10 Beginner Tips for Playing Idle Dragon School

These Idle Dragon School tips will help you manage your school and train your students to become the ultimate dragon tamers!

Idle Dragon School guide and tips for beginners
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A school where dragons roam free and magic flows through the halls? Idle Dragon School allows players to fulfill their fantasy of running a magical academy. As the principal, you must build and expand your school, recruit students, and offer various courses to train them as advanced dragon tamers.

This guide aims to provide beginners with tips on how to efficiently manage their dragon school empire and succeed in promoting students to become powerful dragon trainers.

1. Idle Dragon School gameplay basics

As a simulation game, Idle Dragon School allows to to experience the day-to-day operations of a magical academy. To start off, you will need to build classrooms, restaurants, study rooms, and dormitories to accommodate your students.

As you progress in the game, you can unlock different courses and hire professional tutors to improve the success rate of student promotions. For this, you will need to stockpile and carefully spend your resources, including:

  • Coins – this is the main currency in Idle Dragon School and is required in most building upgrades. You will receive plenty of it in the early quests
  • Gems – a premium currency that can be used to speed up tasks, purchase rare items, or unlock bonuses
  • Dragon Crystal Powder – collected from completing special tasks and from the Dragon Bath located in front of the school. This can be used to upgrade the Dragon Crystal Tree and the Bath to generate more powder

2. Multiply your earnings

Multiplied earnings in the Idle Dragon School mobile game

To efficiently manage your school, you will need a steady income. This can be achieved by multiplying your earnings by watching a few short video advertisements. Watching one ad will bring you 10 minutes of doubled income, but you can extend it up to 1 hour by watching 6 consecutive ads. It’s a boring task, but it will be worth it in the long run!

3. Wisely upgrade the Dragon Crystal Tree

Prioritizing the Reputation in the Dragon Crystal Tree
Upgrading Reputation to level 3

The Dragon Crystal Tree is a crucial element in Idle Dragon School as it includes several useful tech/upgrade branches that can help you earn more coins or gems, more student EXP, improved student rank-up success, increased moving speed, and many more.

However, as a beginner, we highly recommend prioritizing the first branch: Reputation. This will increase the registration fee for all students, which means more income for you!

4. Have at least 4 seats in each building

4 seats building in Idle Dragon School

Each building in Idle Dragon School has a maximum capacity of 9 seats. As a great tip, try to unlock at least 4 seats in each building as soon as possible. Besides the success rate boost, this will also unlock the first skill visible at the bottom of the building window as seen in the above screenshot.

The skill name differs depending on the building but the bonuses are the same for each building like improved success rate of Dragon Cub Student, better tuition, etc.

5. Pay attention to your student rating

Positive student rating in Idle Dragon School

Your students’ rating is crucial in determining their success in promotions. You can check their rating by tapping the chart icon located at the top-right side of your screen and visiting the Student Rating tab. Make sure your rating is always above 81% to avoid penalties on Enrollment Efficiency, which will significantly affect your school’s earnings. Here is an overview of the rating system:

  • 100 – 81%: +25% Enrollment Efficiency
  • 80- 61%: -10% Enrollment Efficiency
  • 60 – 41%: -25% Enrollment Efficiency
  • 40 – 21%: -35% Enrollment Efficiency
  • 20 – 0%: -50% Enrollment Efficiency

6. Academy Construction Progress is crucial

To unlock new buildings, you need to make progress in the Academy Construction. This can be done by upgrading existing buildings, hiring more mentors with Mentor Fragments and upgrading the existing ones with Honor Points, and achieving high student ratings.

Keep an eye on this stat at the top of your screen by tapping the small house icon. This is also the second requirement for proceeding to the second dragon school so make sure to keep it high!

7. Always double your Offline Revenue

Doubling the offline reward

Offline revenue is a passive way of earning coins and can be doubled by watching a short advertisement. Make sure to do this every time you log in to the game, as this will significantly boost your income and help you progress faster in the game.

8. Follow your Task List for quick progress

There are actually two task lists that every new player of Idle Dragon School should take notice of. The first one and the most important one is located in the lower right corner and is more like a campaign progress.

The second task list is displayed at the top and will reward you with gems, coins and Dragon Crystal Powder. Tap these two lists and they will automatically redirect you to the specific building or quest that needs completion. Completing tasks is a great way to earn resources and progress in the game.

9. Activate promotions regularly

Promotions are forms of advertisement for your dragon school. This window includes 4 types of advertisement/promotion:

  • Word-of-mouth (10% boost for 335k coins and lasts 5 minutes)
  • Newspaper (15% enrollment increase for 10 minutes for 672k coins)
  • Association (offers a 25% bonus, lasts 15 minutes, and costs 1M coins)
  • Super Publicity method (lasts 20min and offers a 35% bonus by watching a video ad). This makes it the most effective and at the same time the most affordable method).

We highly recommend the latter method as often as possible, but any promotion is better than nothing!

10. Advance to the next school when ready

Once you have earned enough Academy Points, is time to advance to the next dragon school. This will unlock new buildings and features, along with a higher student capacity and better-earning potential.

Currently, there are 4 dragon schools in the Idle Dragon School game, will of which can be accessed via the My Footprints menu (tap the map pin icon located on the top-right side).

To be qualified for the second school, you need 2300 Academy Points and 1500 Combat Power. In Idle Dragon School, combat power can be increased by upgrading students and mentors.

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