Heroes Bang Tier List for the Top Ranking Characters

The game offers multiple factions, but which heroes should you choose in Heroes Bang? Our tier list ranks the top characters for each one of them

Heroes Bang tier list best characters
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Heroes Bang: Idle RPG Arena is a thrilling AFK Idle RPG game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where alien monsters have invaded Earth. As a player, you must summon powerful superheroes from different backgrounds (and apparently inspired by several popular franchises like Marvel and Warcraft) to fight against the alien invasion.

To guide you through this exciting RPG turn-based game, we have created a comprehensive Heroes Bang tier list of the best heroes ranked for each of the 4 main factions, according to their skills and roles.

In this Heroes Bang tier list, we ranked all the heroes of every faction based on their stats, skills, and rarity. These tiers represent the overall strength of the hero in different gameplay modes and their potential for future updates. Here is a breakdown of what each tier means:

  • S-Tier: These are the top-tier heroes with incredible power and versatility. They excel in all aspects of the game, making them a must-have for any team.
  • A-Tier: Heroes in this tier are strong and reliable, but may not have as much potential as those in the S Tier. However, they are still valuable assets in any team composition.
  • B-Tier: These heroes have good skills and can be useful in certain situations, but may not be as versatile or powerful as those in the S or A Tiers.
  • C-Tier: This tier includes the weakest heroes in the game. These are good only to start with, but we do not recommend them in later stages of the game.

Guardian Faction Characters

Guardian Faction Best Characters in Heroes Bang Tier List
Guardian Faction Best Characters in Heroes Bang Tier List
  • Chris – Thunder Herald (Strength) – Tier S
  • Rogers – Glory Shield (Strength) – Tier S
  • Steve – Arcane Wanderer (Agility) – Tier S
  • Ana – Scarlet Mage (Intelligence) – Tier A
  • Wilson – Flash Blade (Agility) – Tier A
  • Natasha – Rose Agent (Intelligence) – Tier A
  • Ben – Sword Warrior (Strength) – Tier B
  • Morrison – Hawkeye Gunner (Agility) – Tier B
  • Ororo – Storm Witch (Intelligence) – Tier B
  • Cooper – Tiny Racoon (Strength) – Tier C
  • Diesel – Healing Treant (Intelligence) – Tier C

Natural Faction Heroes

Natural Faction Best Characters in Heroes Bang
Natural Faction Best Characters in Heroes Bang
  • Carter – Fury Fighter (Strength) – Tier S
  • Asura – Mighty Ninja (Intelligence) – Tier S
  • Monkey King – King of Fighters (Strength) – Tier S
  • Pegasus – Arrow of Light (Agility) – Tier A
  • Indra – Blade of Fury (Strength) – Tier A
  • Bull Demon – Bullhead Vanguard (Strength) – Tier B
  • Wudi – Crane Wing Elder (Intelligence) – Tier B
  • Wutian – Divine Spirit Sage (Agility) – Tier B
  • Pigsy – Super Pig (Strength) – Tier C
  • Pearl – Bubble Cat (Intelligence) – Tier C

Machine Faction Characters

Machine Faction Best Characters in Heroes Bang
Machine Faction Best Characters in Heroes Bang
  • Seth – Blade Dance (Agility) – Tier S
  • Orion – Transformers (Strength) – Tier S
  • Arnold – Bio Knight (Agility) – Tier S
  • Alyssa – Revival Spirit (Intelligence) – Tier A
  • Sona – Songtress Princess (Intelligence) – Tier A
  • Pike – Steel Golem (Strength) – Tier B
  • Mizell – Wanderer Marksman (Agility) – Tier B
  • Haier – Apocalypse Controller (Strength) – Tier B
  • Zaku – Recon Guard (Strength) – Tier C
  • Watt – Cleansing Bot (Strength) – Tier C

Dark Faction Characters

Dark Faction Best Characters in Heroes Bang
Dark Faction Best Characters in Heroes Bang
  • Mooncleaver – Death Commander (Strength) – Tier S
  • Hill – Cursed Bow (Agility) – Tier S
  • Eric – Magnetic Master (Intelligence) – Tier S
  • Los – Vengeful Spirit (Strength) – Tier A
  • Gullano – Spirit Summoner (Intelligence) – Tier A
  • Frank – Bio Maniac (Strength) – Tier A
  • Pamela – Thorns Sorceress (Intelligence) – Tier B
  • Walker – The Hunter (Agility) – Tier B
  • Tru’Nembra – Soul Manipulator (Intelligence) – Tier B
  • Dick – Skeleton Warrior (Strength) – Tier C
  • Helena – Rogue Maiden (Strength) – Tier C

Final Thoughts

This wraps up our Heroes Bang Idle RPG tier list. We hope this guide will help you build the strongest team and win those tough late stages of the game. Remember to constantly review, upgrade, and adjust your team as you acquire new heroes using this guide as a reference.

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