Call of Dragons Best Faction Guide & Comparison

Choosing between the three factions in Call of Dragons can be tough. Here’s all you need to know and which is the best faction in this game.

Call of Dragons best faction guide comparison
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Picking the right faction in Call of Dragons can have a major impact on your strategy and success in this game. There are three factions to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. In this guide, we will take a closer look at each faction and provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

What are factions for in Call of Dragons?

Factions are used to group players together and provide them with bonuses in the game. Depending on your faction, you may get bonuses such as increased resources gathering speed, attack or defense for troops, or other bonuses. Factions also provide you with an alternative way in terms of building design, and layout, as well as unit appearance and unique bonuses.

As I mentioned, there are 3 major factions in Call of Dragons: League of Order (Humans), Springwardens (Elves), and Wilderburg (Orcs). For the sake of simplicity, I will address them as Elves, Humans, and Orcs, cause, after all, that’s what they are.

Call of Dragons Best Faction

Overall, the best Call of Dragons faction is the League of Order because they have the highest resource gathering speed. This makes them a great choice for any beginner, as more resources in Call of Dragons means faster city development.

Furthermore, in our opinion, the League of Order has also the most familiar, and easy-to-learn building design and unit naming. But don’t just take our word for it, keep reading this Call of Dragnos faction guide to learn more about why League of Order is the perfect faction for you.

Call of Dragons Faction Guide

Below we will take a closer look at each faction, its unique strengths and weaknesses, and the best way to use them in your strategy.

The Wilderburg Faction

Call of Dragons Wilderburg faction details, including the starting hero Bakhar
  • Main Race: Orcs
  • Bonuses: Legion Physical ATK +3%, Destruction Engineering +10%
  • Special Units: Axemen, Spearmen, Saryr Witches, Workrhinos, Wolfriders, Wyvern Riders

Also known as the Orc faction, Wilderburg is best known for its resilience and durability. This faction has increased attack speed and excels at destroying buildings due to its increased Engineering bonus.

As we described in our previous Call of Dragons tier list, this faction also offers some of the strongest heroes in this game, with Hosk being the strongest damage dealer. If attack power and durability are your goals, then Wilderburg is the faction you should choose.

Starting Hero: Bakhar

The starting hero of the Orc faction is Bakhar. He has an Epic rarity and good defense, mostly due to his Garrison talent, which makes it quite efficient for defending your city. Is not one of the top heroes but Bakhar still can be useful in the early stages of your city’s development.

The Springwardens Faction

Call of Dragons Springwardens faction details, including the starting hero Gwamwyn
  • Main Race: Elves
  • Bonuses: Legion March Speed +5%, Heal Speed +5%
  • Special Units: Archers, Ironbank Treants, Longleaf Treants, Work-Elk, Elkriders, Forest Eagles

This is the Elven faction and has an increased healing speed and march speed, making it adept at defense and offense. Despite having a rich inner castle design, full of mysticism and unique architecture with tall, sharp, and colorful towers, the Elves are considered to be the weakest of all factions. But if marching speed and healing are your goals, then this faction is definitely a great choice.

Starting Hero: Gwamwyn

The starting hero of the Elven faction is Gwamwyn. She has an Epic rarity (not the greatest) and some decent active and passive skills. But her main strength is hunting Darklings creatures, which helps her gain EXP and resources faster.

The League of Order Faction

Call of Dragons League of Order faction details, including the starting hero Waldyr
  • Main Race: Humans
  • Bonuses: Legion Magic DEF +3%, Overall Gather Speed +10%
  • Special Units: Vestals, Swordsmen, Ballistas, Workhorses, Knights, Celestials

Also known as the Human faction, this is considered to be the most balanced and popular of all factions. The League of Order offers a strong gathering speed bonus but the 3% Magic units Defense bonus is almost non-existent.

As a result, they are the best choice when creating a farm account, or if you are new to the game and just want to focus on building your city.

