How to Raise and Use Your Dragon in Age of Frostfall

Learn how to raise your dragon in Age of Frostfall, what are the benefits of it, and how this marvelous creature can increase your army’s strength

Age of Frostfall How to Raise Your Dragon
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The dragon offers a huge help in progressing through the Age of Frostfall mobile game. Raising this splendid creature will increase your army power and unlock multiple benefits, all of which I will cover in this guide.

What’s great about this beast is that it will help you a lot on both, the battlefield and city development. In this guide, you will learn how to raise your dragon, what benefits it can bring you, and how it will improve your game progress in Age of Frostfall.

The dragon’s benefits in Age of Frostfall

There are two major benefits of raising your dragon and upgrading the Dragon Lair in Age of Frostfall. The first benefit is that it can be used as a powerful tool in battle.

Dragon attached to troop formation in Age of Frostfall
Dragon attached to troop formation

There are two main reasons why you should make your dragon stronger and upgrade your Dragon Lair in Age of Frostfall. First, it will give you an edge in battle as you can include the dragon in your troop formation, making it more powerful. This is beneficial when facing tough opponents or attacking other players’ cities.

Secondly, improving your dragon and Dragon Lair will boost your city’s development by increasing resource production and enhancing your troops’ abilities. For instance, you’ll have a stronger attack, defense, and quicker healing times.

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These bonuses will greatly help you defend your city and overcome enemy forces, plus other advantages we will discuss in more detail below.

How to Raise Your Dragon in Age of Frostfall

In Age of Frostfall, there are two ways to help your dragon grow and become stronger. The first is by feeding it different types of meat to increase its level. The second is by boosting its star rating, which not only changes its appearance but also gives it new and improved abilities. It’s important to use both methods to have a powerful in this game. Below I will describe in more depth both methods:

Method 1: Feeding the dragon with meat items

Feeding the dragon in the Age of Frostfall mobile game
Feeding the dragon

So far, feeding is the only way to level up your dragon in Age of Frostfall. To obtain meat, you can participate in events or complete Path of Legend chapters. You can also use Traveler’s Insignias to purchase meat from the Path of Legend Shop.

These are the 5 different meat variants that you can use to feed your dragon:

  • Scrap of Meat – Grants your dragon 100 EXP
  • Slice of Meat – Grants 500 EXP
  • Chunk of Meat – Offers 5,000 EXP
  • Pile of Meat – Grants your dragon 20,000 EXP
  • Mountain of Meat – This is the biggest and hardest to get. It offers 100,000 EXP

However, new players will only have access to Slice of Meat in this shop. To get bigger chunks like Chunk of Meat or Pile of Meat, you’ll need to reach reputation levels 12 and 20 in Path of Legend. Make sure to complete as many chapters as you can to unlock these items.

Once you have some meat, simply head to the Dragon Lair and click on “Nurture”. You can then select individual items or use the “Quick Feed” button to feed your dragon with all available items at once.

Method 2: Increasing the Dragon’s Star Rating (Evolving)

Evolving the dragon in Age of Frostfall
Evolving the dragon

The second way to increase your dragon’s power is by increasing its star rating. This can be done in the “Evolve” section of the “Nurture” tab and requires a special item called Dragon Flame Orb.

How to Obtain Dragon Flame Orbs in Age of Frostfall

The fastest method of obtaining Dragon Flame Orbs is by increasing your Path of Legend reputation. Every time you advance 2 or 3 levels in reputation, you will receive 10 Dragon Flame Orbs. For instance, at level 5, you’ll get 10 Orbs and the same goes for levels 8 and 10. Similarly, at level 13 and onwards, you’ll receive another batch of 10 orbs.

Another possible way to obtain Dragon Flame Orbs is through specific events like the Dragon Spin, but it is more challenging.

Dragon Flame Orbs - Path of Legends reputation level rewards
Dragon Flame Orbs – Path of Legends reputation level rewards

When you have enough Orbs, simply click on the “Evolve” tab and tap the Evolve button. To upgrade your dragon to 4 stars, you will need 75 Dragon Flame Orbs. You can continue upgrading up to 8 stars, unlocking new advantages for your troops and city development.

Your dragon’s appearance also transforms with each star, becoming bigger and more intimidating. Keep an eye on your Dragon Flame Orbs and don’t forget to evolve your dragon regularly for maximum benefits.

