Lord of Heroes Tier List for Every Character in the Game

In this tier list you will find all of the incredible Lord of Heroes characters available, ranked according their stats, elements and power

Lord of Heroes Tier List
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Lord of Heroes is a turn-based RPG that features unique characters, stunning 3D animations, and gripping storylines that will captivate you. This game offers plenty of epic heroes to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and skills!

Our tier list for Lords of Heroes is here to help you decide which heroes are best for your team! With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to build a solid team of characters and clear any PvE or PvP challenge with ease!

We ranked all characters of Lord of Heroes based on their skills, base stats, and utility in various game modes, from S being the highest tier to E being the lowest.

S Tier Characters

Lord of Heroes, S-Tier characters, the strongest in the game
The S-tier characters offer the best skills and the highest damage

In this tier, you’ll find the strongest and most powerful characters in Lord of Heroes. From the best tank to the most powerful DPS, these heroes possess impeccable stats combined with unique skills, making them a must-have on any battlefield!

  • Dragon Knight Helga – Crouching Wings (Striker, Water)
  • Ian – Scion of Byakko (Warrior, Light)
  • Aslan – Dark Usurper (Commander, Dark)
  • Krom – Lightning Blade (Guardian, Water)
  • Fram – Guardian of the Sanctuary (Sniper, Earth)
  • Vanessa – Princess of Alderune (Cleric, Light)
  • Rosanna – President of Isola (Commander, Water)
  • Zaira – Grasslands Knight (Warrior, Earth)
  • Lairei – Solemn Terminarch (Guardian, Dark)
  • Rosanna – Mermaid’s Elect (Striker, Fire)
  • Lairei – Sailing Aquamarine (Sniper, Water)
  • Baretta – Instinctual Winner (Cleric, Water)
  • Johan – Chef of the Battleground (Striker, Earth)
  • Krom – Crimson Lightning (Warrior, Fire)
  • Lucilicca – Motivated Dignitary (Sniper, Water)
  • Astrid – Old Soul (Striker, Fire)
  • Aslan – Legendary Mercenary King (Guardian, Fire)

At the top of our tier list, we have Dragon Knight Helga, also known as the Crouching Wings. In our opinion, Dragon Knight Helga is the best character in Lord of Heroes because of her incredible multi-target damage output and protective shield.

Not only she can deal tremendous damage to fire-elemental enemies, but her shield also makes her an invaluable addition to any team that doesn’t have a guardian hero. Her versatility allows her to be used in a variety of different strategies, making her an ideal choice for players who want a powerful character that can fit into any team composition.

A Tier (Still Strong Heroes)

Lord of Heroes Tier A Characters

Here you have heroes that are powerful but not quite as strong as those in the S tier. With high-quality skills and decent stats, these characters can help you get through the mid-game and even some end-game encounters.

  • Lumie – Crimson Snow Sentinel (Sniper, Fire)
  • Astrid – Uninvited Outlander (Striker, Dark)
  • Ondal – Eternal Outsider (Warrior, Earth)
  • Biryu – Scion of Genbu (Commander, Dark)
  • Lairei – Daughter of the Dragonkin (Warrior, Fire)
  • Olivia – Sniper of Halgarine (Striker, Light)
  • Solphi – Erudite Genius (Sniper, Earth)
  • Lumie – Warden of Calamity (Guardian, Earth)
  • Lairei – Beloved Leader of Paradise (Striker, Earth)
  • Syphfride – Draconic Descendant (Cleric, Light)
  • Lucilicca – Judicious Dignitary (Striker, Earth)
  • Aslan – Virtuous Vanguard (Warrior, Earth)
  • Lucilicca – Fiery Dignitary (Striker, Fire)
  • Lyn – Passionate Explorer (Sniper, Fire)
  • Walther – Tyrant’s Bane (Guardian, Earth)
  • Walther – Isolan Romanticist (Striker, Water)
  • Brandon – King of the Dead (Sniper, Dark)
  • Charles III – Noble Blue Rose (Commander, Water)
  • Solphi – Adroit Arcanist (Warrior, Light)
  • Alev – Letiakus Mercenary Captain (Guardian, Earth)

The top-performing character in our A tier is Lumie the Crimson Snow Sentinel. She is a powerful and unique character with impressive abilities that make her very useful in both PvE and PvP encounters. Her primary strength is her ability to decrease the attack power of her opponents while simultaneously increasing her own if a critical hit is landed.

In addition, she also has an incredible passive ability that increases the damage dealt by allied heroes against earth-elemental enemies, while also reducing the amount of damage they take from them. Here are the A-tier characters for Lord of Heroes:

B Tier (Good Heroes)

Lord of Heroes Tier B Characters

The heroes in this tier are decent with good stats, but they don’t stand out as much as those from the higher tiers. They can be useful in the early-mid game stages, however.

