How to Create a Farm Account in Call of Dragons

Learn how to create a farm account in Call of Dragons to accumulate more resources and speed up your main account’s development.

How to create a Call of Dragons farm account
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Call of Dragons is a popular mobile strategy game that requires you to build and manage your own city. You must collect resources, upgrade buildings, and train armies to progress. But as you advance, you will need to create a strategy to maximize your resource collection to expand your empire.

One way to do this is by creating a farm account. In this guide, you will learn how to create a farm account in Call of Dragons, the benefits of having one, and what you should do to maximize your farming efforts.

What is a farm account in Call of Dragons?

A farm account is an alternate account that you create to collect more resources and speed up your main account’s development. The resources can then be used to upgrade buildings, train units, and purchase items. The more farm accounts you have, the more resources you can collect and use to develop your main account.

The benefits of having farm account(s)

My main account and farm account on the same server and region in Call of Dragons
My both accounts on the same server and region

The main advantage of having a farm account is that it allows you to collect more resources than what’s available on your main account. Another benefit is that you could occupy multiple high-level resource points on the map, given the fact that it can be difficult to find unoccupied ones, especially the resources that are hard to accumulate. Additionally, with multiple farm accounts, you can even create your own alliance of farm accounts, which can help you and your allies to collect resources even faster.

How to create a farm account in Call of Dragons

1. Create a second character on the same server

How to create new characters in Call of Dragons
How to create new characters

Up until a few months ago, we had 2 ways through which we could create a farm account in Call of Dragons. The first one was to create a new game character as it allowed us to have 2 characters on the same server. Unfortunately, now we can only have one character per server.

Nevertheless, in case they decide to lift the restriction, here’s how to create a second character:

  1. Tap your avatar on the top-left corner
  2. Click “Settings”, and after that, click “Character Management”
  3. Next, tap “Create New Character” and select the server where your main account is (it will be marked with a little user icon in the bottom-right corner).
  4. Confirm, and once your account is created, relocate it close to your main account.

2. Switch Accounts

How to switch accounts in Call of Dragons step1

This is the only possible way of creating a farm account in Call of Dragons as of February 2023. This method allows you to switch between two or more accounts. It is a bit more tedious because you not only need to switch between accounts but also the characters of the second account. This is because the first account is created on a random server.

For each new account that you want to create, you must provide a new email address or a new Facebook or Google account.

But before creating a new account, follow the steps from the previous method, and note down the number of your main account’s server, as well as the coordinates to where is located on the map.

How to switch accounts in Call of Dragons step2

How to create a new switchable account:

  1. Tap your avatar on the top-left corner
  2. Click “Settings”, and after that, click “Account”
  3. Next, tap “Switch Accounts” in the top-right corner
  4. Enter a different email address, or click “Continue with Google” or “Continue with Facebook” (We recommend Google), and follow the steps.
  5. Pick any faction (this will not be the farm account because you don’t get to choose the server).
  6. Play the mini tutorial until you reach city level 2 (it cannot be skipped)
  7. Create a new Character (see the previous method) by selecting the server where your main account is.
  8. Choose a faction (this will be your farm account – we recommend the League of Order faction).
  9. Continue playing until you reach level 4, to be able to join or create an alliance.
  10. Follow the next steps to relocate your farm account.

How to relocate your farm account

Relocate and join new alliance in Call of Dragons
Joining the same Alliance with both accounts

Once you have upgraded your farm account to level 4, you have two options: pay the 1,500 Gems price and create your own Alliance, or join with both accounts the same alliance that has enough spots available and that does not have an application or a minimum power requirement.

Creating your own farm Alliance

If you choose this method, you’ll have to relocate your main account to the region where your farm account is. Pick this method only if you know that you’ll dedicate enough time to grow a strong Alliance. Otherwise, your Alliance will become a free snack for stronger Alliances.

Join the same Alliance with both accounts (recommended)

This is the method we recommend, especially if you don’t have much experience leading an Alliance. And here you have two choices:

  1. Keep the main account in the same alliance. If the alliance you are currently in has a few spots available and no application is required, you could join and relocate your farm account to this region.
  2. Join both accounts in the same new alliance. If there are no free spots available or if it requires an application, you could leave your current alliance (or at least for a while, until you transfer your unprotected resources), and join the same alliance with both, the main and the farm account.
Relocating to a new region in Call of Dragons
Relocating to a new region with the farm account

Once the farm account is created and relocated, you can then switch between your main and farm account(s) by simply clicking “Switch Accounts” as described above.

