Watcher of Realms Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Started

These Watcher of Realms tips and tricks will help you start the game like a pro and make sure you’re prepared for the journey ahead.

Watcher of Realms tips and tricks
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As we mentioned in our previous guide, Watcher of Realms offers a variety of exciting game modes and features, such as PvP battles, Raid crawling, and more. All these challenges will reward you with valuable items to improve your heroes and increase your chances of success. But for that, you need to make sure your heroes are up to the task.

This is why we’ve put together a few Watcher of Realms tips and tricks to help you progress as fast as possible and dominate the battlefield.

Watcher of Realms Tips and Tricks

1. Collect the beginner’s perks

Daily Sign-in rewards preview

If you missed the pre-registration period, worry not! Watcher of Realms offers many different ways to obtain free items, and some of them require small to zero effort.

The first easy rewards you can get are those from Redeem Codes, and we mention several of them and how to use them in our Watcher of Realms guide for beginners.

Next, you have the Daily Sign-in rewards. Unlike the majority of mobile games where the sign-in reward is given for a maximum of the 7-day consecutive period, Watcher of Realms offers rewards for a 180-day consecutive period, amazing!

Moreover, the rewards increase with each day you log in and you get 1 Legendary Summoning Crystal on days 30 and 60, and 2 crystals on day 90, so make sure you log in every day to get all of these goodies.

There is also a similar reward under the Event Hall page, called 7-Day Search. All you have to do is to log in consecutively for 7 days and collect the rewards.

This includes Hero EXP potions, Summoning Crystals, Diamonds, and 2 Epic heroes, Marri, and Ain (a lord hero). And while you are under the events page, you also want to check what other events offer as you have plenty of rewards there as well.

2. Customize and connect your account

Once you have finished the basic tutorial (that little annoying hand that does not let you play the game in peace), you will be able to access the game settings and it would be wise to check and customize some of them.

How to link the game account in Watcher of Realms

First, you should connect your account to any of the 3 methods (we recommend Google) displayed under Settings > Account Settings. This will make sure your game account is safe and your progress saved in case of a device issue or change.

You can also customize the graphics and sound settings, turn on or off HDR or Anti-Aliasing if you experience performance issues, or change the language if you need it.

After that, you should change your nickname to something more user-friendly because the game gives a random, generic name to new users, and this may cause you to be rejected or kicked from Guilds later on.

You can change your name by visiting the Player Profile page and pressing the little feather icon.

Next to it, you also have your default avatar. While this is not that crucial, you might also consider picking a new one if you don’t want to have the same avatar as the majority of other players on your server.

3. Hero positioning is the key to winning battles

Good hero positioning example for Watcher of Realms

While having a strong team of heroes is crucial in Watcher of Realms, positioning your heroes properly on the battlefield is the best way to make sure you come out victorious in battles.

A good hero positioning is as helpful as having an effective composition, which will help you increase your BP. For example, melee heroes, meaning the ones from the Defender and Fighter class, can only attack ground units and are the only ones able to block ground enemies. The flying enemy units can only be attacked by ranged units, Marksman and Mage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that melee heroes can block up to 2 enemies at a time, so try to place them strategically to maximize their impact in combat. That is why they should be placed in front of ranged units (Healers, Mages, and Marksmen) whenever possible, to provide them with long-distance support, and healing. 

Another tip is to make sure your Healer(s) always cover your frontline heroes, to increase their survivability as they are the ones that take the most damage.

You also need to ensure that your heroes’ attack direction is facing the incoming enemies, otherwise, they won’t be able to do their job properly. To do that, once you place an enemy on a tile, drag the cone-shaped area (see the above image) to the direction you want them to attack, and release your finger after that.

4. Join a guild and take on Guild bosses

Guild boss fight, Watcher of Realms
Challenging a Guild Boss

The thing I like most about this game is that it also includes a guild system. As a guild member in Watcher of Realms, you can take on Guild Bosses (World Bosses probably would have been a better name) with other players, and everyone will get rewards based on their progress.