Starting Hero: Waldyr

The human faction’s starting hero is Waldyr. Although the League of Order faction does not offer any attack bonus, Waldyr is the most reliable of all the starting heroes due to his PvP and Skills talents, which makes him capable of both defending and attacking well.

Factions Comparison


Springwardens faction city design and layout
Springwardens faction city design

When it comes to design and aesthetics, the Springwardens are considered to be the most beautiful faction with their advanced architecture, bright colors, and tall towers. And since the official release, the game now offers even more esthetically-pleasing elements and details for the Springwardens faction, making it even more eye-catching.

However, I sometimes find it a bit challenging to differentiate between the physical structures. But if you are a fan of the Elves, and you are looking for a faction with a fairytale-like design, then the Springwardens can certainly be a great option.

Wilderburg faction city design and layout
Wilderburg faction city design

The words that describe best the Wilderburg faction’s design, are permanent autumn. I love the way all of their buildings have a reddish-brown hue, which gives the faction an old and rustic charm.

The orcs offer a unique building design with sharp huge fangs surrounding most structures and a lot of details which reminds me of Ogrimmar City from World of Warcraft.

League of Order faction city design and layout
League of Order faction city design

Finally, the League of Order, which is my favorite, has an elegant classical design with its light colors and round structures, although it is quite subtle. But this makes it ideal for those of you who prefer a more minimalistic look.

Another interesting element that is lacking in other factions is the addition of the river, the small bridges, and the waterfall located on the right side of the city. I simply love it. I also find structures easier to distinguish with this faction, even after resetting the layout, which makes managing things much faster.

Units Comparison

In Call of Dragons, most units have the same stats across all three factions. There is, however, a notable difference between the Cavalry and Flying units of each faction, in terms of Attack, HP, and March Speed.

Cavalry Units

Tier 5 Cavalry units Call of Dragons

Cavalry units can be trained at the Elk Stable building (Elves), Knight Camp (Humans), or Beast Pen (Orcs), the same buildings where the transport units can be trained, which are basically Cavalry Tier 1.

Although the transport units have equal stats across all three factions, starting from Cavalry tier 2, the Attack stat increases progressively for both, Humans and Orcs. This makes the Elven faction’s having the weakest Cavalry units among all three factions.

Cavalry T5ElvesHumansOrcs
March Speed208208208

Flying Units

The Flying units such as Forest Eagles (Elves), Celestials (Humans), and Wyvern Riders (Orcs), become available in Call of Dragons after upgrading the main building, the City Hall, to level 16.

As you can see in the following comparison table, the Tier 5 Flying units of the Wilderburg faction (Orcs) have the highest attack among all factions. The Elven faction’s T5 Flying units have a slightly lower attack power but have the highest HP and March Speed.

Overall, the Springwardens faction has the best flying units among all three Call of Dragons factions.

Flying T5ElvesHumansOrcs
March Speed208130130

Call of Dragons Factions FAQ

Can I choose a different faction in Call of Dragons?

Yes, you can choose a different faction once you upgrade your City to level 8, but this will cost you 10,000 Gems.

How to change the faction?

You can change the faction by visiting your profile page and pressing the little refresh icon. Next, you can pick any of the other two additional factions.

Which faction is best for gathering resources?

The best faction for gathering resources in Call of Dragons is the League of Order due to the 10% gathering speed bonus.

Which faction is best for attacking other players?

The best faction for PvP would be the Wilderburg (Orcs) as it offers a decent attack bonus and offer some of the strongest heroes in this game.


Overall, each faction provides its own unique look and feel which can really help enhance your game experience. Pick the League of Order faction if you are just getting started with the game and looking to gather more resources, or the Wilderburgs if you are looking for attack power and you are more into PvP.

But if you are looking for a faction with an outstanding design and a slightly increased marching speed, then I would recommend the Springwardens.

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