  • Nine – Catalyst of Change (Striker, Earth)
  • Joshua – Gifted Psychokinetic (Sniper, Water)
  • Lumie – Luminary of Lunaris (Warrior, Water)
  • Alev – Heir to Dakkeon (Striker, Fire)
  • Laphlaes – Gifted Seer (Warrior, Earth)
  • Aran – Scion of Suzaku (Guardian, Fire)
  • Alev – Cyan Stormreaper (Warrior, Water)
  • Cesaire – Enigmatic Mage (Sniper, Light)
  • Mercenary Aslan – Hot Spirit (Warrior, Fire)
  • Miriande – Arcane Sojourner (Striker, Water)
  • Fram – Ardent Mercenary (Guardian, Fire)
  • Lumie – Celestial Protector (Striker, Dark)
  • Bianca – Isolan Fleet Commander (Sniper, Water)
  • Rosanna – Unrestrained Torrent (Warrior, Earth)
  • Fram – Radiant Defender (Striker, Light)
  • Johan – Battle Cleric (Cleric, Fire)
  • Johan – Sword of the Rumbling Tide (Guardian, Water)
  • Charlotte – Umbral Spiritmancer (Warrior, Dark)
  • Zaira – Battlefield Maelstrom (Guardian, Water)
  • Mei Ling – Shamaness of Acuity (Cleric, Dark)

C Tier (Average Heroes)

Lord of Heroes Tier C Characters

In this tier you’ll find average characters with okay stats. While they won’t be the most powerful heroes in your team, they still have their uses in certain situations.

  • Schneider – Neto Doum Descendant (Warrior, Dark)
  • Mei Ling – Shamaness of Temperance (Sniper, Light)
  • Mikhail – Ace Adventurer (Striker, Fire)
  • Charlotte – Ardent Spiritmancer (Cleric, Fire)
  • Olivia – Bounty Hunter (Sniper, Fire)
  • Schneider – Courageous Knight (Striker, Fire)
  • Zaira – Gale of War (Guardian, Light)
  • Mikhail – Swift Sharpshooter (Striker, Earth)
  • Olivia – Coastal Warden (Sniper, Water)
  • Astrid – Free Spirit (Warrior, Water)
  • Helga – Legendary Dragon Knight (Striker, Water)
  • Zaira – Sable Tempest (Guardian, Fire)
  • Mikhail – Solitary Ranger (Sniper, Dark)
  • Helga – Dragon Hunter (Warrior, Dark)
  • Astrid – Blod Bladefighter (Sniper, Earth)
  • Krom – Royal Defender (Striker, Dark)
  • Olivia – Gifted Markswoman (Sniper, Earth)
  • Rosanna – Caleccian Pirate Queen (Guardian, Dark)
  • Lairei – Sunlight Princess (Striker, Light)
  • Lucilicca – Astute Dignitary (Warrior, Dark)

D Tier (Weak Characters)

Lord of Heroes Tier D Characters

This tier is reserved for weak characters with poor stats. They are best used as supplemental members of your team and can be useful if you need to fill out a specific role.

  • Dhurahan – Bearer of Responsibility (Guardian, Light)
  • Vanessa – Noble Royalty (Cleric, Fire)
  • Rashad – Third Archmage (Sniper, Fire)
  • Solphi – Fervid Researcher (Striker, Water)
  • Walther – Legendary Spellsword (Warrior, Light)
  • Nine – 3rd Experiment Subject (Guardian, Fire)
  • Dhurahan – Vengeful Warrior (Warrior, Dark)
  • Laphlaes – Elven Guardian (Commander, Light)
  • Joshua – Imperial Commander (Striker, Fire)
  • Nine – Synthetic Soldier (Sniper, Dark)
  • Vanessa – Dedicated Maestro (Guardian, Earth)
  • Baretta – Natural Born Luck (Warrior, Light)
  • Vanessa – Fallen Kingdom’s Heir (Cleric, Water)
  • Nine – Subject #9 (Warrior, Water)
  • Rashad – Imperial Traitor (Sniper, Light)
  • Lyn – Academy’s Rising Star (Guardian, Earth)
  • Baretta – Lucky Assassin (Striker, Fire)
  • Joshua – Glimmer of Hope (Cleric, Earth)
  • Ricardo – Lodoss Pirate Captain (Warrior, Fire)
  • Alev – Virtuous Revolutionary (Sniper, Light)

E Tier (Feeble Heroes)

Lord of Heroes Tier E Characters

This is the weakest tier in our Lord of Heroes tier list. Here you’ll find feeble characters with barely any stats or skills to speak of. They are best avoided unless you’re in dire need of a specific role that cannot be filled by anyone else.

  • Lyn – Avillonian Alchemist (Warrior, Water)
  • Solphi – Revolutionary Arcanist (Guardian, Dark)
  • Laphlaes – First Archmage (Sniper, Fire)
  • Joshua – Lone Hunter (Cleric, Dark)
  • Rashad – Curiosity Personified (Warrior, Water)
  • Charlotte – Telluric Spiritmancer (Cleric, Earth)
  • Johan – Gallant Knight (Warrior, Light)
  • Fram – Stout Defender (Guardian, Water)
  • Charlotte – Tidal Spiritmancer (Cleric, Water)
  • Dhurahan – Literary Lorekeeper (Warrior, Fire)
  • Schneider – Gentle Knight (Striker, Water)
  • Schneider – Virtuous Knight (Warrior, Earth)
  • Dhurahan – Noble Scion (Guardian, Earth)
  • Mei Ling – Shamaness of Balance (Sniper, Fire)
  • Helga – Wyrmfire Knight (Warrior, Fire)
  • Mei Ling – Shamaness of Harmony (Striker, Earth)

Lord of Heroes Tier List: Conclusion

This concludes our Lord of Heroes tier list, an invaluable resource for any aspiring hero collector. With this guide, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of all the heroes in the game ranked according to their power level and capabilities.

We also recommend checking out our tier list guides for other similar anime games such as Souls, Omniheroes, and Seven Knight: Idle Adventure. These guides offer a great starting point when building your teams, allowing you to make the most of your time and resources in these exciting anime RPGs. Happy gaming!

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