Endless Grades Pixel Saga Tier List: Top Hero Picks

Ready to dominate in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga? Our tier list ranks the best heroes, so you can create an unbeatable team.

Endless Grades Pixel Saga tier list with the best characters ranked
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Endless Grades: Pixel Saga offers a unique and nostalgic experience with its pixelated graphics and leisurely gameplay. It reminds me of Unknown Knights Pixel RPG with its diverse gameplay modes and adorable pixelated characters. One of the key elements to success in this game is collecting and evolving strong heroes.

In this guide, we will rank all the characters in the game from best to worst, so you can build a formidable team and win the late-game battles with ease. We considered various factors such as stats, skills, and overall usefulness when determining a character’s placement.


The characters in this tier are the best of the best, with top-tier stats and powerful skills that make them essential for any team.

S-Tier characters for Endless Grades Pixel Saga tier list
S-Tier characters for Endless Grades Pixel Saga tier list
  • Dracula (Bloodthirsty Count)
  • Arthur (Wild Lord)
  • Suri (Phoenix Knight)
  • Alina (Verdant Waraxe)
  • Brienne (Radiant Guardian)
  • Keel (Frost Wolf)
  • Chloe (Sandstorm Enforce)
  • Eddy (Bone Reaper)
  • Ganglot (Reaper’s Embrace)
  • Roman (Aeolian Piper)
  • Kyle (The Adventurer)
  • Skadi (Frost Queen)
  • Isett (Desert Princess)
  • Devyn (Ventriloquist)
  • Jormungand (Midgard Serpent)
  • Amara (Dreamweaver)
  • Leonardo (Dream Painter)

Dracula (Bloodthirsty Count) is overall the best character in Endless Grades Pixel Saga. He not only has some of the highest ATK, Movement Speed and Defense stats in the game, but his unique skill allows him to absorb a large portion of his target’s HP. Additionally, he can increase his Dodge stat, Crit, and Attack Power, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.


Arthur (Wild Lord) is another strong character with high stats in Endless Grades Pixel Saga. His main strength lies in his crowd-control abilities and his taunting skill, which makes enemies target him instead of your other characters. If paired with one of the best Endless Grades pets, he can become almost invincible in battles.


Upgrading Arthur’s skills, he will benefit from reduced damage and will deal more damage to all enemies around him. He is much slower than Dracula and slightly less powerful, but he is still a valuable addition to any team.


These characters are still strong and useful for late-game content, but they have slightly lower stats or less versatile skills compared to those from the previous rank.

A-Tier heroes with great abilities for Endless Grades Pixel Saga
A-Tier heroes with great abilities for Endless Grades Pixel Saga
  • Lina (Fire Magician)
  • Maeve (Predator)
  • Taro (Outsider)
  • Artemis (Huntress Goddess)
  • Lydia (Ripple Dancer)
  • Fiona (Triumphal Spear)
  • Delia (Shepherd)
  • Solo (Chaos Guitarist)
  • Luna (Windwing Blade)
  • Hoder (Night Walker)
  • Peerless (Sword’s Oath)
  • Flora (Thorn Queen)
  • Fenrir (Demon Wolf)
  • Nora (Commander)
  • Sophia (Glow Priest)
  • Lilith (Succubus)
  • Galadriel (Elven Queen)
  • Rita (Shadow Blade)
  • Evelyn (Frost Witch)


Characters in this tier are decent choices, great for mid-game players who are still building their team and progressing through the game.

B-Tier - average hero choices for Endless Grades: Pixel Saga
B-Tier – average hero choices for Endless Grades: Pixel Saga
  • Lillian (Clearheart)
  • Ines (Fiery Dancer)
  • Victoria (Lady Elegance)
  • Heidrun (Sommelier)
  • Ilya (7-Seas Conqueror)
  • Aelia (Surge Sword)
  • Sin (Faceless)
  • Gabriel (Fiery Angel)
  • Letty (Lady)
  • K (Nonstop Fighter)
  • Diana (Moon Shadow)
  • Tassy (Crimson Lotus)
  • Belinda (Sacred Utterance)
  • Myrtala (Shadow Sentinel)
  • Caron (Fearless Fist)
  • Sia (Homeland Keeper)
  • Catherine (Shadow Assassin)
  • L (Budoka)
  • Tira (The Tracker)


These characters are below average in terms of attack power for the late-game modes, but they can still be viable options for early or mid-game players.

C-Tier, below characters for Endless Grades Pixel Saga
C-Tier heroes for Endless Grades: Pixel Saga
  • Guildroy (Flame Magus)
  • Vanessa (Verdant Mage)
  • Perfumer (Perfumer)
  • Alice (Fate Prophet)
  • Marlo (Rose Hammer)
  • Charlotte (Swift Archer)
  • Beth (Scarlet Executor)
  • Vera (Cunning Twinblade)
  • Disaia (Phonologist)
  • Dyra (WindDrifter)
  • Aidan (Blazeclench)
  • Nina (Tide Envoy)
  • Una (Billow Maiden)
  • Aldrin (Jungle Hunter)
  • Passat (Skyweaver)
  • Lyra (Tideweaver)
  • Grace (Stoneheart)
  • Lisa (Flame Chef)
  • Melinda (Wave Slayer)


Here we ranked the weakest heroes in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga. They have the lowest stats and least powerful skills, making them the least desirable choices for any team.

D-Tier characters for Endless Grades Pixel Saga
D-Tier – the weakest characters in this list
  • Lee (Windblade)
  • Seraf (Daybreaker)
  • Barrett (Fury Axe)
  • Camilla (Illusion Magician)
  • Thalos (Sands Apostle)
  • Pyra (Solar Blade)
  • Wendy (Aquasylph)
  • Annie (Annie)
  • Harley (Peace Keeper)
  • Rae (Tide Maiden)
  • Jose (Apprentice Mage)
  • Lycra (Sharp Axe)
  • Sylvie (Radiant Blade)
  • Blaze (Blaze)
  • Starlight (Spirit Rabbit)
  • Barad (Shadow Wolf)
  • Sylph (Verdant Elf)
  • Connie (Inferno Gunblazer)

Final Words

This concludes our tier list for Endless Grades Pixel Saga. We hope this will help you build a strong team and dominate in battles. Remember, while having some of the strongest characters can greatly improve your chances of success, it’s also important to have a well-balanced team with a mix of different roles for maximum effectiveness. Keep upgrading and evolving your characters to unlock their full potential!

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Endless Grades Pixel Saga tier list with the best characters ranked
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