Rise of Castles Halloween is Here (a November Event)

Celebrate the spookiest time of the year with Rise of Castles! Complete Halloween-themed tasks to earn Candies, Witch Hats, Spooky Profile Frames, and much more

Rise of Empires Halloween is here event
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Halloween is here, and Rise of Castles is celebrating with a special event! During 7 days, until November 1st, players can complete a series of challenges or play the Jumpin’ Pumpkin mini-game to win a bunch of great prizes, a Permanent Spooky Chat Bubble or Name Tag decoration, Legion Skins, Castle Skins, and many more. The event page is split into 9 sections which I will detail below.

New Temporary Halloween-themed Design

The first thing you’ll notice upon logging in during the event is the new, spooky decorations all around your town! From giant pumpkins on the walls to small burning pumpkins on the roads and buildings, everything is getting into the Halloween spirit. The top info panel has also been given a makeover with a new cyan color scheme and small fire elements.

Rise of Empires Halloween new town decorations design

The new Halloween design looks great and really gets players into the spirit of the event, but the big pumpkins visible on the walls and the top of the castle not having any fire effect is a bit disappointing, especially during the night cycle.

Surprise Chests

The Surprise Chests is a premium package that can be purchased for €5.49 (Europe) and includes a Surprise Decor chest that gives you a chance to win one of the following items: the Scorching Cold Knight Permanent castle skin, the Scorching Cold Knight Name Tag, 1 or 2 Super Recruitment Tickets, 30 Wisdom Medals or 1000 Gems. Besides the Surprise Decor chest, the package also includes 1 Good Equipment Gift, resources, and gold.

Halloween Gifts

Halloween Gifts is yet another series of premium tasks. It includes 10 levels of additional rewards and all you have to do is to buy a specific amount of gems required for each level. For example, to get the rewards for the first level you need to purchase at least 2000 gems, either by buying packs that contain only gems or any packs that also include gems.

The rewards for level 1 include 1000 gems, 2 Recruitment Cards X10 (1 card can be exchanged for 1 Super Recruitment Ticket or one of the S1-X10 Recruitment Tickets), 500,000 Hero Exp x 3, and 15 Wish Crystal.

The level 8 rewards are also impressive, but the 450,000 required gems are way too much for the average spender. The level 8 rewards include 100,000 Gems, 70 Recruitment Cards, and a Legion Pack.

This pack allows you to choose between 3 permanent Legion Skins: Ghost Messenger, Immortal Phoenix, or the Headless Horseman. It also includes 3 Time Compass (Cavalry) items that can be used to clear the cooldown time required for resetting the tech “Lofty Warrior – Courageous Assault”.

Trick or Treat!

The Trick or Treat! the section allows you to earn Candies, which are the event’s main currency. You can earn Candies by visiting other castles or by building Magic Candy Houses.

Unlock the Magic Candy House

The first thing you need to do to benefit from this event (I had to find myself cause the description lacks this most important part) is to unlock the Magic Candy House.

To do that, go to your Architecture Institute, tap the Decoration tab and scroll down until you find the Magic Candy House. Tap on it and at the bottom, your activation button should be yellow (which means you have the required voucher).

Tap on it and it will ask you to confirm to unlock the ornament. Tap the Ok button and the ornament should be unlocked.

Build the Magic Candy House

Next, you need to build the Magic Candy House. For that go to your build menu and tap the Decorations option. Drag and place the Magic Candy House anywhere in your town (it will cost you 100 gems) and that’s it.

The Magic Candy House will produce 10 Orange Candies over 12 hours, as soon as a member of your alliance helps you to build it. This is important because candy production won’t start until you receive help from other members.

The more candies you earn, the more Candy Houses you can build. Some members have even built an entire neighborhood (I’m looking at you TwikleTwinkle 🙂 )

multiple Candy Houses - Halloween is Here event

Visit other members’ Castles

You can also earn additional Orange Candies by visiting other members’ castles and helping them decrease the candy production time.

To do that, tap on any of your alliance members’ castles, hit the Visit Castle, find their Magic Candy House, and tap on it. You can offer help 10 times a day, and that can be either a member with 10 Candy Houses or multiple members with 1 or multiple Candy Houses.

Candy Exchange Rewards

You can then exchange the Orange Candies for Witch Hats, Courage Medals, or Golden Candies ( 2 Orange Candies = 1 Golden Candy), which can be exchanged for greater rewards such as Haloween-specific permanent Profile or Chat Bubble decorations, Super Recruitment Tickets, Courage Medals, or resources.

