Watcher of Realms Luneria Team Composition, Skills

Watcher of Realms Luneria character wiki guide, including her skills, recommended team composition, and how to get her in this RPG game.

Watcher of Realms Luneria Character Wiki
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Luneria is the second most powerful lord hero of The Star Piercers faction in Watcher of Realms. This character is empowered by the moon and is capable of dealing tremendous magical damage to her targets.

Her first skill allows her to focus on airborne units for extra damage, while her Ultimate shoots multiple arrows at one target with devastating effects.

She is definitely one of the most impressive Watcher of Realms characters, a great Epic leader for anyone who wants to build a long-lasting solid team.

Watcher of Realms Luneria Profile

  • Title: Moonshroud Maven
  • Faction: The Star Piercers
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Class: Marksman
  • Attack Type: Magic (Ranged)
  • Abilities: Magic Marksman, Continuous DMG

How to get Luneria in Watcher of Realms?

Luneria as a reward for the Shard Summoning event in Watcher of Realms

At the time of writing this guide, Luneria is offered as a reward for collecting 75 shards during the Shard Summoning event, which will be active from September 1 to September 19, 2023 (which might repeat several times more after that).

You can get these shards by participating in the following events: Tales of Smith, Brave Conquest, Vault in the Sands, Arrival of Heroes, Mystery of Artifacts, Hero Training, The Lost Legacy, Spiritual Altar, Corridor of Glory, or Duel of Champions.

You might also get her from regular summoning via the Invocation of Spirits or Divine Summoning tabs of the Shard Summon feature. The good news is that since she is an Epic hero, the drop chances are much higher than Legendary heroes: 1.22% via Divine Summoning, and 0.12% via Invocation of Spirits.

Luneria’s Base Stats at Level 60 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Luneria (Mixed)









Luneria’s Skills

1. M. ATK (Basic ATK)

Deals 100% DMG to 1 enemy. Airborne units are prioritized and take extra DMG. There is a 25% chance of triggering Darkmoon Arrow, with the chance scaling based on the distance from the target. The DMG is increased by 5% at both levels 2 and 3.

2. Darkmoon Salvo (Manual, Ultimate)

Convenes the power of the
Darkmoon, shooting 3 Darkmoon Arrow to a single target rapidly. Restores an extra 60 Rage if the target is killed. Here are the bonuses for each additional skill level:

  • Level 2: Skill Cost is decreased by 100, Initial Rage is increased by 100, and Rage Restoration is increased by 20 upon defeating an enemy unit
  • Level 3: The number of Darkmoon Arrows is raised by 1 and the DMG caused by Darkmoon Arrows by 20%
  • Level 4: Skill Cost is decreased by 100, Initial Rage is increased by 100, and Rage Restoration is increased by 20 upon defeating an enemy unit
  • Level 5: The number of Darkmoon Arrows is raised by 1 and the DMG caused by Darkmoon Arrows by 20%

3. Darkmoon Mark (Passive)

Darkmoon Arrow marks the enemy for 7 sec, stacking up to 5 times. Each stack of Mark increases DMG by 5%. Increasing the level of this skill, you get the following bonuses:

  • Level 2: Effect duration is increased by 1 sec.
  • Level 3: The damage for each stack is increased by 1%.
  • Level 4: Effect duration is increased by 2 sec, and the DMG per stack by 1%
  • Level 5: The damage increases for each stack by 1%

4. Piercing Vision II (Lord Skill)

Increases faction allies’ basic attributes by 10%. Faction allies’ ATK Ranges are also increased.

Watcher of Realms Luneria Awakening Benefits

  • Awakened I: Enhances M. ATK and Darkmoon Salvo Luneria’s skills, increasing ATK Spd. by 30 for 6 sec. upon triggering Darkmoon Arrow, an effect that deals 175% M. DMG to enemies and makes Airborne units take more damage as well.
  • Awakened II: Increases Luneria’s ATK by 200
  • Awakened III: Enhances M.ATK skill, increasing the chance of Darkmoon Arrow triggered by basic attacks by 10%.
  • Awakened IV: Luneria’s ATK Speed is increased by 25
  • Awakened V: The Darkmoon Arrow effect inflicts Immobilize on enemies, which makes them unable to move for 0.5 sec.

Luneria’s Story – Follow the Night

Life in the Night Elf castle of Alkhamur in the enchanted realm of Elvenia is indescribable to those who have not experienced it. It is an Elven land where the very air has an electric taste of splendor, but there is also a dark mystery to the inhabitants of this land, a trait personified by the enigmatic Luneria and her quest for the power of the Moon. Yet the interests of the Night Elves overlap often with what outsiders would consider dangerous, deadly, and wicked.

Unlike the Noble Elves, the Night Elves find the marvel of the world lies not in the obvious beauty of flowers and spring, but in the dark mysteries of the night, illuminated only by the stars and the Moon.

It is the will of the Moon to show light on darkness, not destroy it, and this too is the will of Luneria. To her, the Moon is the source of secret power, and she has endeavored for years to possess it.

While she, like most other Night Elves, once lived among the Noble Elves, where she first honed her archery skills, she was angered by their reluctance to push boundaries. With them, she experimented with creating an artform that combined archery and the forbidden magic of the Moon, perfecting this as her way to prove its power.

Yet Gafraldon, a Noble Elf priest, distrusted Luneria’s curiosity for what he considered dark ways alien to their kind, ways that could invite ill omens and risk the destruction of nature, and so he forbade her from further considering the power of the Moon.

Enraged by his arrogance, Luneria used her new craft of Moon magic to destroy the temple of the Noble Elf. Distorted into a Night Elf, she removed herself from the concerned prying eyes of the Noble Elves to make a realm of her own. Here in the castle of Alkhamur, Luneria is a priestess of the Moon dedicated to its mystery and beauty.

Now in the realm of the Night Elves, she is dedicated to perfecting her artform and has established a global order, the Moonstrikers, open exclusively to those who approach their arts with the refined attention they deserve.

Luneria’s bio via Watcher of Realms.
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