Marauder Siege Defense Event in Rise of Castles

Learn all about the Marauder Siege event in Rise of Castles, how it works, and how you can increase your damage to get better rewards.

Marauder Siege Defense event in Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
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The Marauder Siege event is one of the events that should not be ignored if you want to maximize your rewards and speed up your Castle progress up to level 30. Read more to find out how you can take part in this event, how it works, and what rewards are offered.

What is the Marauder Siege Defense?

The Marauder Siege Defense (originally known as Monster Siege Defense) in Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire, is a special event that takes place every few days and consists of successive attacks of monsters of different difficulty levels, for 30 minutes.

Unlike Die!Savages! event from the latest RoC expansion, or the Savage giant rally, this event is more of a passive way to be rewarded because all you have to do is have your legions present in the castle during all the attack waves of Marauder Siege.

How to join or start the Marauder Siege Defense event

To participate in this event, you need to join an alliance and have at least one legion in the castle throughout the attack. Unlike other events, the Marauder Siege Defense event won’t start automatically and can only be started by the alliance leaders, rank 4 and rank 5. 

There are two ways to start this event, either by clicking on the event in the events list, and after that on “Begin to Engage”, or by looking on your map for a Ruins Exploration building, tap on it and then tap on “Marauder Siege Defense” left icon. 

What will happen during the Marauder Siege event?

The event consists of a continuous invasion of monster waves that will attack the castles of all alliance members. Once the event starts, your screen will turn red meaning that your castle will be attacked by monsters, and all over the map, many red lines will be visible signifying the destination of each wave of monsters.

What you should do during this event

Unlike a normal player-versus-player attack, the Marauder Siege attacks will not damage your troops, and no healing is needed afterward, all you have to do is wait for the event to end. The Marauder waves can be defeated if you manage to defeat at least 50% of the wave.

How to increase your damage during the Marauder Siege event?

The most straightforward way to do more damage is to have a higher attack. This can be done by leveling up your troops, and your legendary heroes, and crafting better equipment for your legions in the Blacksmith building.

Additionally, if your damage is quite low, you could also ask some of your Alliance members to reinforce you, by sending their legion to your castle during the event.

Important things to consider:

  •  You should have at least one legion present in your castle throughout the attack, meaning you should recall any troops you have from gathering, Province Quests, or any other events or activities that require sending your troops. 
  • your legion(s) must have checked on the “join defense” option inside your garrison building. If you fail on any of these two requirements, you won’t be eligible for any rewards within this event. 

Individual Rewards

In Marauder Siege Defense the rewards are not so great but you won’t risk anything by participating either. Your participation in the event will cease at the moment you will be defeated, and that wave will represent the level for which you will be rewarded.

The more legions you have and the stronger the heroes, the better your chances of receiving better rewards. For example, after defeating the level 10 wave, you’ll receive:

  • 5 x 50.000 Food
  • 8 x 20.000 Marble
  • 8 x 25.000 Gold
  • 3 x 5000 Hero Experience tokens.

Bonus Rewards

There are also two reward bonuses for performance, Individual Damage Ranking for the players ranked in the first 30 places with the highest damage score, and Alliance Damage Ranking for alliances with the highest damage score ranked in the top 5. Once the Marauder Siege event is over, you will be notified in your in-game mailbox about your reward ranking.

The player who qualified in first place will receive a bonus reward of:

  • 5 x 250.000 Gold
  • 10 x 5000 Hero Experience Tokens
  • 100 Wisdom Medals

The Alliance that qualified in first place will receive:

  • 50.000 Alliance Contribution Points
  • 50.000 Alliance Score
  • 4 x 25.000 Gold
  • 10 x 5000 Hero Experience tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to heal my troops once the Marauder Siege event is over?

No, you don't need to heal your troops. The Marauder Siege attacks will not damage your troops and no healing is needed afterward.

Can I reinforce my main account with my farm account's legion?

No, you can't because to be able to reinforce someone, both castles need to be in the same Alliance.

Can I be rewarded if all my troops gathering during Marauder Siege attacks?

No, you are not rewarded if your troops are not present in the castle during the entire duration of the event. Therefore you should recall your troops from gathering, province quests, or other activities.

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