Tower of God New World Thorn Viole Team Build

Here’s an in-depth overview of [Thorn] Viole including skills, recommended team and equipment in Tower of God: New World

Tower of God New World Thorn Viole character wiki guide
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[Thorn] Viole is a powerful ranged character in Tower of God: New World, capable of dealing tremendous amounts of magical damage to his enemies.

His abilities make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield; he can activate the Thorn to increase his ATK and Swiftness, becoming immune to status effects and enhancing his skills.

He also has two active abilities that allow him to teleport around the battlefield and create five baangs that deal magical damage and stun enemies.

On top of all this, Viole’s passive skill allows him to move quickly around the battlefield and increase his ATK when attacked at close range.

All these amazing abilities make Viole one of the best characters in Tower of God: New World, making him an essential part of any team looking to win challenging battles, especially in the mid-late game. He’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a powerful ally!

Tower of God New World [Thorn] Viole Profile

  • Title: The One Who Aspires
  • Color: Red
  • Grade: SSR+
  • Class: Ranged
  • Attack Type: Magical
  • Position: Wave Controller

How to get Thorn Viole in Tower of God: New World?

You can get [Thorn] Viole via the Summon page in Tower of God: New World by using Suspendium (gems). Because he is an SSR+ grade character, the drop chances are extremely low, unfortunately.

While this may seem daunting, the drop chances can be increased by summoning 10 heroes at once for 3,000 Suspendium. This amount may seem like a lot, but if you keep up your regular Tower of God: New World playstyle, you should be able to accumulate the gems in no time.

Recommended Teammates for Thorn Viole (Mixed)

Hellfire Evankhell


Green April Anaak


Data Khun Mascheny


Wings of Destruction Horyang

Horyang Kang

Thorn Viole Skills (Level 5)

1. Thorn (Special Move)

Viole activates the Thorn to increase his ATK by 80% and his Swiftness by 80 for 20s. On top of that, he becomes immune to status effects. While the Thorn is active, Viole’s skills are enhanced and his basic attacks Jolt targets. However, his Energy is not restored until the Thorn is no longer active.

2. Peacock Wings (Active Skill)

Viole teleports to the enemy’s location, dealing 900% ATK DMG and knocking them back, before returning to his original position. The skill is enhanced while the Thorn is active, dealing the same amount of DMG to the enemies in the back row.

3. Black-Hole Sphere (Active Skill)

Viole creates five baangs, dealing 400% ATK DMG, and Jolts targets. While the Thorn is active, each baang flies at a random target and explodes, dealing 620% DMG and Stunning targets in range for 3s.

4. Viole’s Blue Oar (Passive Skill)

Viole’s Swiftness increases by 12 for every Red elementally at the start of the battle. Viole rides the Blue Oar to a safe location when attacked at close range, increasing his ATK by 8% until the end of the battle (Cooldown: 5s, Max Attack Increase: 5 stacks). The cooldown is reduced to 2s while the Thorn is active.

Exclusive Equipment for [Thorn] Viole: Thorn

Thorn Viole’s Exclusive Equipment Max Level Stats (Lv. 4)


Exclusive Equipment Skill Upgrade Preview

  • Skill Level 1: While the Thorn is active, Viole’s ATK increases by an additional 20%.
  • Skill Level 2: While the Thorn is active, Viole becomes immune to the Energy Recovery Block and Energy Decrease effects.
  • Skill Level 3: Viole recovers 200 Energy when the Thorn becomes inactive.
  • Skill Level 4: Viole becomes invincible for 10s when the Thorn activates.

Thorn Viole’s Story

A secretive FUG slayer candidate, Jue Viole Grace made his meteoric first appearance at the Regular E-Rank testing site on the 20th Floor, displaying destructive powers that were the complete opposite of his brooding and quiet demeanor.

This made him a hot topic for discussion among Regulars. He later participated in the Workshop Battle with his FUG teammates, which raised his celebrity status even further. During this time, some people became suspicious of his identity. His past, along his true identity, is well-kept secret.

[Thorn] Viole’ Story via Tower of God: New World
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Tower of God New World Thorn Viole character wiki guide
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