How to get resources from a farm account

There are 2 methods to get resources from your farm accounts: through Alliance Market or through repetitive attacks/raiding with your main account. Below I will explain both methods.

The raiding method

The pros: The main advantage of this method is that allows you to get resources before reaching level 13, required for Alliance Market. Another advantage is that you get Merits, which you can use to buy different items in the Merits store.

The cons: The biggest disadvantage is that the accounts must be in different Alliances (or quit with any of the two). The healing cost of your farm account’s troops, as well as the resource tax, can also be a bit costly.

The Alliance Market method

The pros: This is the best “friendly” method of getting resources from your farm accounts. This is because you don’t have to worry about healing your troops and you can also work on improving the defense of your farm account so that other players would have difficulty raiding it.

The cons: The biggest drawback of this method is that it takes time. You must reach level 13 to access and level up the Alliance Market, so you can benefit from a lower tax. Furthermore, the number of resources that can be transferred per week is limited.

How to maximize your farming efforts

1. Choose the League of Order Faction

The League of Order faction is the best faction for farming, as it gives a 10% Gather Speed bonus, which means you can collect resources faster.

2. Level up the resource production buildings

Resource buildings (Mint, Lumber Mill, Foundry, and Mana Refinery) are essential for farming as they continuously produce resources for your city. The more you increase their level, the more resources you will get from them.

3. Maximize the Economy Tech tree

For your farm account, you should be focusing on researching as much as possible the Economy Tech tree. This is essential for maximizing your resource gathering speed, load capacity, and the overall production of your city.

4. Train and use transport units mostly

Transport units Workhorses in Call of Dragons
Transport Units – Workhorses

Transport units, whether Work-Elk for elves, Workhorses for humans, or Workrhinos for orcs, have the biggest resource load capacity. Since the purpose of the farm account is to gather as many resources as possible, you should focus on training and using these units for gathering.

You could train a few other types also if you plan on attacking Darklings and increasing power fast, but make sure to prioritize transport units.

Keep in mind that you should not upgrade their tier level because tier 1 has the biggest Load Capacity. To give you an example, Work-Elk units (tier 1) have a Load Capacity of 20, while Elkriders (tier 2) have a Load Capacity of 7.

5. Recruit and level up Gather talented heroes

The heroes with the Gather talent should be the ones to focus on recruiting and leveling up for your farm account. They will increase the speed of gathering resources by a large amount. Additionally, you should equip your heroes with Artifacts designed for gathering.

6. Level up the Alliance Market

Alliance Market building gives you the possibility to transfer resources between accounts but for a cost. Once you unlock this building, you will have a 35% tax at level 1 but can be decreased significantly as you level it up. For instance, at level 11 you have a 25% tax, and 8% at level 25.

7. Transfer all the unprotected resources

No unprotected resources example
All unprotected resources are transferred

Before upgrading your farm accounts buildings, you should transfer all the unprotected resources to your main account. Otherwise, they will be used and those that are protected cannot be transferred.

8. Do not upgrade the Storehouse

To get as many resources as possible from your farm account, you should not upgrade the Storehouse. Otherwise, the resource protection level increases, meaning larger amounts of resources will be stored and protected from raiding, or transfers.

9. Rename your farm account properly

To avoid confusion from other players, especially if your farm account is in a different alliance or not in one at all, make sure to rename it accordingly. For example, you could name it something like “Your username F1” or something similar for easy recognition. This will avoid potentially having your farm account raided.

CoD Farm Account FAQ

What is the best way to transfer resources from a farm account?

The best way to transfer resources from a farm account in Call of Dragons is through Alliance Market. However, this method requires upgrading both accounts to at least level 13.

Are farm accounts allowed Call of Dragons?

Yes, farm accounts are allowed in Call of Dragons, otherwise, it would not be possible for us to create new characters or switch accounts.

What does a farm account do in Call of Dragons?

The main purpose of having a farm account is to collect resources quickly, allowing you to build and upgrade your main city faster.

What is the best faction for a farm account?

The best faction for a farm account in Call of Dragons is the League of Order (humans) because it offers a 10% Gather Speed bonus.

How many farm accounts can I have in Call of Dragons?

You can have as many as you can handle. But keep in mind that the more accounts you have, the more time and energy you will need to dedicate to farming.

When should I create a farm account?

You should create a farm account when as soon as possible, or whenever you feel that you could use more resources.

Bottom Line

Creating a farm account in Call of Dragons can be an incredibly useful strategy to help you progress more quickly in the game, and more importantly, is free. If you are willing to put in the effort and time to manage multiple accounts, then a farm account is definitely worth considering.

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