11 Beginner Tips for Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna

These essential tips and tricks will help new players advance faster in Tap Dragon to crush enemies and bosses and get better items.

Tap Dragon guide tips and tricks
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Tap Dragon is an idle RPG game that puts your companions at the heart of the experience. You can level up your companions to unlock their skills and increase their attack power, to increase your chances of success. You can also level up your main character, Luna, and equip her with various powerful items.

The game is super fun, and the best part is that you can let your team do the job and progress automatically in the game. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of the game, and share some of our top tips to help you get started the right way.

Learn the game basics

Before you can delve into the exciting world of Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna, it’s essential to be familiar with some of its most fundamental mechanics. The first step is to understand how the battle system works. Battles in Tap Dragon are mostly automatic, kind of idle-style, meaning that all you have to do is take care of upgrades and let your character and companions deal with enemies and progress in the game.

Main resources in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna - Gold, Rubies, and EXP
Gold, Rubies, and EXP

But what makes this game more interesting is that you have the choice of switching the battle to manual mode if you want a more strategic, action-packed experience.

Next up is upgrading your character and companions. This is done by harvesting in-game rewards such as Coins, Rubies, EXP, and Relic Fragments. This should be done constantly or else your progress will be much slower and eventually, you’ll hit a wall because enemies will require more and more attack power to defeat.

And speaking of in-game resources, Gold coins are the most consumed resource in this game. They are used to increase your character’s level and its stats, as well as your companions, while Rubies can be used to summon equipment or convert them into gold coins. Then we also have EXP which is dropped from enemies and used to level up your character’s stats, while the Relic Fragments are used to summon more relics and upgrade them as well.

Consider using passive skills only

This is probably the first mistake that most new Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna players do, myself included. When I started playing this game, I had decent gear and constantly upgraded my character but I had active skills only, which means I had to continuously tap the enemies and bosses to deal damage. Once I stopped, my hero stopped attacking, and my companions were doing the entire battle.

This is where passive skills come into play, and I highly recommend that you focus on those instead of active ones (unless you enjoy tapping the screen all the time). Passive skills will enable the auto-attack feature, allowing your hero to fight continuously and defeat enemies with less effort.

Unfortunately, passive skills’ attack power is significantly lower when compared to active skills. But if you don’t want to tap the screen continuously, they are the most convenient. For a better understanding, check out our character ranking for Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna which ranks the best skills in the game.

Be prepared for the stage Boss fight

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna boss fight
Boss fight

Once every 100 stages, you will be notified by a shaking icon on the top-right corner of your screen, that you can encounter a more powerful Boss. Tap this icon to enter the fight. These bosses have a huge HP bar and sometimes even protective shields and other spells that will block all your attacks for a short time, so you better come prepared.

For that, you should increase your hero’s level and its gear, and all your companions as much as possible so you can have a better damage output. The fight will take a while, but the rewards that they offer are worth the effort. Keep in mind that you must defeat the boss in less than 30 seconds, otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed to the next stages. To have a better understanding of what I’m talking about, watch the short video below.

Increase your team level wisely

The team level can be increased by using the Rebirth feature, which is basically a reset of your current progress, allowing you to face more difficult enemies and bosses, but for better rewards as well. For instance, once you reach team level 5, you will have access to Constellation, and Awakening, which will help you become stronger.

To get the most out of your Rebirth use, you should use this feature whenever you clear at least 100 additional stages, which will increase your team level by 1. For example, if you are at level +201 and use the Rebirth feature, your team level will be increased by 1, if you are at level +301, your team level will be increased by 2, and so on. Therefore, you should consider using this feature only if you have cleared at least 200 stages.

Equip the best gear possible

As you progress in Tap Dragon, you’ll find that tougher enemies require much better gear to defeat. Your gear or equipment is divided into 4 categories: Weapon, Grimoire (special books that increase your companion’s attack power), Ring, and Rune. Each of them has a certain stat that affects your combat power and in turn, determines how powerful you are in battle.

Gear can be summoned with Rubies, and depending on your summon level, which we’ll discuss below in more detail, you will receive different types of equipment tiers. They start from D, which are the least effective equipment items in the game, and go up to tier SSS, the most powerful gear items, but you won’t get access to them in the early game. As soon as you get a better equipment tier from summoning, it helps you increase power fast.

Increase your Adventurer Level

Adventurer Grade rewards - Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

The Adventurer is basically a VIP system that you probably already know from other games. Depending on your Adventurer grade/level, you will receive certain permanent buffs that can help you earn better rewards from the story mode, dungeons, or offline earnings.