Haunted Tower

The Haunted Tower has 2 stages, the Frontline Armament and the Seal of Haunted Tower. During the first stage, you can earn rewards by doing daily tasks specific to the Halloween event.

This includes defeating the Headless Horseman 3 or 10 times, sharing the Haunted Tower, and using 10 Super Recruitment Tickets. You can also receive rewards and increase your ranking score by donating lumber, gems, stones, iron, and food.

In the second stage, the Seal of Haunted Tower you can complete quests and increase your ranking score by doing similar quests as in the first stage, but now among these quests, you are also required to attack the Haunted Tower multiple times (you have a 5 attacks limit per day).

As a tip to save you some time, I recommend teleporting your castle near the Haunted Tower before doing your 5 daily attacks.

The rewards include Witch Hats, Speed-ups, Courage Medals, Hero Exp, and resources.

Dullahan’s Treasure and the Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman - Rise of Empires

The Dullahan’s Treasure section in the Halloween is Here event’s page is just to inform you about the possible rewards you can get by defeating the new marauder the Headless Horseman, visible all over the province map. The Headless Horseman is level 1 and quite easy to defeat.

The rewards you can get by defeating the Headless Horseman are gold, Hero Exp, and the Dullahan’s Treasure which gives you a chance to win Super Recruitment Tickets, Witch Hats, or Words of Truth (required to upgrade the Red Dragon’s skills).

Jumpin’ Pumpkin

Playing the Jumpin' Pumpkin mini game in Rise of Empires

The Jumpin’ Pumpkin is a mini-game that will reward you with Witch Hats, Speed-ups, and Hero Exp items.

All you need to do is tap the screen to make the pumpkin bounce and avoid the enemies located on both sides of the screen by tapping multiple times in a row. You have 10 tries per day and the more times you dodge the enemies, the higher the final score will be.

Prep for Celebration

The Prep for Celebration section is all about daily quests, similar to many other events we see periodically in the Benefits Center. The quests are split into 5 different tabs, each tab representing a day and having its specific objectives.

Day 1 for example has 3 sub-tabs, the first one being all about login rewards. All you need to do is to log in every day for 5 days and you can claim the rewards each day. The rewards for Prep for Celebration also include Witch Hatts, medals, speed-ups, and resources.

You also get additional rewards by unlocking the Progress Chests visible at the top of this page. These chests can be opened by completing the daily quests I mentioned before.

Spooky Party

The Spooky Party section allows you to spend your earned Witch Hats to open certain levels of rewards. Each Witch Hat you will be using will increase the level progress bar by a random number between 1 and 10 and the more levels you unlock, the better the rewards will be.

You can also unlock additional premium rewards by purchasing the Noble Benefits pack (€5.49) or the Royal Benefits pack (€27.49).

The Wish Crystal

The last section of the Halloween is Here event page is the Wish Crystal. Unfortunately, this is also a premium feature and can only be used by those who have purchased Wish Crystal packages. If you visit its dedicated store page, you will see 5 packages available for purchase.

The first Wish Crystal pack costs 5.49 and includes 19 Wish Crystals, 100 gems, gold, and resources, while the most expensive pack costs 109.99 and includes 300 Wish Crystals, 20,000 gems, gold, and a lot of different resources.

Wish Crystal page and how to get Wish Crystals

The Wish Crystals lottery

Once you have purchased a pack and have at least 1 Wish Crystal in your inventory, you can start using them by clicking on 3 buttons visible at the bottom of the Wish Crystal page, 1 time, 10 times, and 100 times, giving you a chance to win random rewards.

The rewards after clicking these buttons include Ice & Fire Legion vouchers, Super Recruitment Tickets, speed-ups, resource packs, and Hero Exp.

The Exchange Shop

Wish Crystal Exchange Shop and the Ice & Fire Legion Permanent Skins

You can then exchange your Ice & Fire Legion skin vouchers in the Exchange Shop tab for Super Recruitment Tickets, Courage Medals, War Badges, Alfred Hero fragments, Wisdom Medals, and other items. There are also 2 permanent skins you can get for your Ice & Fire Legion vouchers.

The Ice & Fire Legion Permanent Skin will cost you 1600 Ice & Fire Legion vouchers while the Castle of the King Permanent Skin will cost you 400.

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