Tower of God New World Hellfire Evankhell Skills, Team

An in-depth overview of Hellfire Evankhell including her skills, recommended team and weapon, and how to get her in Tower of God: New World

Hellfire Evankhell Tower of God New World character wiki guide
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[Hellfire] Evankhell packs a powerful punch and is an invaluable asset to any team composition in Tower of God: New World. Her special move is incredibly devastating and it increases the damage dealt proportionally against enemies close to the orb making it even more effective. In addition, she has two active skills that have both offensive and supportive aspects.

Her first active skill summons a flame vortex that pulls enemies in range and deals and hits them hard. Her second active skill is also useful as it targets the enemy with the lowest DEF, while also recovering HP based on the damage dealt.

Her exclusive weapon upgrade further enhances these abilities. You can also rely on Evankhell’s passive skill to decrease the HP Recovery amount of your target, making her an absolute threat in battle.

Make sure you also check our hero tier list for Tower of God: New World to see how she ranks compared to other heroes in the game. Overall, [Hellfire] Evankhell is a must-have in any gameplay mode and she’s certainly one of the strongest mage heroes in the game.

Tower of God New World Hellfire Evankhell Profile

  • Title: The One Who Aspires
  • Color: Red
  • Grade: SSR+
  • Class: Ranged
  • Attack Type: Magical
  • Position: Wave Controller

How to get Hellfire Evankhell in Tower of God: New World?

[Hellfire] Evankhell can be recruited in Tower of God: New World by using Suspendium (gems) on the Summon page. Unfortunately, due to his SSR+ grade rating, it is quite challenging to get her as he has a low drop chance (0.029%).

To help increase your chances of success, you should take advantage of the 10 hero summon which, although it costs 3,000 Suspendium, usually offers a higher drop rate. There is also an SSR+ character bonus once you reach the 200 summons milestone, which could also offer Evankhell if you are lucky enough.

Recommended Teammates for Hellfire Evankhell (Mixed)

Steel Armored Karaka


Green April Anaak


Thorn Viole

Thorn Viole

Anima Narae Seonwoo

Narae Seonwoo

Hellfire Evankhell Skills (Level 5)

1. Quad Rare Orb-Hellfire (Special Move)

Evankhell summons an orb, dealing 400% ATK DMG to nearby enemies every second for 4s. She deals 600% of her ATK as DMG every second against enemies close to the orb and she becomes Invincible while using this skill.

2. Rare Orb – Festival of Flames (Active Skill)

Evankhell summons a flame vortex for 3s, which pulls enemies in range and deals 200% of her ATK as DMG. The vortex eventually bursts and deals 400% ATK DMG, knocking the enemies down for 2s.

3. Death Sentence (Active Skill)

When this skill is used, Evankhell throws powerful flames to the enemy with the lowest DEF, dealing 400% of her ATK as DMG. Furthermore, Evankhell recovers HP equal to 30% of the DMG dealt and she becomes Immune to status effects while using this skill.

4. Ancient Power (Passive Skill)

Evankhell decreases the HP Recovery amount of her target by 50% for 5s. She unleashes her Ancient Power when her HP drops to 30% or below (only once). Ancient Power deals 200% of her ATK as DMG to all enemies and recovers 64% of her missing HP. On top of that, it increases her ATK by 80% for 15s.

Exclusive Equipment for Evankhell: The Inferno

Evankhell’s Exclusive Weapon Max Level Stats (Lv. 4)


Exclusive Equipment Skill Upgrade Preview

  • Skill Level 1: Rare Orb – Festival of Flames is enhanced, increasing the duration of the flame vortex by 2s.
  • Skill Level 2: Evankhell’s skill, “Death Sentence”, is enhanced, restoring Evankhell’s HP by an additional 10% of the DMG dealt.
  • Skill Level 3: Evankhell’s skill “Quad Rare Orb – Hellfire” is enhanced, allowing Evankhell to recover HP equal to 5% of the damage dealt with her special move.
  • Skill Level 4: Ancient Power’s activation condition changes, activating when Evankhell’s HP drops to 40% or below.

Evankhell’s Story

The 60th most powerful High Ranker in the Tower, and the ruler of the Floor of Tests. One of the few people in the Tower who is host to an Ancient. She has a muscular physique and though appearance, and she is often unable to subdue her burning passion.

She rose to her current position because of a promise she made with Hansung Yu during her mercenary days. When Evankhell directly managed the Floor of Tests, the floor was given the nickname “Evankhell’s Hell”, a name befitting the hellish environment she cultivated. Since she entrusted the Floor of Tests to Hansung You, she has been satisfied with her life of wandering the Tower.

[Hellfire] Evankhell’ Story via Tower of God: New World
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Hellfire Evankhell Tower of God New World character wiki guide
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