Tower of God New World Data Zahard Overview Guide, Build

An in-depth overview of Data Zahard including skills, recommended team and equipment, and how to get him in Tower of God: New World

Tower of God New World Data Zahard character wiki guide
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[Data] Zahard has a lot to offer in Tower of God: New World. His active skills not only increase his damage output but also provide a defensive utility that can help him survive difficult battles. His special move has three tiers, each dealing devastating blows and inflicting status effects on enemies hit by his attacks.

He also has an incredible passive skill that allows him to transform his weapon and become invincible for a short period of time, allowing him to gain a much-needed advantage in tough situations. These skills combined with his innate power make Zahard an incredibly powerful and indispensable ally for any team.

His versatile abilities make him one of the strongest characters in ToG New World, and when properly utilized, can help take your team to the top. With [Data] Zahard on your side, you’ll be able to breeze through levels and clear stages with ease!

Tower of God New World [Data] Zahard Profile

  • Title: The One Who is Destined to be King
  • Color: Green
  • Grade: SSR+
  • Class: Warrior
  • Attack Type: Physical
  • Position: Fisherman

How to get Data Zahard in Tower of God: New World?

[Data] Zahard is one of the most desired characters in Tower of God: New World, and you can get him through the Summon page by using Suspendium (gems). Unfortunately, because he is an SSR+ grade character, his drop chances are really low, and he is not included as a reward in events either.

The good news is that you can increase your chances of summoning Zahard by doing a 10x summon, which costs 3,000 Suspendium. This may seem intimidating at first, but if you keep playing regularly and saving up gems, eventually you will be able to afford multiple 10x summons and have the chance to get Zahard.

Recommended Teammates for Data Zahard (Mixed)

Blooming Flower Miseng Yeo

Miseng Yeo

Knight Cheonhwa Hong


Pitcher Mule Love

Mule Love

Fast Ship Evan

Fast Ship Evan

Data Zahard Skills (Level 5)

1. Lecalicus (Special Move)

Data Zahard’s Special Move has 3 tiers.

(Tier 1) Lecalicus: Lecalicus bites into the enemy 2 times to deal 400% ATK DMG per hit, applying Bleed to enemies hit for 10s and knocking them down for 2s. Bleeding targets take 40% of his ATK as DMG every second.

(Tier 2) Coelacanth: Coelacanth pierces his targets by decreasing their DEF by 30% for 10s. Coelacanths piercing attack deals 600% of his ATK as DMG to the target, Bleeding them for 10s and knocking them down for 2s. Bleeding targets take 62% of his ATK as DMG every second (does not stack).

(Tier 3) Leviathan: Data Zahard Teleports to the back row and unleashes Leviathan towards the center of the map. The blast deals 800% ATK DMG to enemies in range, Burning them for 10s. Burned targets take 80% of his ATK as DMG every second. It then decreases the DEF of targets hit by 30% for 10s and knocks down everyone except for Data Zahard for 1s. Data Zahard becomes Invincible while using all Special Moves.

2. Golden Needle (Active Skill)

Data Zahard’s EVA increases by 200 for 10s. Upon evading, Data Zahard counters his attacker with his Golden Needle. The Golden Needle deals 200% of his ATK as DMG to his targets 3 times and Jolts them. Every 10th counterattack enhances the Golden Needle, dealing 400% of his ATK as DMG to enemies near the target and stunning them for 2 seconds.

3. Black-Hole Sphere (Active Skill)

Data Zahard’s Magic Resistance increases by 40% for 10s when using the power of the Black-Hole Sphere. The Black-Hole Sphere bursts, dealing 600% of his ATK as DMG to nearby enemies, knocking them back, then silencing them for 3 seconds.

4. Needle of War (Passive Skill)

Data Zahard’s weapon transforms according to his remaining HP. For 3s while the weapon is transforming, Data Zahard becomes invincible, and the weapon does not revert to its previous form. His Needle of War skill also has 3 tiers, which activate depending on his remaining HP percentage as follows:

(Tier 1) Lecalicus (Above 60% HP): Deals 2x DMG to barriers when using basic attacks or Special Move.

(Tier 2) Coelacanth (60% HP or below – Above 30% HP): Instantly destroys barriers when using basic attacks or Special Move.

(Tier 3) Leviathan (30% HP or below): Instantly destroys barriers when using basic attacks or Special Move, then deals 80% of the destroyed barrier as additional DMG to the target. (Additional DMG cap – 1,000% of caster’s ATK).

Exclusive Equipment for [Data] Zahard: Lecalicus

Zahard’s Exclusive Equipment Max Level Stats (Lv. 4)

* M. RES = Magic Resistance

Exclusive Equipment Skill Upgrade Preview

  • Skill Level 1: Data Zahard recovers 100 Energy and 5% of his Max HP when changing weapons.
  • Skill Level 2: Data Zahard’s P.DMG Reduction and M.DMG Reduction increase by the same amount when Black-Hole Sphere activates.
  • Skill Level 3: Data Zahard’s EVA increases by 20 when Golden Needle activates. Every 5th Counter enhances Golden Needle.
  • Skill Level 4: Data Zahard uses his Special Move when taking fatal damage during combat.

Data Zahard’s Story

When Zahard first climbed the Tower, his data was copied to a hidden floor. Almost as if this data clone is able to see his own future, he clls himself “the one who will become the king”.

On one hand, he has the power and confidence of a ruler, but on the other hand, he is like an adolescent boy who likes bets and chllenges.

After encountering Twenty-Fifth Bam, he gleefully declares that he has finally met another opponent that can get his heart pounding, his eyes shining with simmering sense of adventure.

[Data] Zahard’ Story via Tower of God: New World
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Tower of God New World Data Zahard character wiki guide
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