17 Ways to Get More Resources in Call of Dragons

Learn how to get more resources in Call of Dragons, so you can progress faster and further in this popular online strategy game.

Call of Dragons how to get more resources
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As in most games of this genre, resources are essential for a successful game experience and steady progress of your kingdom. Knowing how to get more resources in Call of Dragons will help you progress faster, allowing you to build bigger armies and conquer your enemies more quickly.

Resources such as Wood and Ore can be used to level up buildings, research new technologies, and create powerful armies. The more you advance in the game, the more resources you will need. This guide will show you the best ways to obtain more resources so you can take your game to the next level.

17. Complete Main Quests and Side Quests

Main Quests and Side Quests resource rewards in Call of Dragons
Main Quests and Side Quests resource rewards

The Main Quests and Side Quests are the most efficient way to earn resources in Call of Dragons, especially if you are in the early stages of the game. These quests reward you with enough Wood, Ore, and other essential rewards, such as gems and boosts, enough to get you started and to progress further.

The Quests page can be accessed by tapping the scroll paper icon on the top-left corner. Each time you complete a quest, you will notice a red bubble and a number, which informs you of how many Quests you’ve completed, so you can claim the rewards.

16. Defeat Darkling Legions and open Dark Chests

Defeat Darkling Legions challenge and using a dark chest key to get resource rewards
On the left, the Defeat Darkling Legions challenge. On the right, a Dark Chest level 14

Defeating Darkling Legions is another great way to get resources in Call of Dragons. Not only will offer you rewards but will also increase your hero’s level. Each time you defeat a Darkling Legion, you will also be rewarded with a Darkling Key. These keys can be used to open Dark Chests, visible on the map, outside your City.

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However, after collecting the required number of keys for a chest, you must also defeat all the Darkling Guards surrounding that specific chest. These are powerful mysterious creatures, and their aspect and level of difficulty may vary from chest to chest.

Some of these creatures can be quite difficult to defeat if your legion is not strong enough. The bigger the chest, the more rewards you can get. These Dark Chests contain plenty of valuable rewards, including Resource Bundles, which will contain large amounts of resources.

15. Complete Challenges

Dailly Challenges resource rewards in Call of Dragons

The Challenges are similar tasks to the ones from the Main Quests and Side Quests, but they are related to specific events and offer different rewards. For example, during the Titan’s Legacy event, for each Daily, Weekly, or Seasonal challenge you complete, you will earn a certain amount of Rune EXP, as well as Keys of Titan, both required to open the big chest visible at the top of the Challenges page (see the above screenshot).

Once the progress bar is filled, you can open the big chest, which will reward you with Gems, Speedups, Wood, Ore, Mana, and other great rewards. The type of rewards as well as the number of rewards you get from this chest depend on your current Rune Level, which will be automatically increased each time you open the chest.

For instance, for Rune level 1, you need to complete 6 Daily Challenges, which by the way, are the easiest to complete among all 3, Seasonal being the most difficult. You swap between these 3 categories and check each challenge requirement, by tapping the tabs visible under the chest’s progress bar.

14. Collect your daily Alliance Territory reward

Alliance Territory resource earnings preview

This reward can be claimed only if you are an Alliance member and only if your Alliance has a territory. The more territory it controls, the bigger rewards you can get.

This reward is accumulated over 24 hours, after which will stop generating. That’s why is important to collect this resource reward daily, so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity to get Gold and some extra resources. The rewards include Wood, Ore, and Mana.

To collect it, visit the Alliance menu, and tap the Territory option. Next, if you have some resources accumulated, tap the “Claim” button and your resources will be collected.

13. Claim System Rewards

Call of Dragons mail resource rewards

Each time you increase your City’s level, you will receive a special mail reward with Wood, Ore, and Gold Keys, and other rewards via a message in your in-game mail, under the System tab. This section might also include rewards sent by the game’s developers after a big update or a server maintenance period.

That’s why you should always check your mail, to claim rewards that can help you progress. You can claim the individually, or simply tap the “Read & Claim All” button as in the screenshot above.

12. Use the right type of units when gathering

Requires Level 4 Hall of Order. Workhorses for the League of Order faction, Work-Elk for the Springwardens faction, or Workrhinos of Wilderburg faction, are the transport units of these factions.

