7 Games Like Age of Empires for Android and iOS to Play in 2024

We compiled a list of games like to Age of Empires to check out on Android and iOS devices, with similar strategy mechanics and epic battles.

Games Like Age of Empires for Android and iOS

Age of Empires is one of the most popular RTS games of all time. It has been around for decades, and it continues to be a fan-favorite among strategy gamers. The game’s popularity stems from its deep strategic gameplay, various civilizations to choose from and a vast selection of units.

Although Microsoft officially announced an AOE mobile version last year during the 25th-anniversary live stream, we still don’t know when it’s coming out. Yes, there is already a “mobile version” released but is only available to the Chinese market unfortunately.

Luckily, there are plenty of other games that offer a great Age of Empires-style experience. This article will explore the best games like Age of Empires for Android and iOS devices. These games feature similar graphics, strategic gameplay, and compelling storylines, allowing you to get the same AOE experience on your mobile devices.

Age of Empires Game Info
Release Date October 15, 1997
Publisher(s) Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft Corporation, Konami
Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy
Platform(s) Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, N-Gage, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 2

Rise of Castles

Rise of Castle artwork - Two heroes leading their army into battle
Image credit: Rise of Castles

Rise of Castles (previously known as Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire) is one of the best games like Age of Empires that we have tried so far on mobile devices. It offers a captivating and strategically rich MMO strategy experience that immerses you in the medieval era.

You can choose different classes, and units, create strong hero combinations and even raise a Red Dragon to help you in battle and the development of your city. There are numerous tasks and challenges that keep the game interesting and fun to play.

What makes Rise of Castles similar to Age of Empires is the focus on strategy, building and managing a city, conquering enemy cities, recruiting an army, and of course, the medieval setting.

The game also offers a large community of players to compete with and plenty of daily and weekly events and challenges to keep you busy.

One in particular and the most popular event in Rise of Castles is the Reign of Chaos/Eden event which is split into multiple seasons and offers amazing rewards that you can use to upgrade your legions.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms

Game of Empires Warring Realms gameplay
Screenshot via Game of Empires: Warring Realms by Medievalfun

Game of Empires Warring Realms is quite similar to Age of Empires in terms of graphics and strategic gameplay. You can explore 8 different civilizations, each with its own set of units and mighty heroes.

In this game, you can recruit villagers, build farms, research new technologies, and train powerful troops to attack barbarians and other enemy threats around your kingdom. In addition, you can also recruit legendary figures like Pompey, Mulan, and Vlad Dracula to lead your armies.

What makes Game of Empires Warring Realms a good alternative to Age of Empires is its strategic combat and exploration, allowing you to explore different civilizations and develop your own unique strategies for defeating your enemies.

However, the game may not run as smoothly on certain mobile devices but the team behind the game is constantly working to improve the overall experience.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a game that could be the next Age of Empires on Android and iOS, Game of Empires Warring Realms is a great choice.

Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms artwork - Two commanders ordering their armies to attack a medieval castle
Image credit: Rise of Kingdoms

Those who enjoy the strategy and challenges of Age of Empires will find a lot to love with Rise of Kingdoms. This mobile strategy game offers 13 unique civilizations, each with its own architecture, units, and advantages.

You can take part in real-time battles on an enormous map with full alliance features including live chat with translation, officer roles, and map indicators.

Additionally, you can call upon dozens of historical figures to serve as commanders and level them up by defeating barbarians in battle and upgrading their abilities with special talent trees.

What sets Rise of Kingdoms apart from other games is that it combines traditional real-time strategy gameplay with intense and immersive RPG elements.

It also features an engaging storyline and a variety of units to choose from, offering a truly immersive experience that Age of Empires fans are sure to enjoy.

Viking Rise

Viking Rise gameplay
Screenshot via Viking Rise by Medievalfun

If you are looking for a great Age of Empires-like game for your Android or iOS devices, but with a Viking twist, then Viking Rise is definitely worth checking out.

Developed by IGG, the team behind Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, it provides incredibly realistic visuals and an exciting campaign full of challenging missions and chapters.

Like in Age of Empires, you can build your kingdom and assemble a powerful team of heroes to conquer lands and fight against other players, all in a medieval Norse setting. There are also various mythical creatures and enemy clans scattered over the map and you must defeat them to gain more territory and control new villages.

You will get to meet many iconic characters from Norse mythology, such as Valkyrie, and even some directly inspired by the TV series Vikings, such as Ragnar and Bjorn.

Plus, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, including hunting beasts, exploring mysterious caves, conquering and managing villages that can produce various resources and much more.

Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons gameplay
Screenshot via Call of Dragons by Medievalfun

Call of Dragons is one of the most exciting strategy games for Android and iOS users released this year in 2023, offering a thrilling strategy experience similar to Age of Empires.

This game allows you to choose from three unique factions, Springwardens (Elves), League of Orders (Humans), and Wilderburg (Orcs), each with its own distinct design, structures, heroes, and units.

Just like in Age of Empires, you can build your own kingdom, create powerful legions of heroes, and take part in challenging PvP battles. But that’s not all! In this game, you can also join or create raid groups with other players and alliances to defeat terrifying giant beasts called Behemoths.

Each alliance, depending on how powerful is, can occupy and expand its territory by constructing various buildings that bring numerous buffs to help players increase their productivity. Overall, Call of Dragons has a lot to offer players who are fans of the classic Age of Empires, you definitely won’t regret giving this game a try.

Whiteout Survival

Whiteout Survival gameplay
Image via Whiteout Survival by Medievalfun

Whiteout Survival is all about leading the last of humanity to safety in a post-apocalyptic world threatened by icy blizzards, beasts, and bandits.

You must assign roles to survivors such as hunter, cook, or woodcutter and keep your habitants motivated by offering them enough food, shelter, and heat during harsh winter times.

And for that, you will need a lot of resources that you can produce, gather or take from other players by attacking their cities. Enacting policies and completing missions can is also essential as they can help you progress faster in the game.

In terms of PvP, you can team up with allies to conquer the icefield, summon and level up your armies and develop technologies that will help you dominate the world. Overall, Whiteout Survival is quite a thrilling and immersive game that is sure to give you the same feeling as Age of Empires.

Age of Frostfall

Age of Frostfall gameplay preview
Screenshot via Age of Frostfall by Medievalfun

Age of Frostfall has all the hallmarks of a great strategy mobile game like Age of Empires. The story is set in a world that has been overrun by an undead force, so you need to take back your kingdom from these monsters and build a powerful army with heroes of different rarities and specializations to fight them off.

Dragon movie fans will also be delighted to find that there’s an added twist of being able to raise and customize your Dragon by increasing its level and unlocking powerful skills. This can be beneficial to your city’s economy and military capabilities.

What makes Age of Frostfall a great game like Age of Empires is that it also features a medieval-based theme, strategic combat, city-building, and diplomacy.

The game also has a strong emphasis on PvP battles, which can make the game even more intense and exciting. All these elements make Age of Frostfall a great strategy mobile game inspired by the classic Age of Empires series.

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