You can increase your Adventurer Grade with Adventurer points, which can be obtained from stage record-breaking (every time you reach +100 more stages), daily quests, and summoning equipment and skills as well, which give you 10 points every 100 summons.

You should as well tap and collect your bonus reward after increasing your Adventurer Grade as it is not automatically collected. To do that, or to upgrade your Adventurer Grade, tap the head icon, the first icon visible tab at the bottom of your screen.

Next, tap the feather icon named Luna. This will open up your profile page. At the top of this window, press “Details” under your Adventurer Grade. If you have filled the bar completely, press the little chest icon to collect your rewards.

Customize your profile

Tap Dragon changing avatars

Speaking of your profile page, it also allows you to customize the way you appear to other players. Here, you can choose a different avatar or costume. Changing your avatar is free but you will have to acquire more companions and complete achievements to unlock more avatars.

As for changing costumes, they only provide an aesthetic look, unfortunately, but it definitely adds a nice touch. To get new costumes, you will need to unlock different Awakening stages, a feature that becomes available after reaching Team Level 5.

You can also change your nickname, which is free for the first time, and any additional use will cost you 500 rubies. You should change your nickname to something that resonates with you, so other players remember you easily in the chat or leaderboard.

Acquire and level up companions

How to get and upgrade companions in Tap Dragon

In Tap Dragons, companions have a major contribution to your damage output. As you clear more stages and collect more gold, new companions will become available for recruiting, with better skills and higher attack power. You will see them listed on the companion page, which is the second tab located at the bottom of the screen.

Your most powerful companions are displayed at the top of this page, but to increase your chances of success, you should try to have a balance in terms of attack power between them. To upgrade them, simply press the “level up” button, which depending on how much gold you have, will give you the possibility to either upgrade them by at least 10 more levels.

However, this will not likely be possible with your top companions as they will cost you a fortune to upgrade. The higher the levels of your companions, which can go up to a shocking 10,000, the more of their skills you will unlock, which means better DPS.

Take advantage of the free buffs

Activating buffs in Tap Dragon

Tap Dragon has 4 buffs that can be activated several times a day, 3 of which require you to watch a 30 seconds ad. Once the buff is activated, it will remain active for 2 hours. There are 3 buffs available. The first one can offer you a 2x in attack power, the second one 2x in earned gold, and the third one a 1.5x boost in terms of game speed. Each of these 3 can be activated up to 12 times a day.

I know, watching ads is boring, but the good news is that on top of the free buffs, you also get additional rewards whenever you’ve watched a certain number of ads. These are called ad stamps, and you will get a reward after watching 10 ads a day, or after you’ve watched your first 30 ads. Therefore, you should consider reactivating your buffs as soon as they expire.

Clear and unlock dungeon episodes

Dungeons are another fun way to be rewarded in Tap Dragon. This can be accessed by tapping the skull tab at the bottom of the screen, where you will see several main locations on the map, and a few other small waypoints called dungeon episodes. To progress on the map, you will need to clear these episodes and unlock new ones. But for that, you will also need to increase your team level, as we mentioned in tip number 4.

A higher team level also allows you to get access to more Dungeons like Constellation Lake, which requires team level 5, or the Nightmare Castle, which requires team level 20. The more dungeons you unlock the more difficult will be to complete, but the rewards will also be better. 

Upgrade your summon level

In Tap Dragon, the summon level determines the equipment tier you can get from opening the summon chests. There are 15 summon levels, each offering different tiers and types of equipment items. The summon levels 14 and 15 offer the best equipment tier, the SSS, but for that, you will need to open a lot of chests.

Speaking of which, to increase your chances of obtaining better equipment, you should open the chests in groups of 10 or 55. A 10-times summon costs 500 Rubies, while a 55-times summon costs 2,500 Rubies. Keep in mind that the summon level is different for each type of equipment, whether is a weapon, grimoire, ring, rune, or skill. Therefore, you should consider spending your Rubies equally across all of them.

Tap Dragon Guide FAQ

I'm stuck at a certain stage. What to do?

If you are stuck at a certain stage in Tap Dragon, the first thing you should do is level up your character. You should also acquire more companions and level them up as well.

How to unlock the Awakening feature in Tap Dragon?

You can unlock the Awakening feature after reaching team level 5, which also unlocks the Constellation.

Tap Dragon guide tips and tricks
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