Watcher of Realms King Harz: Skills, Team Composition

King Harz is a very powerful character and can take on even the toughest enemies with his tanking abilities. Here’s all you need to know about him.

Watcher of Realms King Harz Character Wiki
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King Harz is a very powerful character and can take on even the toughest enemies with his tanking abilities. His freezing ability gives him control over the battlefield while his lord skill buffs other faction allies, making him an ideal pick for any team composition. Make sure you visit our tier list for Watcher of Realms to see how he ranks in comparison to other heroes!

Watcher of Realms King Harz Profile

  • Title: The Northfrost Crown
  • Faction: The North Throne
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Class: Defender
  • Attack Type: Normal (Melee)
  • Abilities: DEF, Shield

How to get King Harz in Watcher of Realms?

You can get King Harz by visiting the Hero Summon page and using your Rare Summoning crystals (0.04% drop chance) or Legendary Summoning crystals (0.4% drop chance). Although the drop chances are very low, you can recruit heroes in groups of 10, which usually offers better chances of obtaining King Harz or any other legendary heroes.

Base Stats at Level 60 (Max. Level)


Recommended Hero Pairing for King Harz (Mixed)









King Harz’s Skills

1. P. ATK (Basic ATK)

King Harz’s basic attacks deal damage to one enemy. Each additional skill level offers +3 Extra Rage Regen (ATK).

2. Fury of Winter (Manual, Ultimate)

With this skill, King Harz charges his sword and hits the ground with it, freezing all surrounding enemies. The attack deals 120% AoE damage and King Harz gains a shield that can absorb DMG equal to 50% of Max HP and lasts 8 seconds. Here are the bonuses for each additional skill level:

  • Level 2: DMG Absorption +20%, DMG Dealt +40%
  • Level 3: DMG Absorption +20%, Initial Rage +40%
  • Level 4: Freezing Duration +1 sec, Skill Cost -100
  • Level 5: DMG Absorption +20%, Initial Rage +300%

3. Shied of Arctic (Passive)

King Harz takes 15% less Physical DMG when with any type of shield. Here are the bonuses for each additional skill level:

  • Level 2: P. DMG Reduction +3%
  • Level 3: P. DMG Reduction +3%
  • Level 4: P. DMG Reduction +3%
  • Level 5: P. DMG Reduction +6%

4. Lord of the North (Passive)

Every time King Harz receives a shield increases Shield Strength by 35%. The bonuses received at each additional skill level are as follows:

  • Level 2: Shield Strength +5%
  • Level 3: Shield Strength +5%
  • Level 4: Shield Strength +5%
  • Level 5: Shield Strength +10%

5. Spirit of the North III (Lord Skill)

King Harz’s lord skill increases the basic attributes of all faction allies by 15% and periodically grants them a shield equal to 30% of their Max HP and a 15% shield for all other allies for 20 seconds. The more faction allies are on the team, the more frequently it triggers. The DEF of shielded faction allies is increased by 20%.

King Harz Awakening Benefits

  • Awakened I: The Fury of Winter skill generates a shield to protect all surrounding allies within 1 adjacent tile.
  • Awakened II: King Harz receives an extra 1200 HP and the Spirit of the North III skill now also offers a 10% shield for all faction allies.
  • Awakened III: King Harz deals 100% extra DMG to controlled enemies.
  • Awakened IV: All damage reduction effects are increased by 8%.
  • Awakened V: Increases King Harz’s healing effect by 100% f he is shielded.

King Harz’s Story – A Crown of Ice

In Tya, the appeal of life in the far North is lost on many who reside in warmer climates. Considered one of the last frontiers, its people are as hard as the ice that coats it. A people now led by King Harz, The Northfrost Crown.

Born to King Hengest, Harz’s early years were comprised of learning the principles of northern leadership, many of which he did not often agree with. Though Hengest was a protective ruler, he cared little for contact with the outside world, believing southern nations were corrupt and greedy. During a particularly harsh winter, Prince Harz urged his father to open trade routes and forge alliances.

The king would not hear it, forbidding his son to ride south if he ever wanted to claim his birthright of kingship. Harz’s pride was wounded. Having led his father’s armies for years, Hengest’s misguided jingoism pushed him away. Relinquishing his birthright, Harz left Fort Blacklast under cover of night, determined to connect with the outside world.

In just a few years, Harz experienced more in his travels than in all the time he’d spent in the north. Possessing the charisma of a capable prince, many were instantly drawn to him, naming him a steadfast friend before long.

Traveling mainly in the Dwarven Mountains and Mosune Empire, the powerful allies he met vowed to lend him aid if ever a need should arise. It wouldn’t be long before those vows were tested.

– King Hanz’s bio via Watcher of Realms.

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