How to Create a Rise of Castles Farm Account

And why you should create at least one farm account if you want to speed up your leveling progress as an F2P player

Rise of Empires farm account
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As you’ve probably noticed, the number of resources required to advance in this game increases dramatically from one level to another. The competition is very tight and some players, lacking patience, choose to invest serious money to advance as quickly as possible.

But there is also a free alternative for F2P players and that is creating a farm account or even more, switchable and playable on the same device. Next, we’re going to take a look at all the necessary steps in creating a Farm account in Rise of Castles (previously known as Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire, and what benefits it could bring you.

What is a Farm Account in Rise of Castles?

A farm account is an additional switchable account that is used for producing resources for the main account’s town. The resources are then transferred to the main account through repetitive attacks.

The higher the level of your farm account town and the stronger the legions used for plundering your farm account are, the more resources you will receive after each attack. This process is very beneficial for players who are interested in gaining a large number of resources quickly.

Farm Accounts Benefits in Rise of Castles

The main purpose of these new accounts is to use them only for resource plundering for your main account. After creating these accounts, also called Farms, you will be able to obtain daily resources through repeated attacks with the legion from the main account

Another benefit of having a Rise of Castles farm account (or more) gives you the ability to have more than one gather spot for each type of resource.

This is extremely important for players who want to be able to maximize their production, as it allows them to have more than one town collecting the same resources. This can be a major advantage over other players, as it gives you the potential to produce a much higher number of resources overall.

How to Create a Rise of Castles Farm Account

1. Bind your existing account

2. Create a new Gmail account

Create a new Gmail or any other email provider account or use one of your existing email addresses. Just keep in mind that it should not be the same email address as the one for your existing Rise of Castles account.

3. Start a new Rise of Castles game

Click Start New Game and a message will pop up and click ok. Congratulations, now you have created your second account.

4. Bind the newly created game account

Tap the menu icon on the right side of your screen, then click the three dots icon on the top. After that, tap the Account icon and then Bind Account, and then Bind to IM30. This will save your current account progress on the IM30 server, so even if you lose your phone, your game progress will remain saved on that server.

Important! Do not click the Start New Game button if you did not bind your current account first. Otherwise, you risk losing your current account progress.

5. Switch accounts

Now you have two accounts and the first thing you should do before switching back to your main one is to Bind this account as well. To do that tap the menu icon on the right side of your screen, then click the three dots icon at the top, go to Account, and after that tap on Switch Account.

Next, choose the option you have used before to bind your account with, whether is a Google account, Facebook, Play Games account, or IM30. I have all my accounts bound with IM30, but you can pick which one you like to use.

This feature is awesome because it will allow you to switch between your accounts without losing the progress of each and have all the accounts on the same device.

Things to Consider After Your Second Account Creation

1. Choose the right class

We recommend choosing the Farmer class since the main goal of this account is to focus on producing resources for your main account. You can also change your class a second time for free if you decide later to switch to a different one.

The Farmer class will increase the resource gathering but has also higher depot protection against the attacks. To give you an idea, at level 20, a Rider class has 500k depot protection, while a Farmer castle level 19, has 2.5M depot protection.

This means if the number of resources inside your depots ( not stock ) is equal to or less than this amount, the attackers will not be able to steal your resources.

2. Use the Free Teleport

You will be teleported to a different state. Remember to use the Free Teleport item from your bag before reaching castle level 5, otherwise, you won’t be able to use that free teleport anymore and you’ll need to buy an Advanced Teleport for 2000 gems to teleport your castle in the same state.

Using the Free Teleport it will teleport you randomly to the selected state, but you can ask your rank 4 or rank 5 alliance leaders to send you an alliance teleport invitation to move close to your Alliance Master in Alliance Territory.

3. Rename your farm account(s)

Change your name but include also the word Farm so that people can tell it is your account and that it is for farming. ( e.g John Farm1 or John F1 ). Now you can join your alliance.

Most of the alliances have also created different secondary alliances under the same name but included the word Farm as well or something similar, so people with multiple farming accounts could add them there.

4. Join a farm alliance

A farm Alliance is basically an alliance designed for farm accounts, formed by players who have their main accounts in the same main alliance.

