How to Get Stronger in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga

Learn how to make your hero team stronger and increase power by reading this guide

Endless Grades: Pixel Saga heroes fighting a giant spider stage boss in a cave arena

Endless Grades: Pixel Saga can be a fun way to spend your time, especially if you love idle RPG games. But those stage and dungeon bosses are no joke, and you need to be strong enough to defeat them. That’s why it’s important to focus on gaining power in the game from the start.

Below I will guide you on how to increase power in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga the right way, so you can conquer all the challenges and become a top player in no time!

1. Constantly upgrade your Valkyrie level

Valkyrie level is the most important factor in increasing your power in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga. All recruited heroes will share the same level instead of doing it individually as we have seen in most mobile games of this genre. This is a good thing because it saves you time and effort – you just need to collect Valkyrie XP and press the level-up button as highlighted in the screenshot.

How to collect Valkyrie XP:

  • Claiming AFK rewards
  • Opening chests
  • Clearing stages and defeating bosses

2. Use Elemental Aura bonuses to your advantage

Elemental Aura bonuses. A red rectangle highlighting the activated bonuses for having 2 and 4 heroes of the same faction

Elemental Aura refers to the synergy between different hero factions in your team. There are six factions in Endless Grades Pixel Saga: Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark. Each faction has its strengths and weaknesses against another faction.

By having a balanced team with different factions, you can activate Elemental Aura bonuses that give extra stats to your heroes. Here’s what bonuses you can get based on the number of heroes of the same faction:

  • 2 Heroes: +3% HP and +2.5% Attack
  • 3 Heroes: +5% HP and +4% Attack
  • 4 Heroes: +7% HP and +5% Attack
  • 5 Heroes: +10% HP and +8% Attack
  • 6 Heroes: +12% HP and +10% Attack

3. Equip better gear and skills

Upgrading the main skill in Endless Grades. A red rectangle highlighting the upgrade and replace buttons

Gear is also an important factor in becoming stronger in this game. Make sure to equip the best gear for each hero, and upgrade them whenever you accumulate enough Dragonglass.

To do that, tap the Hero tab in the bottom-left corner of your mobile device, and press the Equipment tab. You can upgrade your equipment individually if you prefer, but we recommend using the “Quick Enhance” button to have a balanced and stronger team.

Additionally, skills can also be upgraded using Star Dust and Gold Coins. That section is located near Equipment, and you can either tap Upgrade or Replace to change the active skill. Upgrading skills will increase the first effect’s stats and unlock four additional effects:

Valkyrie’s Angry Skill Effects

  • Skill level 1: deals 528 True Damage to 2 random enemies
  • Skill level 50: True Damage increase
  • Skill level 100: Attack target +1
  • Skill level 150: True Damage additional increase
  • Skill level 200: Attack target +1
  • Skill level 250: True Damage additional increase

Quick Tip: Increase your Valkyrie level to 120 to unlock the second skill, Flaming Storm. This skill will boost your hero team’s power a lot. The effect offers a 10% increase in attack power for up to 6 random characters on your team.

4. Use potions to increase battle speed

Using one Inspire 3 battle speed potion to get 30 minutes of 3x increased speed in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga

Potions can be used to increase your battle speed and make grinding for resources faster. You can choose between x1.5, x2, and x3 battle speeds, depending on the type of potions you have in your inventory. They have different durations too, ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

You can get speed potions (also called Inspire 1, 2, and 3) from completing Weekly Quests and unlocking the second chest, but also from events and Mine blocks. Make sure to use them wisely and only when you know you will be playing the game for a while.

5. Set up pets for battles

Pets are a fun addition to Endless Grades: Pixel Saga that can provide extra stats and bonuses in battle. They have unique skills and can attack enemies or support your team. Make sure to upgrade your pets using 3 Pet Shards for each level.

Unfortunately, they are not easy to get, especially the Mythic rarity ones which are the strongest pets in the game. However, you can get your first Legendary pet by collecting at least 30 task points in the 7-Day Journey event.

6. Try or sweep dungeons for better rewards

Dungeons are essential in gaining power in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga. They provide valuable resources like Gold, Gems, and Dragonglass.

Additionally, each level also offers different rewards like Pickaxes (to dig Mine blocks), and chests of all rarities (from Common to Legendary) that will offer you a chance of getting new heroes.

Each round or battle requires one dungeon ticket and you can also sweep the previous levels once you have cleared them, to get the rewards instantly and without spending tickets.

7. Accelerate the battle and challenge bosses

how to accelerate battle and challenge the stage boss

The combat is mostly automated in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga, but you still have some control over it. You can use the Accelerate button located in the bottom-center area of your phone’s screen to accelerate the battle and get to the boss faster.

Once the soul gauge is full, you will see the boss icon highlighted as in the above screenshot. Then you can press it to start the boss challenge, which will reward you with valuable resources and move you to the next stage.

8. Claim your AFK reward in time

Collecting the AFK reward and increasing the idle level in Endless Grades
The AFK reward and how to upgrade the idle level

As mentioned earlier, claiming AFK rewards is one of the ways you can collect Valkyrie XP. Make sure to claim them in time before they expire. The game provides you with 8 hours to collect your rewards, and after that, they will stop accumulating. The rewards include:

  • Gold: can be used to purchase basic items in the game
  • Valkyrie’s EXP: can be used to upgrade Valkyrie’s level
  • Magic Crystal: used for evolving Valkyrie
  • Dragonglass: a crucial resource for Valyrie’s equipment upgrades
  • Random shards: you can use them to obtain R-hero (purple) shards
  • Common chest: offers a 5% chance to get an R-hero
  • Rare chest: it offers a 7% drop chance for an R-hero and a 3% chance for an SR-hero
  • Crafted beer: Exclusive item to Whirling Tavern, usable only while the event is available

Quick Tip: Use Myrrh Crystals collected from Mines to increase the idle level of your AFK rewards. This will increase the amount of Valkyrie EXP and coins you get per hour.


In summary, becoming stronger in Endless Grades: Pixel Saga is a necessity that every beginner should be aware of. By following these tips and strategies, you can maximize your team’s strength and conquer each stage faster. Keep grinding for resources, upgrading your gear and skills, to become a top player in this endless adventure.

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Endless Grades: Pixel Saga heroes fighting a giant spider stage boss in a cave arena
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