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This guide explores Yihwa Yeon, the newest Tower of God New World character, covering her skills, recommended team, and how to get her

Yihwa Yeon Tower of God New World Character Wiki
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Yihwa Yeon is the latest character included in Tower of God: New World. She is a powerful Mage hero that can be useful in any type of battle. Her special move makes her immune to status effects, while also allowing her to deal massive amounts of magical damage over time.
Yihwa’s active skills are incredibly useful as well.

The first one allows her to launch a staggering attack and knock back enemies in a wide area. Her second active skill creates a flame barrier that deals massive amounts of damage every second to nearby enemies.

Finally, her passive skill gives her the ability to ignite enemies with embers when hit by basic attacks. When the number of stacks reaches its limit, Yihwa consumes them to deal tremendous amounts of damage and stuns the enemy for a short period of time.

All these factors make Yihwa Yeon one of the most powerful Mage heroes in Tower of God: New World, an excellent choice for challenging boss battles. Visit our ToG tier list to see where she ranks!

Flame User Yihwa Yeon Character Profile

  • Title: A Blooming Fire Blossom
  • Color: Yellow
  • Grade: SSR
  • Class: Mage
  • Attack Type: Magical
  • Position: Wave Controller

How to get Yihwa Yeon in Tower of God: New World?

Yihwa Yeon can be obtained through the Summon page by using Suspendium (gems). Although her drop chances are higher than SSR+ heroes, are still quite low at 0.125%. However, there are 2 things you can do to improve the odds of getting her:

Boosting Yihwa Yeon's drop chances

First, you should select her as one of the 5 favorite heroes on the Summon page. If by the time you reach the 100 summons heroes you have not already recruited her, you will be able to select her as a reward. This will also increase her drop chances.

Second, make sure you are always using the 10x summon method. This will not only increase the drop chances but also get you closer to completing that 100 summon milestone.

You should also participate in the 2 new events related to Yihwa Yeon, the Trial Event and Yihwa Yeon’s Growth Mission and use the rewards to maximize her potential.

Recommended Team for Yihwa Yeon (Mixed)

Steel Armored Karaka


Bora Bora Prince


Forever Prepping Wangnan Ja

Wangnan Ja

Fast Ship Evan


[Flame User] Yihwa Yeon Skills (Level 5)

1. Explosion of Flame (Special Move)

Yihwa detonates the Yeon Family Flare to deal 280% of her ATK as DMG, every second for 7s to enemies in range. While using the skill, she becomes immune to status effects, but her Physical and Magic Resistance are decreased by 20%.

2. Hellion (Active Skill)

Yihwa gathers her flames to deal 800% of her ATK as DMG to enemies in a fan-shaped area, while also knocking them back.

3. Yeon Family Flare (Active Skill)

Yihwa envelops her entire body with flames, creating a barrier equal to 800% of her ATK for 10s. The flame barrier deals 200% of her ATK as DMG every second to nearby enemies.

4. Undying Flame (Passive Skill)

Yihwa ignites enemies hit by her basic attacks with embers to decrease their DEF by 8% up to a maximum of 6 stacks.

When the number of stacks reaches its limit, Yihwa Yeon consumes them to deal 220% of her ATK as DMG to the enemy, stunning them for 3s. The embers dissipate if she does not attack for 5s.

Exclusive Equipment for Yihwa: Yeon Family Insignia

Equipment Max Level Stats (Lv. 4)


Exclusive Equipment Skill Upgrade Preview

  • Skill Level 1: Yihwa creates a barrier equal to 100% of her Max HP when her Special Move skill activates. If the barrier she created remains active until the end of the skill’s effect, it is immediately removed.
  • Skill Level 2: Yihwa’s ATK increases by 20% while her Special Move is active.
  • Skill Level 3: The Physical Resistance and Magic Resistance debuffs are removed from her Special Move skill.
  • Skill Level 4: Yihwa’s HP Recovery amount decreases by 50% while her Special Move skill is active, but her skill ATK coefficient increases by 50%.

[Flame User] Yihwa Yeon’s Story

A member of the Yeon Family, one of the Great Families. She is a proud member of the elite. Although she often seems stuck-up and arrogant, she is deeply troubled by the pressure of having to live up to her family name. As she climbs the Tower with her team on the 20th Floor, she sees things about the Tower that she could not while growing up in the isolated confines of her family.

As expected of a member of the Yeon Family, she can summon powerful flames, but her inability to control them often leads to accidents, such as burning dishes while cooking, or setting small fires around her. For this reason, she is often referred to as the Flare of the Yeon Family.

[Flame User] Yihwa Yeon’s Story via Tower of God: New World
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