: 7 Ways to Increase Might Fast and Get Stronger

Learn how to quickly increase your might and conquer the battlefield in Viking Rise with our comprehensive guide.

How to increase might fast and get stronger in Viking Rise
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Viking Rise is a thrilling strategy game that will test your leadership skills as you embark on an epic journey through the world of Midgard. The game gives you the chance to expand your territory, recruit legendary Viking heroes, and engage in real-time battles against players from around the world, all offering nice rewards to develop your beginner city. All this goes smooth until it comes to increasing Might, which can be a bit challenging.

Today, we’ll share 7 effective ways to quickly boost your Might and become a stronger Viking leader. With these tips, you’ll be conquering Midgard in no time! And if you are completely new to Viking Rise, Might is your total power in the game and is displayed on the right side of your avatar (top-left corner).

This number is directly affected by 5 crucial factors: Buildings, Research, Troops, Heroes, and Mounts. The more you upgrade and invest in these areas, the higher your Might will be. Aside from these methods, there are also specific tactics that can help you increase Might faster, which I will discuss in detail below.

Recruit and max out Aethelflaed or Leidolf

Leidolf, a great hero to gain Might in Viking Rise

Leidolf and Aethelflaed are by far the best heroes for gaining might in Viking Rise. These two jungler-type heroes have a special talent called Valuable Experience that greatly increases the EXP gained by your deployed troops after defeating Niflungs and other neutral creatures or units on the world map.

Aethelflaed’s talent offers a 10% EXP bonus at talent level 1, compared to Leidolf’s 8%. However, Leidolf is easier to get since he is an epic character, while Aethelflaed is legendary. What’s even more impressive is that this bonus can go up to almost 30% EXP if you upgrade their Valuable Experience talents to level 5 (maximum level).

If you are on of the luckiest players who has Aethelflaed or Leidolf, make sure to focus on upgrading thier talents as soon as possible, and pair them with the heroes you want to level up to maximize your might gain.

Set traps to capture mounts

Using mount traps in Viking Rise to catch mounts

Mounts in Viking Rise are powerful creatures that can greatly boost your heroes’ power, which results in increased might. You can manage and capture mounts via the Beast Den, a building that becomes available after upgrading your Chief’s Hall to level 16.

Depending of their rarity and element type, these creatures offer bonuses like increased attack of defense for a specific type of units (Porters, Infantry, Pikemen, or Archers). In addition, all mounts offer a decent boost in march speed (the more you level up a mount, the higher its march speed will become). This is a major help, especially when you need to attack or reinforce a faraway target quickly.

Upgrade and level up your best squad

Upgrading 2 of our best heroes via the Squad Base in Viking Rise
Training heroes in the Squad Base

Buildings such as the Squad Base, and Barracks of all 4 units types are crucial to gain power in Viking Rise. You can use the Squad Base to train your strongest characters – you just need to assign them to the empty slots and they will gain hero EXP passively.

This way they will earn EXP, which increases their level, which in turn increases their Might. To fully benefit from this building, you should try to upgrade it to at least level 21 to have all 5 hero slots unlocked.

Likewise, upgrading the four troop-related Barracks will help you to train stronger units, tier 7 being the highest available for now. This will offer you more Might from recruiting stronger units but also a large increase by the buildings themselves (e.g. level 25 Archer Barracks offers a stunning 1,025,120 might increase).

Continuously upgrade buildings and train troop

It may seem obvious, but continuously upgrading buildings and training troops is one of the most important ways to increase your might in Viking Rise. Not every building offers the same amount of Might for each level or when maxed out but we picked for you five of the most relevant ones for this guide:

Chief’s Hall253,911,247
Battle Hall251,921,773
Tribe Hall251,223,727

Likewise, always keep your training troops in the Barracks to increase their numbers and strength. This will not only gain you more Might but also help defend your territory against other players and give you more resources from gathering. We also recommend levelling up your Infirmary buildings to reduce the amount of troops you may lose during battle.

Unlock Smithy and craft equipment

Forging gear in the Smithy building in Viking Rise

There are several ways to make your heroes stronger in Viking Rise, but one method (not accessible by new players, unfortunately) is crafting equipment in the Smithy. This building is unlocked when you reach Chief’s Hall level 16 and allows you to craft gear using Ore, Wood Blocks and other unique materials, and combine them to get better rarity.

Although the gray ones are quite useless in terms of bonuses, starting from blue (rare) and above can realy make a difference in terms of Might and stats for your squads. For example, a rare Hatchet weapon offers a 3% attack boost while a legendary 6.25%.

There are, however, two setbacks: it will cost you a lot of coins to craft good-rarity equipment, and the hero that you want to equip gear on must be at least level 30. Still, it’s an effective way to boost your Might and make your heroes even stronger.

Hunt for Niflungs For EXP and Speedups

Attacking a group of level 26 Niflungs to earn speedups and hero EXP in Viking Rise

Niflungs are strong creatures that you can find on the map of Viking Rise, offering plenty of resources when defeated (particularly the ones above level 20). In addition, they also offer EXP for every hero on your squad, which also helps them level up faster. Before attacking these foes, maker sure you use at least one jungler-type hero as the ones I mentioned above, to double the experience gain from the battle.

Gather resources while offline

Our 7th tip is to gather resources such as Food, Stone, and Lumber while offline. While this method does not directly impact your might, it helps you keep a steady flow of resources to continue upgrading buildings, training troops, crafting gear or researching new techs. All of the above methods require a lot of resources, especially after level 15 or so, and constant gathering is crucial to keeping up with these tasks.

How to increase might fast and get stronger in Viking Rise
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