How to Increase Power Fast in Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna

We all want to get stronger fast in Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna. Here are some tips and strategies for that!

How to Increase Power Fast in Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna
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Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna can offer you a great gaming experience with lots of fun and adventures. The game includes a vast array of features and gameplay elements to explore. The more you advance in this game, the more difficult the monsters and stage bosses become.

To be successful in this game, you need to constantly upgrade several things. In this guide, we will walk you through how to increase your power in Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna, so you can take down enemies with ease and clear stages faster.

Level up Luna the right way

Leveling up Luna and getting the attack power bonus

The most important thing to do to increase your power is to keep leveling up Luna, your main character. Increasing her level requires more and more gold, but the good news is that sometimes it will offer you a double increase in attack power as you see in the above screenshot.

To get this bonus, you need to make sure you have accumulated gold enough to level her up at least 3 more levels. Tap the level-up button, and a 3x upgrade will appear on the right side of it. Press the 3x square and the 2x attack bonus should now be visible. Press it and continue this cycle so you can get the double bonus every time you level up.

Get better equipment

The equipment you use will also give you a big boost in attack power in the Tap Dragon game. While having one of the best weapons in Tap Dragon makes a huge difference in terms of DPS, you should aim to obtain better gear in all slots.

That is why you should constantly summon new gear whenever you have at least 2500 rubies. The more you summon equipment such as weapon, grimoire, ring, and relic, the higher your summon level will be.

This will include better equipment tiers with each additional summon level, whenever you open those chests. But there’s a catch: make sure you always open the equipment chests in bulk, preferably in sets of 55. This way, you will get bigger bonuses from opening them together, and better chances for summoning better equipment.

Level up and enhance your companions

Leveling up companions Tap Dragon

Companions are your major source of attack power in Tap Dragons Little Knight Luna. As you progress through the game and collect gold, more powerful companions will become available for recruiting.

You can locate them on the companion page, displayed as the second tab at the bottom of the screen. Having a balance between all your companions is essential to success in this game.

To upgrade your companions or unlock new ones, click on the “level up” or “receive” buttons. Keep in mind that the ones at the top of the list require a lot more gold to level up, but they also come with higher DPS and a variety of powerful skills that can be unlocked at higher levels.

Craft Legendary skills

Another good way to increase your power fast in Tap Dragon is to craft legendary skills. With this method, you can get a huge boost in attack power and useful effects.

These are the best skills in Dragon Little Knight Luna and they will help you take down enemies much faster. To do this, you need to collect a certain number of different skills for each Legendary skill.

To craft a Legendary Skill, make sure that you don’t have any tab highlighted at the bottom of your screen (if it has a yellow background color, tap it once). Now, from the page where it shows you the skill slots, tap “Manage Skills”.

On the bottom-right corner, press “Craft Skill” as you see in the first image above. There you can select any legendary skill on the list to craft and see the required set of skills for each of them.

Enhance and synthesize your gear

How to enhance and synthesize equipment in Tap Dragon

You should also make sure you are not only equipping Luna with the best possible gear but enhancing her equipment regularly as well. To enhance her equipment, you need Equipment Enhancement Stones, special items that can only be acquired from clearing dungeons. Enhancing her equipment will increase its level and stats, which means more DPS. 

To do that, visit the equipment page and press any item. Next, press the “Enhance” button as many times as you want, taking into consideration the cost for each upgrade. Items can be enhanced up to 500 levels, after which the tier will upgrade.

Additionally, you can also synthesize your equipment, which is basically merging multiple identical items into one. This will increase the item’s star level, which also means better attack power.

Increase your stats level

Stat level also plays a major role in the amount of damage you can do in Tap Dragon. To increase your stats level, press the first tab at the bottom of the screen and hit the “Stat up” tab, right next to the “Level up” tab.

On that page, you will have 4 different stats to upgrade: Strength, Agility, Leadership, and Luck. Upgrading any of these stats requires EXP, which you get periodically from defeating monsters and bosses.

The two most important stats are Strength and Leadership. Strength will increase your character’s attack power, while Leadership increases the attack power of your companions.

Agility is also helpful as it will increase the Crit Rate, but the percentage you get for the EXP is very low. That’s why we recommend spending your EXP items more on the 2 mentioned stats.

Unlock more features and skill slots

As you’ve noticed on the character’s page, the page where you go to change or upgrade Luna’s equipment, there are several mini-tabs at the top.

In the early levels of the game, some of these, such as Constellation and Awakening, are locked. Unlocking these features gives you access to more efficient ways to boost your character’s stats, and therefore, higher damage output.

To unlock these features, you need to have a team level 5, which can be increased by using the Rebirth tab. But before using this, make sure you check our Tap Dragon guide for beginners to understand how the Rebirth feature works.

In addition, by unlocking more Skill slots, you will be able to quip and activate more powerful skills, which can further increase your DPS. Again, to unlock more slots, you need to increase your team level. The fourth slot requires team level 3, the fifth slot requires team level 7, followed by the sixth slot at team level 9, and lastly, the seventh slot at team level 13.

Clear dungeons on hard-mode

Dungeon hard mode in Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna

Dungeons and dungeon episodes are a great way to earn valuable rewards. There are around 30 stages to clear on the map, and the difficulty increases with every stage you clear.

To increase your rewards even further, you can try to complete the dungeons and stages on hard mode. The challenge is greater, but so are the rewards.

This can also help you get better equipment sooner, increasing your power even more. But to get access to the Hard mode, which is displayed on the bottom-left corner of the dungeon’s page, you must first clear all stages on normal mode.

Level up your relics

Relics can provide you with additional stats and bonuses, the same as the equipment. The bonuses can vary depending on the relics you have summoned and upgraded. The effects can include more attack power for your companions, such as the one offered by the Efreet’s Egg relic, less mana consumption, more earned gold, and so on.

To summon and level up the relics, you will need to use Relic Fragments which can only be obtained via the Rebirth Feature. And since the Rebirt feature should only be used every few hundred stages, it is better to first spend your Relic Fragments on Relics that can offer you more power.

Activate the Attack buff

attack buff activated Tap Dragon

Did you know that there are 4 powerful buffs that you can activate multiple times a day, every day in Tap Dragon? These buffs can offer you a boost in attack power, more gold earned, and increased speed.

To activate them, all you need to do is to watch a short ad for each of them and you will get the buff effects for 2 hours. We highly recommend activating at least the first two, starting with the Attack buff, which will double your attack power.

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