Although the Guild feature is not as advanced as the alliance feature we see in most strategy mobile games, is still essential for your team’s progression. Besides challenging guild bosses, you also have Guild Quests that you can complete and get amazing rewards and guild coins that you can use to buy certain rare items in the Guild Shop.

5. Spend your limited resources wisely

Upgrading the most important heroes
Upgrading a lord hero

Watcher of Realms is a game that requires strategic decisions. We know that legendary heroes are the best and most powerful, but they also require a lot of resources to upgrade. That is why we recommend that you save your Hero EXP Potions for the most powerful heroes. That includes Epic or Legendary heroes, but you might as well go and upgrade your rare (blue) Lord-type heroes.

The Advanced rarity heroes, since they are the weakest in the game, you should not waste your resources on them. In general, it would be wise to first focus on upgrading 3 or 4 powerful heroes, rather than spreading the resources too thin across all your heroes.

6. Always have at least one lord hero in your squad

Lord hero benefits and 2 other heroes of the same faction included in the same squad

As you noticed, each team you build has several slots to which you can add heroes, but there is also a lord slot. This slot is for lord-type of heroes, and once you activate it, the lord will provide significant stat bonuses for all the heroes of the same faction.

Each faction has at least one lord hero per rarity. In the early stages of the game, you only have one lord squad, which means one lord slot, but once you clear Chapter 5, Stage 10, the second squad will also be available.

That is why we always recommend having a lord hero in your team so that you can get those extra bonuses and improve victory chances.

7. Grind the Storyline chapters

Storyline rewards preview, and the legendary hero Volka for the 18th chapter

Storyline, which becomes available after winning the 7th stage of the second chapter in the campaign mode, offers some of the most valuable rewards in Watcher of Realms. These are basically a series of tasks, spread across 18 different chapters.

Unlike the campaign mode which also includes chapters, Storyline only includes various tasks related to all the gameplay modes included in the game. This includes collecting various items and clearing a Raid or a Campaign stage. You will be rewarded for each task you complete, but also with a bonus reward for every completed chapter.

The rewards include Hero EXP potions, Summoning Crystals, Gear for your heroes, Auto-fight items, gold, diamonds, and many more. The most valuable reward, however, is the legendary hero, Volka, which can be obtained by completing the 18th chapter. So make sure to complete as many chapters as you can.

8. Make use of the Black Market’s offers

Black Market offers and how to unlock new shop slots in Watcher of Realms

Black Market is one of the most convenient and useful shops among all 4 included in the Dwarven Association page. That’s because it is the first one to become available and requires gold and diamonds to buy items, which are not that hard to obtain.

The main focus of this shop is to unlock all the slots to take advantage of more offers because you only have a few offers available in the beginning.

Each additional slot can be unlocked either with gold or diamonds. Here you can find precious items such as Promotion Insignias, gear items, and even heroes, most of them at discounted prices.

9. Claim Idle Rewards in time

Idle rewards ready to be collected in Watcher of Realms

Watcher of Realms also rewards you for being idle. You get 5 different rewards for a duration of a maximum of 90 minutes. You can collect them by pressing the area with the very same name on the homepage, and tapping their icons as you see in the above screenshot.

The intervals for these rewards are 5, 20, 40, 60, and 90 minutes while the rewards may include gold, stamina, and other valuable items. Keep in mind that these rewards chance once e day and any uncollected rewards will be lost at the end of the day. So make sure you return to the game by that time and collect all your rewards!

10. Set up your own daily routine for better progress

Our last tip, and yet one of the most important ones is to set up your own daily routine for playing Watcher of Realms.

There are several activities you can do daily, such as completing quests, taking part in events, clearing Campaign and Raid Stages, or helping your guild take down Guild bosses. You should choose which activities you want to prioritize and make sure to do them every day, or even multiple times a day for maximum efficiency.

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