How to Gain Power Fast in Call of Dragons

Learn how to increase power fast in Call of Dragons, so you can dominate the battlefield and have a successful game strategy.

How to Gain Power Fast in Call of Dragons
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Call of Dragons is a mobile strategy game where you can build your kingdom using a variety of resources, and buildings, training troops, and recruiting heroes. As with any strategy game, the key to success is having a strong economy and military.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the best strategies to boost power quickly in Call of Dragons, to help you become one of the top players in the game.

Why does power matter in Call of Dragons?

Power is a measure of your total population, resources, and military strength in Call of Dragons. It determines how much damage you can do in battle, as well as how well your city can withstand attacks from other players.

Higher power also means that you will be ranked higher on the leaderboards, allowing you to dominate the battlefield and progress further in the game.

How to Increase Power Fast in Call of Dragons

1. Build up a strong economy

One of the most important steps to gaining power quickly is having a strong economy. Make sure to construct and upgrade essential Call of Dragons buildings that help generate resources such as the Mint, Lumber Mill, Foundry, and Mana Refinery. These will help bring in a steady stream of resources that you can use to upgrade your troops and buildings in the long run.

Another important thing that can help build a strong economic system is to research as far as you can the Economy Tech tree. You could even unlock a second research queue, as we previously mentioned in the Call of Dragons guide.

2. Unlock the second build queue

Unlocking the second building queue in Call of Dragons

By default, Call of Dragons offers only one build queue. Unlocking a second build queue is highly recommended if you plan to make rapid progress in the game. This will allow you to upgrade two buildings at the same time.

This feature can either be activated for 2 days and it will cost 150 Gems, or activated permanently with 5,000 Gems or by purchasing a bundle pack. The good news is that the 2-day option can be used repeatedly as soon as the 2 days are up.

3. Equip and use powerful Artifacts

Artifacts are powerful weapons that you can equip your heroes with, to help them in combat. These items have various purposes and skills and can be used either in battle or to boost your resource productivity. Same as heroes, in Call of Dragons, artifacts also have different rarities, Legendary being the most efficient, with the most powerful artifacts in the game.

Once equipped, artifacts give an instant power boost to your heroes. That’s why is very important to increase their level and upgrade their skills regularly. To get the most from your artifacts, pay attention to their stats and skills, and choose the right ones for your specific heroes.

For example, as you can see in the above clip, I equipped Nica, which performs well at fighting Darklings, with the Giant’s Bone artifact. I chose this artifact because it offers Peacekeeping damage, which is exactly what Nika needs. Also, notice how much damage the artifact does when I press its skill button.

4. Choose the best Faction

Call of Dragons offers 3 Factions that you can choose from. Each of them has its own set of bonuses and units, so it is important to choose the one that not only fits your playstyle but offers the best buffs. As a beginner, picking the best Call of Dragons faction can have a great influence on your game.

The one we recommend for starting out is the League of Order (Humans). This faction has a 10% resource gathering speed bonus, which can help you build your city faster in the beginning.

5. Clear Dragon Trail stages

The Dragon Trail mode in Call of Dragons it’s another fun, quick way of being rewarded in this game. In this gameplay mode, you will have to complete a series of stages with increasing difficulty to get resources and rewards.

Dragon Trail Call of Dragons

All you have to do is to attack the enemies strategically by dragging the attack direction of each of your heroes. Depending on how fast you finish these stages and how much damage you suffer, you will receive a 1-3 star rating, where the 3-star rating offers the best rewards.

The rewards include Dragonglass, a currency that you can use in the Trail Store to buy rare items, Prestige points which are required to enact Policies, and Hero EXP which you can use to level up your heroes.

There is also a Quick Loot reward that is generated based on your Dragon Trail progress and is generated for a maximum of 24 hours period.

To access Dragon Trail mode in Call of Dragons, tap the eye icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen, and next, the crossed swords icon.

6. Increase the VIP level

VIP Honorary Membership level 3 buffs in Call of Dragons

The VIP system as you might be familiar with from other games is a system that rewards you for playing regularly and for increasing its level. The higher your VIP level, the more rewards, and bonuses you receive. The Honorary Membership can be accessed by selecting the second option after tapping the Store building in your city.

In Call of Dragons, this feature is called Honorary Membership and is probably the most efficient way of gaining power in the game. It has a total of 15 levels and can be upgraded by using Gems, Honor Points gained from consecutive daily logins and mission rewards, or by purchasing a bundle pack.

It is by far the best thing you can spend your Gems in this game, as the bonuses it gives you will make a huge difference when competing with other players. For instance, level 3 where I am now, offers +5% Building Speed and several +7% buffs for all resources.

7. Improve Your Military

To gain power fast in Call of Dragons, you must also focus on your military strength as soon as you have built a strong economy. This includes upgrading your best Call of Dragons heroes to make them stronger and researching technologies in the Military Tech tree.

You should as well upgrade the military buildings responsible for each type of unit, and train and promote units constantly.

Make sure you also equip your heroes with some of the most powerful artifacts and upgrade these items to make them more efficient on the battlefield or in other activities such as resource gathering.

