Rise of Empires: Top 7 Best-Looking Legion Skins

Find out which are the best-looking legion skins in Rise of Empires if you’re looking to make your army more aesthetically pleasing and get some sweet bonuses too!

rise of empires best looking legion skins

Rise of Empires game offers a wide variety of skins for your legions. It’s a notable way to make your legions stand out on the battlefield and show off your personal style. Some are even designed to match specific castle skins, so you can have a coordinated look for your entire empire.

How to Get Rise of Empires Legion Skins?

At the moment, the only possible way to get legion skins in Rise of Empires is by purchasing packs from the in-game store.

However, the drop rate for skins is not guaranteed, except in some cases where if you spend an absurd amount of money, you have the possibility to exchange special items for a castle or legion skin. A good example of this is the Ice & Fire Legion permanent skin offered for 1600 Ice & Fire Legion vouchers during the Halloween is Here event in the Exchange Shop.

Rise of Empires Best-Looking Legion Skins

  1. Five-Clawed Dragon
  2. Butterfly Sprite
  3. Icy Knight
  4. Frost Dragon
  5. Darkest Power
  6. Headless Horseman
  7. Ice & Fire Legion

7. Five-Clawed Dragon

Five Clawed Dragon - ROE Legion Skin

This golden dragon skin gives your legion works perfectly with the Dragon Guarded Pavilion castle skin and gives your Cavalry legion a decent damage boost.

The yellow-golden color trail that the Five-Clawed Dragon skin leaves behind is also pretty cool to look at. It is also one of the fewest legion skins that offer 3 attributes when used, but unfortunately, it does not have any permanent attributes.

Attributes when usedPermanent attributes
Tactical Might: +3%None
Cavalry Might: +3%
Enemy death rate upon single-player siege victory: +3%

6. Butterfly Sprite

Butterfly Sprite - ROE Legion Skin

The Butterfly Sprite skin is a lovely-looking skin for you if you like fairy-themed stuff. It’s also an ideal match for the Butterfly Fairy – Perfect castle skin. The pink and blue colors look really good together with the little fairy dust effects. The little butterflies flying behind the fairy while she marches are a really nice touch.

Attributes when usedPermanent attributes
Army Might: +5%Siege Might: +2%
Army Defense: +5%

5. Icy Knight

The Icy Knight legion skin is an amazing skin for you if you want your legion to look more intimidating, and a special addition if you also happen to be a fan of the tv series Game of Thrones and the Night King.

The icy blue color of the skin and the ghostly white aura look nice together and make your legion look very powerful and a perfect combination of design and attributes if you also have the Ice Wolf Fort – Perfect castle skin. The attributes that this legion skin offers are quite high, but it is a shame that it has no permanent bonuses.

Attributes when usedPermanent attributes
Chaos Might: +12%None
Chaos Resistance: +9%

4. Frost Dragon

Frost-Dragon - ROE Legion Skin

This legion skin is another good-looking one if you like dragons and want to match the Ice Fortress castle skin. The blue glowy bits on the skin look really cool with the icy-glowing trail left behind while flying, making your legion look like they’re ready to take on anything.

Attributes when usedPermanent attributes
Army Might: +5%Siege Might: +2%
Army Defense: +5%

3. Darkest Power

Darkest Power - Rise of Empires Legion Skin

The Darkest Power legion skin is the perfect skin for you if you’re looking to make your legion look more evil and menacing. The black color with red accents on the hideous marching beast looks really creepy, and all goes very well with the Hades castle skin.

Attributes when usedPermanent attributes
Army Might: +5%Tactical Resistance: +2%
Army Defense: +5%

2. Headless Horseman

Ice and Fire - Rise of Empires Legion Skin

Who doesn’t love a good headless horseman? If you’re looking for a legion skin that is perfect for the Halloween season or just want to make your legions look more creepy, then this is the one for you. The burning pumpkin head and the fire horse trail make your legion look so much more menacing like taken from a horror movie.

Attributes when usedPermanent attributes
Tactical Resistance: +5%Cavalry Tactical Might: +2%
Chance of converting dead units into wounded: +3%

1. Ice & Fire Legion

Ice and Fire - Rise of Empires Legion Skin

This is my number one pick for the best-looking legion skin and probably the best legion skin that the Rise of Empires team has released so far. The two knights, one with an icy blue color and the other with a burning red, look so good together.

The trail of fire and ice left behind while moving is so epic. The Ice & Fire Legion goes flawless with the Scorching Cold Knight castle skin, which also has a burning red and icy blue color scheme and similar animations.

Attributes when usedPermanent attributes
Army Might: +5%Siege Resistance: +3%
Army Defense: +5%


Legion skins are a great way to make your legions stand out and show your dedication to the game. The extra bonuses that they provide can help your legendary combat heroes become stronger in battles. However, they can be quite expensive and are not always easy to obtain. But if you are willing to spend the time and money, they are definitely worth it!

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