You should always use them when gathering resources from resource plots, as they have the highest resource load capacity. Each faction’s transport unit has also its special benefits.

Workhorses units League of Order faction
Workhorses units League of Order faction

For example, the Wilderburg Workrhinos will receive additional resources after exhausting a resource point. The Springwardens Work-Elks, on the other hand, have the highest marching speed when moving toward Resource Points. However, the biggest advantage has the League of Order Workhorses as they have the highest Load Capacity.

Keep in mind though, training higher-tier Workhorses does not offer a higher Load Capacity, as tier 1 Workhorses have the highest resource Load Capacity among all 5 tiers.

Additionally, the League of Order faction’s bonus is a +10% Gather Speed, which is worth considering when choosing your faction in Call of Dragons.

11. Use heroes with gathering abilities

Pan - Epic hero with Gathering ability
Gif received from Chakcha hero

While some of the best heroes in Call of Dragons are better suited for PvP fights, attacking other players’ Strongholds, or even Darkling and Dark forces, some heroes are more useful for gathering resources. These heroes have special talents that can help you collect more wood, ore, and mana from the Resource points. Some good examples of such heroes include Indis (legendary) and Pan (Epic).

They have special skills (see the second skill) and talents that will help you gather resources more efficiently. For example, Pan’s Gathering talent tree is mostly about increasing its resource-gathering ability such as gathering speed, and resource load capacity.

It also includes some special talent upgrades such as the “Lay of the Land“, which will increase your City’s resource production by 50% for 1h, if she and her legion has been gathering resources for at least 1 hour.

Therefore, if you have any of these heroes, make sure you maximize their Gathering talents, to increase your resource-gathering potential.

10. Equip a Gathering Artifact

Greenfinger Sickle, Epic gathering Artifact benefits details in Call of Dragons
Greenfinger Sickle gathering Artifact

Similar to using a hero with Gathering abilities, equipping a Gathering Artifact will also increase your resource-gathering speed and capacity. Currently, there are two great gathering Artifacts in Call of Dragons that you could get your hands on by using your Universal Artifact Keys in the Altar building (the same place you recruit heroes), and these are:

Ancient Tree Roots

Ancient Tree Roots is a Legendary Artifact that once maximized, increases your Legion resource Load Capacity by +24.7% and Legion HP by 2%. Can also be used to teleport your legion instantly near a random high-level resource Point, within a certain range.

Greenfinger Sickle

Greenfinger Sickle is no doubt one of the most effective artifacts. This Epic item, once maximized, increases your Legion resource Load Capacity by +21.7%. Can also be used to gather resources instantly from a chosen Resource Point.

That can be either 400,000 Wood, 300,000 Ore, or 160,000 Mana. However, the resources gathered must not exceed the Legion’s resource Load Capacity or the remaining amount of resources at the Resource Point. There is also a 12h cooldown.

9. Participate in Events

The Road to Glory event and its resource rewards
The Road to Glory event and its resource rewards

Events are also a great way to get more resources in this strategy title. The game often offers special events that usually involve gathering a certain amount of a specific resource, upgrading buildings, logging into the game consecutively for a specific number of days, and so on.

For example, the Road to Glory event includes a series of quests over 5 days, through which you can obtain a large number of resources by completing the quests listed in each of the 5-day tabs. You will also receive Distant Points that can be used to open the chests visible at the bottom of the page.

Each chest requires a specific number of points that you can obtain by completing the quests I mentioned before. The chests will reward you with hero tokens, Gold Keys, and Universal Artifact Keys.

To access the Events page, tap the scroll icon (the first icon) you see on the top-right corner of your screen.

8. Get your Daily Deals Free Rewards

Daily Deals Free Rewards preview

The Daily Deals tab on the Market page includes a few premium packages but also a Daily free chest that includes resources. All you need to do is to tap the chest once a day and the resources will be claimed.

To access this page, tap the animated slot (depending on the current promo) right next to the events icon, in the top-right corner. After that, tap the Daily Deals tab, as you see in the above screenshot.

7. Use a Resource Boost item

Buying a 24-hour Wood Boost item with gems in Call of Dragons

Resource Boost items can increase significantly your resource production and gathering speed. They exist in two different forms, 8 hours and 24 hours, and can be consumed before sending your legions out to gather resources.