8. Prioritize the most important buildings

Wall Building Power preview Call of Dragons
Wall level 13 Building Power preview

To give yourself a power boost, prioritize upgrading the buildings that give the most benefits related to your city’s development such as:

  • The City Hall – this is your most important building and is responsible for upgrading your city to a higher level. It also offers the highest Build Power stat for each level when compared to other buildings.
  • Resource Production Buildings – as I mentioned earlier, these buildings are responsible for producing resources. Make sure to upgrade these as much as possible to gain more income and make faster progress.
  • Alliance Center – this building not only offers good Building Power per level but also one of the most crucial features in the game related to city development, the “Help Chances”. The higher the level, the more times your allies can help you decrease the duration of your building upgrades.
  • Storehouse – while this building does not offer a high Building Power for the first levels, it will protect your resources from being looted by enemy players.

9. Use your scouts to explore the map

Map Exploration progress in Call of Dragons

The Exploration feature is a great way to get more rewards for your progress in the game. Your scouts can explore new areas of the map, and you will discover new locations, villages, Observatories, caves, Wonders, and other places throughout your chosen region.

These places can provide you with a variety of rewards, such as resources and speedups to help you progress faster. To collect them, you need to visit each of them. Unfortunately, this process can become quickly a bit overwhelming but is necessary if you wish to get the most out of your game, especially in the early stages of your city.

The good thing though, is that once you collect the rewards from one location, it will automatically send you to the next one by pressing a button.

Depending on your chosen faction, you can access your Map Exploration progress by tapping the Scout Camp (League of Order), Centaur Sentry Post (Wilderburg), or Ranger Retreat (Springwardens).

To explore the map faster, you should take advantage of Observatories. When mist Exploration progress reaches 90%, the Observatory towers will dispel any remaining mist. All you need to do is to visit them and activate them.

10. Enact Policies

How to enact Policies in Call of Dragons

Enacting Policies is a similar feature to researching techs but instead of using resources, you need a currency called Prestige, which can be acquired by completing Dragon Trail stages and defeating Behemoth Acolytes near Behemoths Lairs.

Policies can have up to 20 levels and offer amazing bonuses that can help your city grow faster and stronger.

Among them, you will find increased Legion Capacity, increased damage while fighting Darklings, troop healing improvements, and increased resource load capacity for your troops, which allows you to gather more resources.

To enact Policies, tap the Notice Board structure and select the third option. To help you increase the power, you should first focus on enacting policies that offer increased damage and capacity for your legions, whether for PvE or PvP.

11. Maximize your resource gathering

In addition to using the tips we mentioned above, it is important that you also improve the way you collect your resources. You can do this in many different ways, such as using heroes that have the gathering talent like Indis or Pan, using only transport units (Tier 1 Cavalry), or equipping your heroes with Artifacts that have gathering skills.

The great thing about the heroes with the Gathering talent is that they can receive EXP after each completed gathering mission, once their first talent is upgraded. This can definitely help you increase power quicker.

12. Use your Speedups strategically

Time to Act - Speedups event Call of Dragons

Speedups in Call of Dragons can be used to finish tasks instantly, such as completing a building upgrade or researching a technology. But to get the most out of them, you should use them mostly during events that reward you for this.

A great example is the Time to Act event which offers several reward tiers based on how many tasks you complete for the duration of the event, which usually lasts 5 days.

The more Speedups you consume, the better the rewards will be. Completing more tasks faster will also help you get a higher ranking and get an additional reward when the event ends.

13. Consider creating a Farm account

Another free way of getting ahead in this game is by creating a Call of Dragons Farm account. This alternative account can be used to collect resources while you’re away from the game, which can be transferred to your main account.

This will allow you to collect resources more efficiently, and level up your main account much faster because the requirements for researching technologies and upgrading buildings will increase exponentially as your city grows.

14. Defeat Darklings on a daily basis

Darkling Patrols rewards preview

Darklings, whether Darkling Patrols or Dark Creatures, are the monsters and enemy forces you see all over the world map in Call of Dragons. These creatures will help your heroes become stronger and give you nice resources if defeated.

Therefore, we recommend that you take some time each day to defeat Darklings and earn the rewards they offer. Use the map’s search function to easily find them and get the resources you need. There are also some related events for defeating Darklings, so you definitely want to keep an eye out for those as well.

15. Consider a good value Bundle pack

The Worker Support bundle pack

While the methods we mentioned above will help you build your city faster, there is one more way to get ahead of the competition and that is by purchasing good value bundle packs.

This is not a requirement, but the large number of resources that you will get with the bundle will also help you level up faster.

The Call of Dragons store has numerous packs and some are quite affordable with prices of less than $5. If you do want to invest some money in the game, we recommend that you first get the Worker Support pack, which unlocks the second building queue permanently.

16. Be consistent

In Call of Dragons, consistent play and smart decision-making are keys to success. As you explore the land of your kingdom and interact with other players, make sure that you keep a consistent pace of growth.

Constantly upgrade your buildings, research technologies, and train troops. Try not to leave your kingdom idle for too long as this may give your enemies the opportunity to advance over you, and plunder your resources.

Being offline for long periods will most certainly get you kicked out of your alliance. If you do have to take a break, make sure that you take the necessary steps to protect your city in Call of Dragons, and let your alliance know ahead of time so that they can help you out in your absence.

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