The Dragon Lair, the player where your dragon lives

Dragon Lair - Age of Frostfall

Dragon Lair is the building/altar where you can manage and see the full potential of your dragon. Upgrading this structure regularly brings more features and reduces skill costs. Upgrade it up to level 45 to get a 22.5% decrease in skill cost.

When you tap on this building, two important options will be available: “Dragon” for upgrading your dragon’s powers, and “Offerings”.


Draconic Altar Primal Offerings
Draconic Altar – Primal Offerings

The Primal Offerings sections of the Draconic Altar are where you can use Silver or Primal Dragon Scale, rare items obtained by defeating monsters or participating in certain events like the Gold event, for example.

Each offer earns you points that fill up the progress bar on the right side. The more offerings, the better rewards for your dragon. These rewards include special Draconic Stones that can be placed in the Draconic Stone Stash (found under the “Dragon” section) for even more benefits.

The Dragon Skills and how to upgrade them

Dragon Skills

The dragon skills area is where you can discover and upgrade all the abilities your dragon has to offer. The Wild Heart, located at the center, serves as the foundation for your dragon’s skills. As you level up your dragon, this skill will automatically increase by 1 and provide amazing boosts for your troops like march speed, gathering speed, monster march speed, and troop load.

Additionally, 12 more skills can be upgraded to further enhance your troops’ abilities. While not all of them will be available at the beginning, they will unlock as you progress. For instance, the Double Bounty skill becomes accessible at dragon level 32 and offers the chance for a second loot when defeating monsters. Keep leveling up your dragon to unlock even more powerful skills!

How to upgrade Dragon Skills

To upgrade your dragon’s skills, you’ll need Dragon Skill EXP and special items from completing Path of Legend chapters or purchasing them from the Path of Legend Shop. These items come in 5 different sizes that grant varying amounts of EXP. Once you have enough Dragon Skill EXP, go to the Dragon Skill page, choose the skill you want to upgrade, and click Upgrade.

Best Dragon Skills Setup

Upgrading the Cavalry Claw skill
Upgrading the Cavalry Claw skill

Among the many dragon skills available, focus on upgrading those that provide bonuses for all your troops. For instance, the March of Fury skill increases your march capacity while Dragon Blessing reduces troop mortality. Choose the best heroes for your formation and select dragon skills based on their unit specialization.

As an example, if you have The Red Knight hero leading cavalry units, prioritize upgrading Cavalry Claw skills to give them an edge against Bowmen and Infantry. So, always keep in mind the strengths of your heroes and units when selecting dragon skills to upgrade for optimal gameplay.

The Draconic Speech, a magic stone feature

Embedded level 3 Draconic Stones
Embedded level 3 Draconic Stones

The Draconic Speech section is another great dragon feature to boost your units’ power. Simply press the Draconic tab and embed the Draconic Stones you obtained from the Draconic Altar’s offerings.

Draconic Stones

These stones come in three types: Fire, Water, and Wind, each with unique bonuses for your troops. You have six slots to fill with these stones, and the higher-level ones offer greater benefits. The red Fire Stone is the most powerful, providing significant attack and defense boosts for your troops.

Draconic Skills

Unlocked Draconic Skills
Unlocked Draconic Skills

But that’s not all – embedding Draconic Stones also gives you access to Draconic Skills for your dragon. These skills are automatically used in battle or act as passive bonuses for your city’s productivity.

Simply tap the tab next to Draconic Stones to explore the three groups of skills available: Combat, Economy, and Development. While some offer permanent benefits like instant construction speedups, others have cooldowns.

To unlock more Draconic Skills, just embed higher level stones – currently the highest is level 3. And don’t forget to check the specific combination needed for each skill at the bottom of the page. Get ready to boost your dragon’s power even further with Draconic Speech and Stones!

The Dragon Shadow or the dragon’s clone

Dragon Shadow, the place to unlock the dragon's clone in Age of Frostfall

Lastly, the Dragon Shadow is where you can purchase a clone of your original dragon for various durations. However, it can be pretty expensive and the benefits may not be worth it. But if PvP is your thing, having an extra dragon in your arsenal could come in handy as you can attack two players simultaneously with both dragons attached to your troops.

Final Thoughts

That’s all you need to know about the Age of Frostfall dragon! Your dragon is a valuable asset to your base, providing powerful skills that can boost your troops. Be sure to constantly level up, upgrade skills, and collect Draconic Stones for maximum effectiveness!

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