17 Best Ways to Get Gold in Call of Dragons

Learn the best ways to get Gold in Call of Dragons so you can never run out of it while progressing through the game.

Best ways to get Gold in Call of Dragons
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Gold is a valuable resource in Call of Dragons that can be used to upgrade every building in your City (except Mint buildings) and research new technologies, especially Military techs. The more you progress in the game, the more Gold you will need to keep up with your enemies. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get Gold more efficiently and the best ways to obtain it, to make sure you never run out of it.

Defeat Behemoths and Darklings

Giants Behemoths Gold rewards preview
Giants Behemoths Level 2, Gold rewards preview

Darklings (Darkling Patrols and Darkling Guards) and Dark Creatures, are one of the easiest ways of getting Gold in Call of Dragons. You can find them all over the map outside your city, and they have various levels, which increase the rewards you get after each victory. The higher the level of the Darkling, the more Gold you’ll get. You can also use them to level up your heroes quickly, so they are essential in getting a powerful and well-rounded army.

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Behemoths, on the other hand, are the most difficult creatures to defeat in Call of Dragons, but the rewards you can get, including Gold, make it all worth it. You can find these creatures on the map, and they can only be defeated once every 48 hours and only in raids, large groups of players.

These creatures exist in different forms and have multiple levels, which represents how strong they are. The higher the level, the better rewards you get when they are defeated. As you can see in the above image, you can receive a juicy 500,000 gold item, after defeating a level 2 Behemoth.

Complete more stories

Gold rewards received for completing Stories in Call of Dragons
Gold rewards received for completing a Story Quest

Stories also referred to as Season Adventures, are one of the best ways to get Gold in Call of Dragons. The Stories are organized by chapters, and each Story contains multiple quests. These quests offer great Gold rewards and other items when completed. Completing all of the quests within a Story unlocks the next one, and grants a special reward, which contains rare items, and Gold as well.

Get Gold items from Hero Recruitment

The Hero Recruitment section of the Altar building, not only offers the chance to recruit new heroes but also presents the possibility of obtaining Gold items. Despite the low drop rate of these items, spending Gold Keys in packs of 10 increases your chances significantly, and you could potentially receive Advanced items (10,000 and 50,000 Gold) or Elite items (150,000 Gold).

Main Quests and Side Quests

Main Quests Gold rewards ready to be claimed

Main Quests and Side Quests are another great way to get Gold in Call of Dragons. The Main Quests are the main storyline of the game and contain multiple missions. Completing these quests will reward you with Gold, new heroes, and items.

Side Quests are additional missions that you can complete for extra Gold. These missions come in the form of tasks such as defeating a certain number of Darkling forces, upgrading buildings in your City, gathering a certain amount of resources, and so on. Try to complete as many as you can daily and you’ll get more resources in Call of Dragons and a nice boost of Gold.

Research Gold Processing and Gold Mining Techs

Gold Mining and Gold Processing Techs in Call of Dragons
Gold Mining and Gold Processing Techs

The Gold Processing and Gold Mining Techs are located in the Economy Tech tree in the Research building. Each of these two techs can be upgraded up to 5 times and exist in 3 versions. Upgrading these techs will increase the Mint Gold production in your City, and also the gathering speed from Gold Mines on the map. The higher the level of these techs, the better the production and so, you will have more Gold to spend in the game.

Exchange Premium Coins

Another great feature of the Altar building is that it allows you to scrap unuseful items or items in excess for special currencies. You can scrap a variety of items, including, hero tokens, Artifacts, and all different types of special items. Depending on the items you want to scrap, you can get in return, Hero Coins, Artifact Coins, or Premium Coins.

Exchanging Premium Coins for Gold in the Call of Dragons mobile game
1.5M Gold price in Premium Coins

You can then use exchange these coins for useful items, including, boosts, speedups, and Gold. A 1.5M Gold item costs 3,500 Premium coins, while a 150,000 Gold item costs 400 Premium Coins. You can get Premium Coins by converting Sentinel Arrows and other similar special items. To access the Scrap page, hit the Artifact or Hero Recruitment option on the Altar building and tap the Scrap icon in the top-right corner.

You can also use the Auto-Scrap feature, which will automatically convert your items into specific Coins. However, I would not recommend using this feature since you might convert items that you might need in the future.

Gather Gold within your Alliance’s territory

Gathering Gold within my Alliance territory
Gathering Gold within my Alliance territory

Alliance Territory not only comes with offers you protection from being while gathering, but also comes with some benefits. While gathering Gold within this territory, your gathering speed is increased by 25%. This means you can get a lot more Gold to spend in the game. So take advantage of this bonus and look for the highest-level Gold Mine to gather from.

You can easily check if a specific Resource Point is in your territory by looking at the Owner’s name after tapping it. As you can see in the above screenshot, TYPH is my Alliance’s tag, which means that the Gold Mine is inside our territory.

Titan’s Legacy Chest

Titans Legacy Chest, Gold rewards preview
Titans Legacy Chest

Titan’s Legacy Chest is an event that includes a series of quests, similar to those in the Main and Side Quests. This section allows you to complete daily, weekly or seasonal challenges which reward you with Rune EXP and Keys of Titan, both necessary to open the big chest at the top of this page. This big chest, when opened, provides you with a large amount of Gold, among other useful items.

The rewards you get from this chest depend on your current Rune Level, which increases each time the chest is opened. To fill the progress bar and earn access to the chest, you have to complete a total of 6 daily challenges.

Level up your Mint buildings

Upgrading a level 6 Mint building

Mint buildings are responsible for producing Gold inside your City. The more Mint buildings you have, the more Gold you can produce. To increase their Gold production, as well as the maximum Gold capacity, you need to level them up, as these two stats increase with every upgrade.

