Watcher of Realms Ajax: Is He Powerful?

Watcher of Realms Ajax character wiki guide including his skills, awakening, recommended team composition, and how to get him in the game.

Watcher of Realms Ajax Character Wiki
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Ajax is the perfect choice for those looking for a powerful Mage in Watcher of Realms. He can deal huge AoE DMG and crowd-control enemies with his basic attacks as well as his ultimate skill.

His Dragon’s Might passive skill gives him an edge in those close-combat situations, making it difficult for enemies to get close enough to touch him.

His greatest advantage, however, is that he is a member of The Unnamable faction. This means that he can be counted as a member of any faction, which means he contributes to the faction synergy bonus. All these abilities make Ajax one of the strongest characters in WoR, perfect for any team composition.

Watcher of Realms Ajax Profile

  • Title: The Dragonsbane
  • Faction: The Unnamable
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Class: Mage
  • Attack Type: Magic (Ranged)
  • Abilities: Burst DMG, Multi-Strike ATK

How to get Ajax in Watcher of Realms?

Ajax can be summoned with Rare Summoning crystals (0.04% drop chance) or Legendary Summoning crystals (0.4% drop chance) in the Hero Summon section. The drop rates are quite low but can be increased by using the x10 option.

Base Stats at Level 60 (Max. Level)


Recommended Hero Pairing for Ajax (Mixed)









Ajax’s Skills

1. AoE M. ATK (Basic ATK)

With this skill, Ajax deals 100% more AoE DMG to multiple enemies in range. The DMG bonus increases by 5% with each additional skill level.

2. Destructive Breath (Manual, Ultimate)

Ajax’s dragon breathes fire on a wide area over his enemies, dealing 140% AoE damage per second for 5 seconds, and inflicting a Burning effect, which deals 20% M. DMG (Magic Damage) per second. Here are the bonuses for each additional skill level:

  • Level 2: DMG +20%, Skill Cost -100
  • Level 3: DMG +20%, Skill Cost -100
  • Level 4: Skill Cost -100
  • Level 5: Skill Cost -100

3. Thunder Strike (Auto)

Ajax’s basic attacks have a 15% chance to cast lightning at up to 5 targets in range, dealing 150% AoE DMG and inflicting Slow. This effect reduces the movement speed of the affected targets by 25% and it triggers only when is stronger than the current buff/debuff on the same attribute. The DMG is increased by 10% with each additional skill level and by 20% at skill level 5.

4. Dragon’s Might (Passive)

When any enemy approaches within 2 tiles of Ajax, inflicts M. RES. Reduction of -10% on them, a negative effect that increases by 5% with each additional skill level.

Ajax Awakening Benefits

  • Awakened I: When Ajax’s Destructive Breath skill is activated, increases Crit. DMG by 40%
  • Awakened II: Ajax gains an extra 5% ATK.
  • Awakened III: The chance for Ajax’s Thunder Strike skill to cast lightning is increased by 10%.
  • Awakened IV: The resources cost to deploy Ajax on the battlefield is reduced by 3.
  • Awakened V: After casting Thunder Strike, increases the damage dealt by 25% for 7 seconds.

Ajax’s Story – Destiny in Flight

One quiet night on the frigid ramparts of Fort Blacklast, King Harz gazed across the tundra, as was his evening ritual. While unforgiving, his land typically afforded little in the way of surprises. This night would be an exception. Though barely perceptible against the snow, Harz made out the figure of a lone knight trudging determinedly toward the fort, clad in bone-white armor.

The king might have overlooked him, had it not been for one distinct feature- his blazing eyes appeared to contain storms, cutting like lightning through the wasteland. Ajax, the Dragonsbane drew near.

Adorned only in his ivory armor, the knight appeared immune to the cold. He spoke low, introducing himself before declaring what he believed to be his purpose at Fort Blacklast: Destiny awaited him nearby.

The white knight’s arrival unsettled some, but the king was intrigued, and an offer was made: In exchange for aid in defending the fort, Ajax would be granted lodgings to await this supposed destiny. He needn’t wait long.

A few months after the white knight’s arrival, a tremendous roar shook the tundra itself when from a bottomless crevasse emerged a spectacularly terrifying white dragon. Though King Harz’s men trembled at the sound, Ajax stood upon the parapets as if the dragon called and challenged him alone.

In an instant, the self-proclaimed destiny he’d foretold became evident. Harz Gifted Ajax a magical, thunderous blade that matched his storm-strewn eyes, and with that the white knight set off into the snowdrifts.

– Ajax’s bio via Watcher of Realms.

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