Watcher of Realms: How to Increase Battle Power (BP)

Learn how to increase BP in Watcher of Realms to access higher game stages, crush your enemies, and climb up the ranks faster!

How to increase battle power BP in Watcher of Realms
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How to increase BP in Watcher of Realms is probably one of the most asked questions we have seen in the game’s chat so far. Bp or battle power is a metric that determines how powerful your squads of heroes are.

While some experienced users may know how to increase their BP, the majority of players are still learning the ropes. In this guide, we cover the best ways to increase your BP in Watcher of Realms, so you can compete with the best players and increase your winning rate in any type of gameplay mode.

Why is Battle Power important in Watcher of Realms?

Battle power is vital in Watcher of Realms because it determines how powerful your squads will be when facing enemies. Having a higher BP means that your squad has more damage potential, which translates to higher chances of victory.

Additionally, having a higher BP enables you to access certain stages in the Campaign or Raid modes. BP also determines how strong the guilds are and ranked in Watcher of Realms, and in most cases, the top-ranking ones have a BP requirement to be able to join them.

How to Increase Battle Power in Watcher of Realms

Recruit more heroes

The most straightforward and effective way to increase your BP is to summon more heroes. This will increase your chances of obtaining epic or legendary heroes. Although legendary heroes are the best heroes in Wtacher of Realms in terms of skills, stats, and damage output, they are also the most difficult to obtain.

Newbie's first 7 days free hero summon in Watcher of Realms
Newbie’s first 7 days, free hero summon

But there’s a catch: after starting the game, you should take advantage of the “Newbie’s First 7 Days” offer. During this time, you have a free hero summon every day for the Invocation of Spirits (requires Rare Summoning Crystals.

The drop chance for epic and legendary heroes is significantly lower compared to Divine Summoning (requires Legendary Summoning Crystals), but it’s free, so we recommend you take advantage of this offer.

Create effective squad compositions

As we covered in our Watcher of Realms guide, having a great hero positioning will increase your chances of winning a battle. But more important, you need to have the right type of heroes in your teams to create a powerful squad composition that will maximize your BP.

Depending on the type of battle you are about to face, you should always have at least 1 Defender, 1 or 2 Fighters, Marksmen, and Mages, and at least 1 Healer.

However, there are some situations where you do not need a healer such as the hero EXP potion gathering stages or if your BP is significantly higher than the enemy (you can see that above the “Start” button, before entering a stage). In this case, you can replace the healer with a DPS hero and increase your damage output.

Equip your heroes with the right type of gear

Gear plays a crucial role in increasing heroes’ power in Watcher of Realms, and it can significantly increase a hero’s stats. But having any gear is not enough, you need to equip your heroes with gear that matches their attributes such as:

  • Defender – they are capable of taking heavy hits for their team and the right gear for them should have HP or DEF as primary attributes.
  • Fighter – these are powerful melee warriors and they need HP, DEF, ATK, Crit. Rate/Crit. DMG
  • Mage – they attack enemies with mysterious spells and they need gear with ATK, Rage Regen, Crit.Rate/Crit.DMG
  • Marksman – these are long-range heroes, and they need ATK, Crit.Rate/Crit.DMG, or ATK Spd.
  • Healer – these heroes will heal their companions and help them survive the fight longer. Their gear should have Healing Effect or ATK as the primary attribute.

Once you have equipped your heroes with effective gear, you should also consider enhancing it. But for this, make sure you have enough gold as the prices are quite high, especially for enhancing Mythic gear.

Upgrade your squad’s skills

Hero skills also do not directly increase your battle power in Watcher of Realms, but they will massively strengthen your team of heroes. The more powerful the skill, the better it can be used in battle, and this will help you win battles faster.

You can upgrade your heroes’ skills using Skill Dust obtained from shops and the Tides mode (available after completing the first stage of the 4th chapter of the campaign on normal mode).

Level up your best heroes

Another excellent way to increase your BP is to level up your best heroes. This means that it would be wise to not spread your potions across all heroes and focus only on a few epic or legendary heroes. The higher the hero’s level, the higher their stats will be, which in turn increases your BP.

There are 2 ways to level up your heroes in Watcher of Realms. The first one is by simply clearing Raid or Campaign stages, and the second method is by using Hero EXP potions.

However, the latter is much more efficient as it will level up your hero much faster. The best way to get Hero EXP Potions is through EXP Raid stages.

These stages are present every few normal stages in the campaign mode and once cleared, you can re-run them via the EXP Raid page to get more EXP Potions. Furthermore, you also want to activate the EXP Bonus, as we described below.

Acquire and activate the EXP bonus

How to activate the EXP bonus in Watcher of Realms

As we mentioned, the experience that heroes get from winning battles is not that impressive. But luckily, you can double it by activating the EXP bonus.

