Tower of God New World Fast Ship Evan

This guide explores Fast Ship Evan in Tower of God New World, covering his skills, recommended equipment, and how to get him in the game

Tower of God New World Fast Ship Evan character wiki guide
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Fast Ship Evan has a unique set of abilities that make him an excellent support character in the game. His special ability, Frog Fisher’s Restoration, makes all his allies temporarily immortal. This allows them to continue battling for a short period of time without having their HP drop below a certain point and be healed once the effect is over.

Evan also has two active skills that restore energy and remove debuffs from allies. Additionally, Evan has a passive skill that conceals him and an ally with the highest attack at the start of the battle and restores energy when they are revealed.

This can help win some of the toughest battles in the game by giving you a strategic edge. In summary, Fast Ship Evan is the best support hero in Tower of God: New World and is a must-have character for any team.

Tower of God New World Fast Ship Evan Profile

  • Title: The Guide of the Crossroads
  • Color: Yellow
  • Grade: SSR+
  • Class: Support
  • Attack Type: Magical
  • Position: Guide

How to get Fast Ship Evan in Tower of God: New World?

Fast Ship Evan is an SSR+ grade character in Tower of God: New World and can be obtained through the Summon page by using Suspendium (gems). Unfortunately, because he is a rare unit with low drop chances, it may take a while to get him. The easiest way to increase your odds of getting Fast Ship Evan is by summoning 10 heroes at once.

Recommended Teammates for Fast Ship Evan (Mixed)

Dual Swords Hatz


Knight Cheonhwa Hong


Data Zahard

Data Zahard

Pitcher Mule Love

Mule Love

[Fast Ship] Evan Skills (Level 5)

1. Restoration (Special Move)

Evan activates the Frog Fisher’s Restoration ability to make all of his allies Immortal for 6s. Immortal allies’ HP cannot drop below 10%. Once the Immortality effect is removed, HP is restored by 50% of DMG taken while it was active plus 200% of Evan’s ATK.

2. Destructive Urge (Active Skill)

Evan recovers 200 Energy, then deals 200% of his ATK as DMG to enemies in a straight line, knocking them back.

3. Hunger (Active Skill)

Even recovers 200 Energy, then removes debuffs from all allies. 25 additional Energy is restored for each debuff removed (up to 10). In addition, allies who no longer have debuffs will have their HP recovered equal to 200% of Evan’s ATK.

4. Adam’s Glove (Passive Skill)

Evan Conceals the ally with the highest ATK at the start of the battle for 2s and restores 200 of their Energy when they are Revealed. On top of that, Evan conceals himself for 2s if his HP drops below 30%. Upon being Revealed, he recovers 200 Energy and HP equal to 600% of his ATK.

Exclusive Equipment for Fast Ship Evan: Frog Fisher

Equipment Max Level Stats (Lv. 4)


Exclusive Equipment Skill Upgrade Preview

  • Skill Level 1: Evan restores the HP of all his allies by 100% of his ATK when the Hunger skill activates.
  • Skill Level 2: Evan restores the HP of all his allies by an extra 100% of his ATK.
  • Skill Level 3: Restores the Energy by 100 for all Evan’s allies when the Hunger skill casts.
  • Skill Level 4: Evan grants Debuff Immunity to all his allies for 4s when the Hunger skill triggers.

Fast Ship Evan’s Story

The Zahard Royal Family’s primary Guide and a High Ranker. Her serves Princess Ha Yuri Zahard. While he seems constantly stressed from working with such a headstrong princess, he actually cares about her more than anyone else.

He almost worried himself to death when Yuri insisted on spontaneously visiting the bottom floor of the Tower to help a newcomer. However, he himslef has started rooting for Thewnty-Fifth Bam. He is from one of the few species in the Tower capable of becoming Guides, the Silver Dwarves. He is also known by the moniker “The Fast Ship”.

[Fast Ship] Evan’s Story via Tower of God: New World
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Tower of God New World Fast Ship Evan character wiki guide
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