Age of Frostfall: 12 Pro Tips for Mastering the Frozen World

Just starting out in Age of Frostfall? Check out our beginner tips to get a head start on conquering the frozen world and defeating the undead army.

Age of Frostfall tips and tricks for new players
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Age of Frostfall offers an immersive and exciting online gaming experience. Is quite similar to King of Avalon Frost and Flame, and offers a great way to enjoy the thrill of battle in a fantasy frozen world, dominated by all kinds of monsters. With so much content and features, knowing everything from the start is impossible. In this guide we’ll share a few practical tips and tricks for newcomers, to get you on the right track.

1. Focus on resource production first

Instead of spending your few resources on training troops as most players do in the early stages of the game, focus on upgrading your resource production buildings first.

This will give you a steady flow of resources in the long run that can be used to upgrade your army and defenses later. Likewise, you should collect these resources constantly, preferably twice a day, by tapping the icons at the top of each resource building.

2. Complete Great Hall affairs

Completed Great Hall affairs in Age of Frostfall
Completed Great Hall affairs in Age of Frostfall

Great Hall, the main throne room of your kingdom located inside your Stronghold (the castle), offers a series of daily quests provided by your main heroes.

Each day, you will see a 3-dot bubble at the entrance of the Stronghold building, informing you about the daily affairs/quests you have available for completion. By tapping this icon you will be redirected to the Great Hall room where each hero in that room, including your main character, will offer you one affair/quest.

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But there’s a catch to this – each hero’s affair will present you with a short (skippable) discourse with 4 choices with different reward amounts and durations. The choice you should pick, is the last one, the longest one. It will last 15 minutes, and it will reward you with a nice amount of resources, Summoning Horns, and more.

Upon completion, the icon I mentioned before, visible at the entrance of your Stronghold, will turn into a chest with a green checkmark icon, letting you know that the affairs are completed. You will then need to tap each hero’s icon to collect their respective rewards.

3. Use your daily free Wishes

Claiming daily Wishes in AOF

In Age of Frostfall, the Wishing Well is an invaluable asset for those looking to quickly acquire resources. Once upgrade your city to level 6, you can build the Wishing Well and begin to reap these free daily rewards. The more you level up your Wishing Well, the more wishes you can receive each day.

For example, at level 1 it offers 5 daily wishes, while a maximized (level 45) Wishing Well gives 11 wishes. However, these wishes reset daily so it is important to make sure you use them before they expire.

4. Join an alliance or create one

Alliances are a fundamental part of the Age of Frostfall experience. Joining or creating an Alliance in Age of Frostfall provides you with a range of amazing benefits.

As an alliance member, you will gain access to valuable resources, participate in engaging events and activities, and build meaningful relations with other players. When seeking out an alliance to join, make sure to consider the application requirements and overall power level.

Alternatively, if you have enough time and dedication to take on a unique challenge, why not create your own alliance and invite friends or fellow players? With an alliance of your own, you can customize it to your liking and reap the rewards of putting time and energy into building the perfect team.

5. Complete Kingdom Quests and Daily Quests

Kingdom Quests in Age of Frostfall
Kingdom Quests

Daily and Kingdom quests are a great way to get some nice resources, and they can help you level up your Stronghold faster. All you have to do is complete the quest objectives, and you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. These objectives and their rewards can be accessed by tapping the crossed axes icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Here you have the Kingdom Quests tab, the section that includes the main quests in this game. Besides the rewards from each quest, you will also get Mystic Esther items, which are automatically used to upgrade the Flickering Soul Crystal read level, a special chest that includes plenty of amazing rewards, depending on the actual level you are at.

The second tab is the Daily Quests, which includes different quests you can complete daily. These quests mostly include speedups, but they also include Activity Points.

Daily quests in Age of Frostfall
Daily quests

These points are required to unlock the chests visible at the top of this section, which contain valuable rewards, including plenty of resources, Noble Keys (used to unlock Noble chests), Healing Coins, and many more.