You can purchase the EXP bonus via the Diamond Shop tab of the regular Shop page for 150 diamonds (not the shops via the Dwarven Association) and once purchased it will remain active for 24 hours.

After activation, take advantage of this boost and try to clear as many stages as possible including in your squad the heroes that you want to level up. You can check the remaining time for your EXP bonus in the upper left corner of the game screen as you see in the above screenshot.

Awaken your heroes with multiple copies

Awakening an epic hero in Watcher of Realms

Awakening is another interesting feature that can help increase your BP and make your heroes stronger. This feature requires consuming multiple copies of the same hero, which you can get from hero summoning.

An interesting fact is that rare heroes only get an increase in stats while epic and legendary heroes will also have their skill effects significantly improved, or even get extra abilities.

As an extra tip, to increase your chances of obtaining more and better heroes, save your Summoning Crystals until you have at least 10 and use them all at once. This way you have higher chances of obtaining the same heroes multiple times and using them to awaken a specific hero.

Promote and star-up your heroes

Hero star-up requirements

Promoting heroes will also increase your squad of heroes quite a lot, which in turn increases your battle power. Some heroes also get their attack range increased after promotion, which can be a tremendous advantage in battle.

To promote your heroes, you will need Promotion Insignias for specific hero classes (Defender, Fighter, Healer, etc.), which you can get from promotion raids or shops.

On the other hand, increasing the hero’s stars is a more advanced technique and can be done once a hero reaches the maximum level. This will unlock a new level cap and it consumes multiple heroes of the same star level (the rarity does not matter).

If you don’t have heroes to consume, you can use Psychic Power materials instead, obtained from various events, shop bundles, or campaign stages.

Forge and equip artifacts

Equipping your heroes with special artifacts is also a great way to gain BP or battle power. This feature, however, requires a bit of effort to unlock as you must complete the campaign’s 12th stage of the second chapter on Hard mode.

Once you do that, you can forge artifacts using artifact fragments obtained from the Artifact Material Raid. Just like gear, artifacts can also be enhanced, and they are divided into 3 rarities: Epic, Legendary, and Myth.

Unfortunately, Epic artifacts are not that effective and there is also a big difference in terms of stats between Legendary and Myth ones. Therefore, Myth artifacts should be your priority when it comes to forging and gaining battle power. For better guidance, you can use our Watcher of Realms artifact tier list, as we ranked all the artifacts in the game from best to worst.

Have at least one strong lord in your squad

Some Watcher of Realms factions have at least one lord hero, while other factions have up to 3 lords (1 legendary, 1 epic, and 1 rare). These heroes can be noticed in the list of heroes by the crown icon displayed in the upper-left corner of their avatars.

Lord heroes, when included in the same team with other heroes of the same faction as them, provide stat bonuses to all the heroes of that faction.

While they do not affect directly the BP stat of your team, they do increase your squad’s power significantly, thus increasing your chances of victory. Since we can have up to two squads active per battle, we can only have up to 2 active lord heroes at a time, one for each squad.

Take advantage of the Privilege Card’s discount

Privilege Card benefits

The Privilege Card is a premium boost that you can purchase from the game’s shop with real money. This will also not increase your battle power directly, but it provides great bonuses that will help you progress faster in the game and gain power.

The good news is that the first purchase of the Privilege Card will come with a 50% discount, and once purchased, it will remain active for 1 month. Here’s what you get:

  • +40 more Multiple Auto-fights every day
  • +20% more Hero EXP from battles
  • +20% more gold from battles
  • +30 max stamina
  • 3.5x speed increase during Auto-fights
  • Extra random drops from Gear and Promotion Raids

Complete as many quests as possible

Quest rewards preview

While completing quests will not directly increase your BP, they are a great source of resources such as gold, diamonds, and summoning crystals that you can use to upgrade your heroes or recruit better ones. On the Quests page, you have 4 types of quests, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Challenge quests.

The Daily tab includes several quests every day, and once you complete 5 of them, you get a bonus diamond reward. The Weekly tab is pretty similar to the Daily tab, but here you have a week to complete the quests before they expire. The rewards are also better.

The monthly Quests, however, offer the best rewards among all 4, related to BP increase, as you get Arena Coins, Rare and Legendary Summoning Crystals, and stamina potions among many others.

Just like the previous two types of quests, the monthly tab also offers you an additional bonus reward for completing at least 7 monthly quests.

So make sure to do this too! As for the Challenge tab, here you have the easiest tasks among all 4, but the rewards are also not that great.

FAQs on How to Increase Battle Power

What is BP in Watcher of Realms?

BP in Watcher of Realms refers to battle power. It is a metric that determines how strong your hero squads are in this game.

What is the best way to get Hero EXP potions?

The best way to get Hero EXP potions is through EXP Raids.

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