You can find these items in the Shop building, where they can be bought with Gems. You can boost, Wood, Mana, and Ore production by 25%. An 8-hour boost item costs 70 Gems, while a 24-hour resource boost item, 300 Gems.

6. Prioritize Economy Tech

Container Upgrade Tech to increase Resource Load Capacity

The Economy Tech Tree of your Stronghold is vital in Call of Dragons. Researching certain upgrades such as Logging Techniques, or Forestry, will increase the resource production of your city, as well as the gathering speed. Another benefit of researching the Economy Tech tree is that it will also increase the Load Capacity, representing the number of resources that your legions can carry from Resource Points.

This can not only be increased by the methods I mentioned above but also by researching the Container Upgrade tech. Researching the Mana Prospering tech will also allow you to gather mana with your Legions.

That’s why is extremely important to research as much as possible the Economy Tech first, instead of the Military tech. Doing so, will increase your resource production and unlock new resource-related features, which will benefit your city in the long run.

5. Buy Resource Items with Gems

Buying resource items with gems

Resources can not only be obtained by completing quests, gathering from Resource points, opening chests, and participating in events but also through the Store. If you have enough Gems, you can use them to buy Resource items. For example, a 1.5M Wood item will cost you 2,300 Gems.

To access the Store’s resource items tab, tap the Store building, and from the 3 icons that appear, tap the third icon, the one with the coins bag. Next, scroll down and pick the resource item you want to buy.

4. Increase your Honorary Membership Level

Honorary Membership Level 1 Daily Resource gifts, perks and Buffs
Honorary Membership Level 1 benefits

Also located in the Store building, is the Honorary Membership. This page will offer you plenty of benefits. Each day, you have a claimable reward that contains resources.

Additionally, by increasing your Honorary Membership level, you will have access to better rewards but also great resource-related Buffs for your City. As you can see in the above image, after upgrading my Honorary Membership to level 1, I received 5 new resource Buffs, which include Ore Mana production, and Wood production, all increased by 3%, and a 5% increase in gather speed.

The more you upgrade your Honorary Membership, the better the buffs and the daily rewards will be. Not only that, but you will also get access to a new set of discounted items in the Store tab of this page, right next to the Perks tab.

3. Take advantage of Goblin Merchant’s deals

Goblin Merchant deals
Discounted resource items in the Goblin Market – Goblin Merchant

Once you upgrade your City, or should I say the Hall of Order building to level 6, you can build the Goblin Market, where you can access the Goblin Merchant’s deals. The Goblin will be available periodically once he’s in your town, you can buy various discounted items and resources with Gems.

As you can see in the image, I purchased 37,500 Ore for only 38 Gems, discounted at -75%, and 7,500 Ore for only 5 Gems. So make sure you keep an eye out for the Goblin Merchant, he can be quite handy.

2. Get resources by recruiting Heroes

Resources dropped from hero recruitment
Resources dropped from hero recruitment

The Hero Recruitment section in the Altar building will offer you opportunities to recruit new heroes. But since the chances of recruiting good heroes are quite low, you have higher chances of obtaining resource items. These items drop from both, the Silver Chest and Gold Chest recruitment.

You have a 76.2% chance of receiving Advanced resource items (up to 50,000 resources), and a 3.2% chance of receiving Elite resource items, which can include a 150,000 Wood, or a 112,000 Ore resource item. To increase your chance of both, hero recruitment and better resource item drop, you should always spend your Gold Keys in batches of 10.

1. Receive gifts from your heroes

Resource gift received from a hero in Call of Dragons
Gif received from Chakcha hero

Yep, you got that right! In Call of Dragons, heroes can also offer you special gifts. This can be done by engaging in short conversations with them, after which they will offer a special gift that includes resources and other essential items.

To do that, while inside your City, the heroes that are available for small talk, will have a 3-dot speech icon, which informs you that you can start the conversation. Once you tap that icon, the hero will tell you something or ask you for advice and you need to pick an option.

Your given answer will affect whether he will offer you a gift or not. This feature also increases your reputation level with each hero, through which you can unlock a series of interesting things, such as stories about the hero and short audios. Kind of useless, but I personally like it as it gives this game a unique touch, a feature that you won’t find in many games.

This concludes our guide to getting more resources in Call of Dragons. We hope you found it helpful and will use the tips mentioned above to strengthen your city, which will help you on your journey to becoming a powerful ruler in this strategy game. Good luck and happy gathering!

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