6. Protect your resources

Once you lose your peace shield, other players may begin to scout your city and attack you more often. If the number of your resources (those displayed on the top bar, not the items from your bag) exceeds the protection level of your Storehouse, you may become a prime target for an attack.

To avoid this, it is important to keep your resources below the protection level, which can be increased by upgrading your Storehouse. Doing so will allow you to store more resources safely and protect your city from potential attackers.

7. Change your portrait and name

how to change the name and the avatar in Age of Frostfall
How to change the name and the avatar in Age of Frostfall

One of the first things a player should do is change their name and avatar. The game automatically assigns random, generic names to new players, but luckily it is free to customize both of these for the first time.

Doing this will make it easier for your friends and allies to recognize you, as it helps to establish a personal identity in the game. As for the avatar, you can choose from existing portraits in the list or you can upload your own picture.

8. Defeat monsters daily

The monsters you see all over the map in Age of Frostfall, exist in different levels and types. Defeating these monsters a few times a day can give you good rewards, including EXP items for your heroes, Lord EXP, Summoning Horns, speedups, resources even food for your dragon.

searching for monsters in Age of Frostfall
Searching for monsters on the map

The only requirement is that you need to start from level 1 forth. Keep in mind that the higher-level monsters will give you better rewards, but they are also more difficult to defeat. So make sure your troops have enough power to defeat them to avoid losses.

To save you time when searching for monsters, you can use the search function of the map, the skull icon located on the bottom-left corner of your screen. Clicking the icon will bring up a list of nearby monsters and you can use the slider to look for a specific level.

9. Upgrade your heroes and recruit new ones

One of the main strategies for winning battles is to pick the best heroes in Age of Frostfall, with the right stats and skills. To do this, you will need to level them up, upgrade their star level and unlock new skills.

You can do this by using EXP items, which can be obtained from events or missions such as the Lord’s Reign. You can also level up your heroes by fighting monsters visible all over the map. The higher the level of the monster, the better rewards you can get.

10. Train and upgrade troops constantly

Training Archer troops tier 5 in Age of Frostfall - 8 hours duration
Almost 8 hours to train level 5 archers

Training and upgrading your units constantly is crucial in Age of Frostfall, as it can give you a significant advantage in battle. The more units you have, the more troops you can form with your heroes and join un multiple activities at the same time. Having a large number of units is also beneficial during PVP attacks as it allows you to replace the wounded ones.

However, unlocking higher tiers also costs more resources and requires more time for each training session. That’s why is a good idea to train troops overnight, so you can have them ready for battle in the morning.

11. Take part in events as often as possible

Events are a great way to get more resources, items, and all kinds of special items. Regularly checking to see what event missions are available can help you get a head start in the game.

You can access the available items from the main screen, the big icons at the top of your screen, or by accessing the Event center where you can also see the upcoming events.

For example, on my server, one of the available current events is the Kingdom Tourney. This event’s requirements are a level 16 Stronghold, having at least 24 hours in an alliance, and completing the quests in the allotted time.

It includes various quests with different challenges, which are not quite easy to complete. However, the rewards are really impressive, including Kingdom Tourney Points, Philosopher’s Stones (used to research Advanced Tactics), and decent amounts of Gold Legendary Horns.

4. Log in 7 days in a row

consecutive sign in rewards in Age of Frostfall

Age of Frostfall is generous when it comes to rewarding players who log in each day. Logging in for 7 consecutive days will give you a variety of rewards, including experience items, resources, speedups, Random Teleports, Summoning Horns, and more!

For example, on the fifth day, you will be rewarded with 35 Gold Summoning Horns, which is an amazing reward as these items are used to recruit Legendary Heroes in Summoning Circle. However, if you miss a day, the counter is reset and you must begin again. So make sure to log in every day to collect these rewards and maximize your progress!

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