Tower of God New World Data Khun Mascheny Build Overview

How to get [Data] Khun Mascheny in Tower of God: New World, skills overview, recommended team and equipment

Tower of God New World Data Khun Mascheny character wiki guide
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[Data] Khun Mascheny is a mighty character who excels in any battle. Her special move is incredibly powerful, it can attack multiple targets at once and can decrease the magic resistance of her enemies. Her active skills also provide great utility, with one dash that makes her invincible, and another that stuns all enemies hit while creating a Shinsu Barrier that reduces enemy damage, which can help protect her teammates.

Her passive skill can potentially turn the tide of any battle, as it removes all status effects and grants her a tremendous ATK boost. This makes Data Mascheny an incredibly versatile character that can be used in both offensive and defensive situations.

Furthermore, she is also one of the most durable characters in the game due to her amazing passive ability. Feel free to visit our character tier list for Tower of God New World to see how she ranks in comparison to the rest of the characters.

Tower of God New World Data Khun Mascheny Profile

  • Title: The Harbinger of War
  • Color: Blue
  • Grade: SSR+
  • Class: Assassin
  • Attack Type: Magical
  • Position: Spear Bearer

How to get [Data] Khun Mascheny in Tower of God: New World?

[Data] Khun Mascheny can be obtained via the Summon page in Tower of God: New World by using Suspendium (gems). Since [Data] Khun Mascheny is an SSR+ grade character, the drop chances are extremely low, unfortunately.

However, this can be increased by summoning 10 heroes at once. This will cost you 3,000 Suspendium, which may seem like a lot, but if you play consistently, you should be able to save up enough gems sooner than you think.

Recommended Teammates for Data Khun Mascheny (Mixed)

Wings of Destruction Horyang

Horyang Kang

Hellfire Evankhell


Disruptor Kurdan


Thorn Viole


Data Khun Mascheny Skills (Level 5)

1. Great Spear of Dawn (Special Move)

Data Mascheny becomes invincible, teleports to the enemy with the highest ATK, and slams the Great Spear of Dawn into the ground to decrease the Magic Resistance of her targets by 20% for 10s and deal 240% ATK DMG 5 times. The final attack causes a giant blast with a circular range.

2. Lightning Spear (Active Skill)

Data Mascheny Dashes forward with her lance to deal 400% ATK DMG to all enemies in her path and then returns to her starting position. She is Invincible while dashing.

3. Discharge (Active Skill)

Data Mascheny discharges lightning shinsu to deal 400% ATK as DMG to nearby enemies. Any enemies she hits are stunned for 3 seconds. She then creates a Shinsu Barrier that lasts for 10s. Enemies inside the Shinsu Barrier deal 40% less DMG to Data Mascheny. She becomes immune to status effects while using this skill.

4. Front Row – Lightning Pill (Passive Skill)

Data Mascheny removes all status effects and swallows a Lightning Pill when her HP drops to 40% or below, which gives her a 100 Lightning Pill Gauge. Lightning Pill’s effects are removed when the gauge hits 0. The Lightning Pill Gauge decreases by 10 every second but increases by 10 whenever Data Mascheny uses a skill. While the Lightning Pill is active, Data Mascheny’s ATK increases by 120% and her HP will not drop below 1.

Exclusive Equipment for [Data] Khun Mascheny: Lightning Spear

Data Mascheny’s Exclusive Equipment Max Level Stats


Exclusive Equipment Skill Upgrade Preview

  • Skill Level 1: Enemies hit by Lightning Spear are Shocked for 3s. Shocked targets take 50% of Data Mascheny’s ATK as DMG every second.
  • Skill Level 2: Discharge is enhanced to decrease DMG taken from enemies inside the Shinsu Barrier by an additional 10%.
  • Skill Level 3: The Discharge cooldown is reset when defeating an enemy with the Great Spear of Dawn.
  • Skill Level 4: Mascheny’s Swiftness increases by 20 when entering the Lightning Pill state with Front Row – Lightning Pill.

Data Khun Mascheny’s Story

The data of Khun Mascheny Zahard, which was copied to the hidden floor when she climbed the Tower. She is one of the children which Khun Edahn’s data is fond of. She always behaves in a confident and dignified manner, but surprisingly she doesn’t know how to take a compliment. She puts her life on the line solely for the desire to fight Zahard’s data. This war-crazed behavior is exactly like her real self.

[Data] Khun Mascheny’ Story via Tower of God: New World
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Tower of God New World Data Khun Mascheny character wiki guide
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