Call of Dragons: 7 Most Important Buildings to Upgrade First

This guide will help you decide which are the most important buildings to upgrade in Call of Dragons and save you a lot of time and resources.

Call of Dragons Most Important Buildings
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Building upgrade priority in Call of Dragons is a key factor in determining your success in the game. Upgrading the right buildings will not only help you level up faster and increase the overall power of your city but also help in defending against attacks. In this guide we will discuss the most important buildings to upgrade in Call of Dragons, and why they should be a priority.

7. Hall of Order

It will help you unlock more buildings

Hall of Order building Call of Dragons

Also known as:

  • Sacred Hall (The Springwardens Faction)
  • Wilderhall (The Wilderburg Faction)

Hall of Order is the heart of your city in Call of Dragons. This building is directly related to your city’s level and the higher your level, the more features and new buildings you will get access to. Obviously, this building should be your top priority for upgrading. However, we highly recommend upgrading the other buildings mentioned in this guide as close as possible to your current level of this building.

This building will also help you increase power faster in Call of Dragons because it offers the highest amount of building power among all buildings in your city. Another benefit of upgrading this building is that you will get access to more Legion Queues.

This is crucial for success in Call of Dragons as using multiple Legion Queues will help you gather more resources or attack enemies with multiple armies at the same time. You will have 2 Legion Queues at level 2, 3 from level 11, 4 from level 17, and 5 Legion Queues from level 22 up to 25.

Hall of Order Upgrade Key Features

  • Increases City size and level
  • You get access to new buildings and features
  • Increases legion capacity
  • You get more legion queues
  • A lot of building power

6. College of Order

It protects your resources from getting plundered

College of Order building Call of Dragons

Also known as:

  • School of Sages ( The Springwardens Faction)
  • Seers Council (The Wilderburg Faction)

The College of Order is the building responsible for Tech Research. This building has two main categories, Economy, and Military. Each category has its own set of techs that you will need to research by spending resources.

This will help develop your city faster and better. Once you start a tech research, you can get help from your Alliance members and wait for the remaining period to complete, or finish it instantly with Gems or speedups.

Upgrading the College of Order building will also contribute a lot to your city as it will increase the tech research speed, making it faster and easier to finish researching technologies.

College of Order Upgrade Key Features

  • Research Speed Bonus increase
  • You get access to more techs

5. Wall

It’s the shield of your city

Wall building Call of Dragons

The Wall is your best defense against enemy raids. On this structure, you can appoint some of your best Tank and Garrison heroes to help you defeat any incoming threat. These heroes will leat all your troops in battle against the attacking enemies.

If they fail, your city will enter a burning state, reducing its durability. When durability is reduced to 0, your city will be teleported to a random location on the World Map. And this can be a big problem if you don’t have any Territory Relocation items, to teleport your City back to your Alliance Territory.

That’s why is important to upgrade your Wall as soon as possible, so you can increase the number of heroes that you can appoint on it, and increase its durability.

Wall Upgrade Key Features

  • You can appoint more heroes
  • The Wall’s durability gets increased
  • A lot of building power

4. Scout Camp

It helps you explore more, larger areas on the map

Scout Map building Call of Dragons

Also known as:

  • Ranger Retreat ( The Springwardens Faction)
  • Centaur Sentry Post (The Wilderburg Faction)

The Scout Camp helps you discover hidden treasures and secret locations on the World Map by sending your scouts to explore the foggy areas.

Clearing more fog will help you get more rewards, because every location discovered, such as villages, caves, camps, supplies, and so on, will give you the opportunity to visit them and collect the rewards.

And this is where upgrading the Scout Camp comes in because upgrading the building will increase the exploration speed of your scouts, give you more scouts and increase your scouts’ exploration range. Faster exploration means faster rewards, making it easier and quicker to gather resources.

Scout Camp Upgrade Key Features

  • Unlocks more scouts
  • Expands the exploration range
  • Increases your scouts’ march speed

3. Hospital

It increases the healing rate of your wounded units

Hospital building Call of Dragons

Also known as:

  • Herbalist Hut ( The Springwardens Faction)
  • Shaman Hut (The Wilderburg Faction)

The last building on our list of most important buildings in Call of Dragons is the Hospital. This building is responsible for the recovery of your units after they have been defeated in battle. The Hospital offers you a certain number of troops that you can heal for free daily, as well as daily healing with resources.

While the daily free healing does not cost resources, it requires more time to finish the healing process of your troops. The great thing, however, is that there is no capacity limit for this building, so you can heal a large number of troops, as long as you don’t reach the daily healing limits.

That’s why upgrading the Hospital is vital because it will increase those limits, allowing you to heal more troops faster.

Hospital Upgrade Key Features

  • Increases the healing speed
  • Expands the Daily Free Healing limit
  • Expands the Daily Resource Healing limit

2. Alliance Center

You will get more help chances from allies

Alliance Center building Call of Dragons

The Alliance Center building is also one of the most important buildings in Call of Dragons and it should be a priority for upgrading. First, this building helps you finish your building upgrades and tech research a lot quicker, as it allows all Alliance members to receive and offer help.

Second, upgrading this building will allow you to receive more reinforcement troops from your allies. This is a huge benefit as it will help you protect your City and resources from enemy attacks.

The way the help feature works is pretty simple. If a player sends out help requests, other Alliance members can click on the little hand icon in the bottom right corner.

These acts of assistance are called Help Chances, and each of them will decrease the time required to finish the upgrade or research by 1 minute.

This is especially useful for upgrading and researching high-level stuff as it requires a lot of time. By default, we have 5 help chances but we get one extra chance for every level upgrade, up to a total of 30 at the Alliance Center level 25.

Alliance Center Upgrade Key Features

  • You get more help chances
  • You increase the City Reinforcement Capacity
  • More building power

1. Storehouse

It protects your resources from getting plundered

Storehouse building Call of Dragons

The Storehouse will help you protect your resources from enemy raids. Unless it’s on your Call of Dragons farm account and you want to transfer the resources through repetitive attacks, you should definitely upgrade this building as soon as possible.

This building will provide you with a Base Storage Rate, which is the number of resources (for each type of resource) that you can store safely, and cannot be looted through enemy attacks.

On the Storehouse’s description, you will also find the Resource Storage Rate, which is the percentage of resources that can be stored from enemy looting and Resource Assistance, provided that your stored resources are lower than the Base Storage Rate.

That’s why is important to always keep an eye on these numbers and constantly upgrade the Storehouse as it will increase both, the Base Storage Rate, and Resource Storage Rate.

Storehouse Upgrade Key Features

  • You will increase the number of protected resources
  • You get more building power


This list of essential buildings in Call of Dragons is important to consider when starting or continuing your journey. Each building requires resources and time to upgrade, but it’s important to focus on these buildings first as they provide the most value for new Call of Dragons players.

You should also consider upgrading your resource production and troop buildings, but make sure that the buildings mentioned in this guide are your top priority.

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