How to Earn Diamonds in Mini Heroes: Summoners War

This guide will show you how to earn diamonds in Mini Heroes: Summoners War and what are the best ways to spend them in this game.

How to earn Diamonds in Mini Heroes: Summoners War
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Diamonds are the most valuable currency in Mini Heroes: Summoners War because of their universal use and the variety of valuable items we can purchase with them. The more diamonds we have, the faster we can gain power and progress in the game.

There are multiple methods to get diamonds in this game, but new players may not be familiar with these methods. This guide will show you the best ways to earn and spend diamonds in Mini Heroes: Summoners War.

What to buy with Diamonds in Mini Heroes: Summoners War

The most common way to spend diamonds in Mini Heroes: Summoners War is to buy Recruit Orders from the Recruit page, which can be accessed via the Home screen by tapping the Recruit Tower. There, 10 Recruit Orders will cost you 2,400 diamonds and 1 order 240 but is usually 50% discounted.

Another great way to spend your gems in this game is the Normal Shop, which becomes available after clearing Chapter 3. For example, you could buy 1 SSR token a month for 6,000 diamonds and it will give you a random SSR-grade hero, or an SR token a week for 600 diamonds.

These 2 are the most valuable items in the Normal Shop, but there are other valuable items as well like Recruit Orders, special items that offer you a chance to recruit some of the best heroes in Mini Heroes: Summoners War. Recruit Orders can be purchased once a week for 2,000 diamonds, and other items like Smelting Stones, or Rename Cards, can be purchased daily.

Finish Title and Daily Tasks

Title tasks and Daily tasks are some of the best ways to get diamonds in this game. Both Title tasks and Daily tasks are made up of several missions, with each mission awarding 20 diamonds upon completion. While both offer diamonds, they have their own additional rewards and benefits.

Title tasks, as we mentioned in our Mini Heroes: Summoners War guide, are available from the beginning of the game and will also unlock new titles. Each title comes with new features such as the possibility to smelt weapons or access other game modes.

Daily tasks, on the other hand, become available once you clear the third chapter in the Mainline mode, and the tasks are a bit more difficult to complete.

Nevertheless, they are worth the effort because each completed daily task also includes activity points that are used to get the milestone rewards (see the second image above) displayed at the top of that page, which include Role EXP.

Clear chapters perfectly

We all know that the priority of Mainline mode is to progress through it as fast as possible to unlock more features, but you might not know that there is a special reward for perfect clearings.

Each time you finish a chapter without taking any damage, you will receive an extra 100 diamonds, plus other rare items like equipment, and Recruit Orders among others.

This means that you must complete each stage within a chapter with 3 stars. The good news is that even if you are defeated or lose a hero in a certain stage, you can always upgrade your heroes and try again until you complete it perfectly.

Visit or climb the Leaderboards

This feature will appear in the top-right corner of the home screen once you clear Chapter 3. It includes 7 different leaderboards: Arena, Top Power, Role Level, Mainline Progress, World, Climbing, and Palace. Each leaderboard offers diamond rewards for all players on the same server as you, once the goals are achieved by someone.

Each goal offers 100 diamonds and once a player reaches a specific goal, his avatar and nickname will be displayed on the leaderboard. Besides, the top-ranking players also receive additional rewards, so it might be something for you to consider if you are looking for more ways to get diamonds.

Try your luck in the Casino event

Casino event and the potential diamond rewards in the Mini Heroes: Summoners War game

If you are feeling lucky, then the Casino event might be a good way to get some extra diamonds. This is a slot machine event, with each spin costing a certain number of diamonds, with 88 for the first spin. In my case, I spent 88 diamonds on my first spin and earned 140 in return.

After that, the second spin cost increased to 188 diamonds but the potential rewards also doubled.

In conclusion, you could potentially double or even triple the diamonds you spend on this event with each spin. Keep in mind that this is a risky method of earning diamonds because the rewards are not guaranteed.

Claim your Login Rewards

Diamond login rewards

You can earn diamonds by logging in to the game daily. While each consecutive day brings a new amazing reward, the one you’ll be looking for is the diamond reward on the 5th consecutive login, which includes 1,000 diamonds.

This does not mean that you should stop collecting the rewards, because if you log in continuously for 7 days, you will also get a free SSR random hero. Bear in mind that if you miss a day, the login rewards will reset and you will have to start collecting them again.

Explore the benefits of a premium pack

Although the methods we shared above are more than enough to accumulate a good number of diamonds in Mini Heroes: Summoners War, if you are still looking for more, then you might want to consider buying a premium pack. The number of diamonds varies as well as the other bonuses depending on the package you choose.

In our opinion, the most affordable and valuable premium packs are the Month Card and Week Card. The Week Card is the least expensive and offers an instant 150-diamond reward plus 400 diamonds daily for 7 days, offering you a total of 2950 diamonds.

The Month Card, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive but also provides more rewards. It will grant you an immediate 300-diamond reward and 200 diamonds per day, for a total of 6300 diamonds throughout the month.

Additionally, if you buy both Cards, you get an extra daily reward that includes 100 diamonds and 2 Recruit Orders. You can access these packs via the Recharge option displayed on the left side of the home screen.

How to earn Diamonds in Mini Heroes: Summoners War
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