To maximize your Gold income from these buildings, you should upgrade them to the highest level possible, which is currently 25. If you’ve just started playing Call of Dragons, you’ll only have one Mint building, but you can build the second one after upgrading your City to level 8, and a few more after that. This is a slow but steady way to get Gold in Call of Dragons, but it pays off in the long run.

Use a 24-h Gold Boost item

Purchasing a 24-hours Gold Boost item

Call of Dragons offers Gold Boost items to help you gather gold quicker and more efficiently. These items come in two forms – 8 hours and 24 hours – and can be consumed prior to dispatching your legions for collecting gold.

To acquire these boosting items, simply visit the Shop building where they can be purchased with Gems. When used, they will significantly increase your Gold production by 25%. An 8-hour Gold boost will cost 70 Gems, while a 24-hour Gold boost costs 300 Gems.

Recruit and use heroes with Gather talents

Heroes like Indis (legendary) and Pan (Epic) are specialized for gathering and each has their unique talents that make them perfect for this task. However, the best hero that you can use for gathering Gold, despite her Elite rarity, is Kella due to her gathering talent and her second skill.

This skill, named Midas Touch, once maximized, will offer her a 15% gathering speed bonus, plus another 10% Gold gathering speed bonus. In addition to that, she also has a Gathering talent tree which can boost resource-gathering abilities such as gathering speed and load capacity.

Kella hero and her Midas Touch gold gathering skill
Kella and her Midas Touch skill

She also has the “Lay of the Land” Talent, which increases your City’s resource production, including Gold, by 50% if she and her Legion has been gathering for at least one hour. Her second speed can also increase the gathering speed by up to 20% if maximized.

Therefore, if you want to gain more Gold in Call of Dragons, make sure to use her or any of the other two mentioned heroes with Gathering talents to maximize your gold-gathering potential.

Claim your Alliance Territory Gold reward

As we mentioned in our list of most essential Call of Dragons tips, being an alliance member is crucial. Alliance members can make the most of their membership by claiming a daily reward which includes Gold, and other useful items, available through their Alliance’s territory. The more Alliance territory that is owned, the larger the reward. To collect the reward, open the Alliance menu and select Territory. If any accumulated rewards are present, tap on the “Claim” button, and the reward will be collected.

This reward is available for 24 hours, after which it will cease to generate. That’s why it’s important to collect this reward daily, to ensure you don’t miss out on any great opportunities for extra Gold. 

Increase the Gold production Buff

Gold Production 50% Buff with Honorary Membership level 15
Gold Production 50% Buff at Honorary Membership level 15

The Store building can also be utilized to gain the benefits of Honorary Membership. Think about this as the VIP shop or level that you might be familiar with, from other similar mobile strategy games. Each day, there is a claimable reward that contains great items.

Furthermore, by increasing your Honorary Membership level, you will be provided with better rewards and Buffs for your City. By default, meaning at level 0, you have a 3% gold production increase Buff, 5% after reaching level 2, 7% at Honorary Membership level 3, and so on, up to a maximum of +50% Gold production Buff after reaching level 15.

Use the Greenfinger Sickle Artifact every 12h

If you are one of the luckiest players of Call of Dragons and got the Greenfinger Sickle Epic Artifact, kudos to you! This precious Artifact, when fully maxed out, increases the Resource Load Capacity of your Legion by a generous 21.7%. Additionally, you may use it to instantly gather 400,000 Gold from any chosen Resource Point.

But beware: make sure the amount gathered does not exceed your Legion’s Load Capacity or the amount available at the Resource Point. And remember, this Artifact has a 12-hour cooldown time before it can be used again, so use it wisely for maximum effect!

Check for Mail rewards

Mail rewards are also another way to get Gold in Call of Dragons. Whenever you level up your City, make sure to check your mail as the System tab could contain rewards such as Gold and other useful items. This is especially important after a major update or server maintenance, as the developers of Call of Dragons may have sent out unique rewards.

To make sure you never miss out on these rewards, you should check this tab regularly and click the “Read & Claim All” button to claim them. You can then use the Gold and items to further progress in the game.

Buy Gold with Gems

Purchasing Gold with Gems in the Call of Dragons game
Purchasing Gold with Gems

If you need some quick Gold, and you have some Gems to spare, you can use them to purchase Gold items from the Store. To do so, tap the Store building and pick the third icon (coins bag). From there you can scroll down and select from a range of Gold items, such as 5M Gold for 7,000 Gems, 1.5M for 2,300 Gems, 500,000 for 826 Gems, or 150,00 Gold for 275 Gems. This is an easy way to get Gold fast and efficiently.

The Goblin Merchant’s Gold deals

Purchasing a 24-hour Gold Boost item, for 120 Gems from Goblin Merchant deals in Call of Dragons

The Goblin Market building, available once your City’s Hall of Order is upgraded to level 6, offers exclusive deals from the Goblin Merchant. This merchant occasionally appears with various discounted items, including Gold and Gold Boost items. Sometimes these items can be traded for Wood or Gems.

As you can see, I purchased a 24-hour Gold Boost item, for 120 Gems, with a -60% discount. Sometimes these deals can even be up to -75% or more. If none of the listed items interest you, you have 5 refreshes until the next appearance of the Goblin Merchant. The first one is free, but each additional one cost Gems.

Final Words on Best Ways to Get Gold

Gold is a valuable item you need in order to progress in Call of Dragons. I hope the methods outlined in this article will help you get enough of it and optimize your progress. Be sure to use all these methods to get a steady supply of Gold. Happy farming!

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