These alliances have in general names chosen based on the name of their main alliance which is a good idea because this way players from other alliances can easily identify that this is a farming alliance, and avoid attacking them.

The members of a farm alliance are usually more relaxed and laid back than the members of the main alliance, and their focus is on farming rather than fighting.

So you can either join an existing farming Alliance, or create your own if there are no more slots available in the ones that exist, and start inviting other players from your main Alliance to join it with their farm account(s).

How to Get Resources From Your Rise of Castles Farm Account

So now you have a second account but how to transfer all your resources to your main account? The only way to do it is to attack your farming account(s) regularly. The higher your farming account castle level will be, the more resources will produce.

You should also use your Class Legion (Raider class) because is the only legion that can plunder gold after attacking enemies or your farm accounts.

If your main account castle is below level 25, the maximum recommended castle level for your farming account should be around 18-22 levels.

However, with the latest Rise of Castles expansion released, players can now upgrade their castles up to level 30. Therefore, you could increase your farm account levels as high as your patience allows you. By that, I mean that you’ll have two options:

  • Either keep them low level ( max. level 16-18 ) and start pulling resources from them from the very beginning, and receive a decent amount of resources
  • Or invest more time and resources in upgrading your farming accounts as high as you can, and you’ll benefit from a higher amount of resources while attacking them. The decision is yours.

Useful tips before attacking your farming account(s)

Before you start attacking your farming account(s), there are a few things you should take into consideration:

1. Uncheck your legions.

Tap your Fortress building, Garrison, and uncheck all your heroes. This will ensure your farming account legions won’t get wounded when you attack your farm account castle.

This is very important because if your main account is too powerful, you risk killing a large number of your farm account’s troops.

And you don’t want that because the more troops you have the more resources you’ll gather with your farm account. So yeah, troops are vital for any type of account, or class in Rise of Castles.

2. Research Medical Facilities

Even if you have unchecked your legion from your fortress, the remaining troops ( not included in your legions ), will still be wounded. To lower your healing cost you should research the Medical Facilities tech, in your Institute Building.

3. Check the protection levels

Make sure your depot levels are higher than protection levels if you plan to attack your farming accounts. By that, I mean that once the amount of resources drops below the protection level, is useless to continue attacking your farm because you’ll get no resources.

Only Food, Lumber, Wood, Iron, and Gold can be plundered. The first 4 have higher depot protection than gold. To check the depot protection level, tap on the top of your screen on one of the resources and it will be visible at the bottom.

4. Do not completely burn your farms

You can attack your farming castle(s) multiple times a day, but DO NOT burn it completely. If your castle is completely burned, it will be teleported to a random location within your state.

Usually, you should stop after 3 consecutive attacks, or once you’ll see the burning state will drop below 35%. You can also repair the castle by spending gems.

5. Restore the durability of your farms

Once your farming castle’s durability drops below 30%, switch to your farm account, and inside your town find and click on the Fortress building, click Defense, and on the next page click on the green diamond button to restore the durability. The diamond cost for restoring durability on the same day will be increased with each couple of uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which troops should be used in plundering the farm accounts?

Cavalry units are the best for plundering the farm accounts as they have the biggest carrying capacity.

What is the best class for a Rise of Castles farm account?

The best class and the one most used for a farm account is the Farmer class as it provides the highest amount of resources thanks to its perks and its exclusive building, the Framer's Guild.

How many farm accounts can I create on the same device?

You can create and switch between up to 10 accounts (including your main account also) on the same device.

What happens if I completely burn my farm account?

Your farm account will be teleported to a random location within your state.

Can I transfer Diamonds, Charcoal or Ale between my farm accounts?

No, you can't. Diamonds, Charcoal, and Ale can not be transferred. But you can transfer through repetitive attacks other resources like Food, Lumber, Wood, Iron, and Gold.

Can I change my farm account email address?

Unfortunately, the email address can not be changed in Rise of Castles. But you can reset the password.

How can I skip the tutorial when starting new game in Rise of Castles?

The tutorial can not be skipped and it will last until you reach level 2 with your town. Once you reach level 2 you can also access the menu and you can bind the account and continue the new game later if you want to.

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