Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG Guide and Tips for Beginners

This guide includes essential tips and tricks to help new players get started and progress quickly in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG Guide and Tips for Beginners

Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG is the perfect role-playing game for pixel art enthusiasts. You can explore a world full of knights with unique skills and powerful weapons, giving you endless opportunities to collect and grow a powerful team. You can also create your own unique battle strategies, expand your empire, customize your characters, and take part in PvP and PvE battles with others.

In this guide, we will provide essential tips and tricks to help beginners get started the right way and progress swiftly in this exciting game. So let’s get started!

Understanding the gameplay basics

It will give you a strategic advantage

Before you start playing Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, it’s important to understand the game basics. The game uses a turn-based combat system where each character has its own special skill.

These skills can either be triggered manually once they are fully recharged, or automatically by using the auto-battle mode. You can also build structures and upgrade your characters, named knights, by using the game’s various currencies and resources such as:

  • Jewels – a premium currency used to buy certain things or coins in the Shop to summon heroes during special events or weapons. You can get them from quests, chapter Adventures, and Jewel Mines
  • Gold – can be used to level up heroes and weapons, and enhance runes. You can get it from Chapter Adventures, events, Castle Wall, or gold mines
  • Bread – it is required for progressing through the stages. It can be earned from Bakery, Bread Supply, Knight Stare, events, and Castle Wall
  • Building Material – required items for upgrading your buildings. They can be obtained from Requests, Sore, PvP Store, and Battle Pass
  • Scroll of Wisdom – required to level up your knights. These items can be acquired from dungeons, Chapter Adventures, Battle Pass, Requests, and Castle Wall rewards.

Add a personal touch to your profile

To show off your personality

Customizing the game profile

The first thing you should do after starting the game is to customize your profile. This way, you will make your profile distinctive from others and make it easier for other players to recognize in PvP battles.

You can start by picking a different avatar by tapping your default avatar and selecting one of the additional avatars. If you don’t have many options, don’t worry, you will get new ones as you summon more knights.

Additionally, you can add badges to your profile, which can be earned by completing Honor Achievements. You will only have 2 badge slots, but you get more as you level up the Knight Castle.

Recruit heroes the right way

Be selective and aim for the most powerful ones

To get the most out of your legend knight summons, you should consider summoning only in groups of 10. This will cost 3,000 jewels or 10 Knight Summon tokens, which is 10 times more than the usual price for a single summon, but it will increase your chances of obtaining a legend knight.

Moreover, for every 90 summons, you will get a guaranteed Legend knight drop, which is amazing.

Don’t forget that occasionally some heroes get a higher drop rate, such as the Agnes Rate Up as you see in the above image, make sure you also take advantage of these limited-time offers as well.

Create a powerful team of knights

A well-balanced team is key to success

Increasing the team size in Unknown Knights

There are multiple ways through which you can make your team of heroes more powerful, but the most important one is by increasing the team size. The maximum number of heroes you can have in your team is a key factor in determining how successful you are in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG.

After starting the game, you will be limited to having only three heroes in your team. To expand the size of your team, you must increase the King Castle’s grade.

Similarly, you want to place your knights strategically across the front, center, and back rows so that they can maximize their damage and protect each other more efficiently. You should also consider the power of synergy between your characters, as having a team with complementary skills can be very beneficial. You can use our Unknown Knights character ranking, as we ranked the best heroes in this game.

Grow your kingdom regularly

To get more rewards

Expanding the kingdom in Unknown Knights

What makes Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG different from other RPG mobile games is that it also offers a mix of strategy elements. We can create our own empire with various buildings that can either be used to improve our heroes or generate resources and other daily rewards.

As you can see in the above screenshot, if you visit the Manor page, a number of empty slots will appear on the screen. These spots can be filled with various buildings, such as Bakery, Knights Agency, or Altar of Light.

You can also construct mines that will produce gold, jewels, or runes, which are important resources in the game. Therefore, make sure you visit this page regularly to expand your kingdom and make sure you’re making the most of every building.

Keep upgrading the most important buildings

For better resource production and defense

Constructing new buildings is great, but it’s also important to keep upgrading the ones you already have. Doing this will greatly benefit your progression in the game. For example, upgrading the Bakery will generate more Bread, while upgrading the Knight Castle, which is the most important building in your kingdom, will offer you a series of benefits.

This includes higher base stats for all your heroes, more knight slots, and badge slots for your profile, more Manor slots and buildings unlocked, and much more. Upgrading buildings require coins and building materials, which can be earned by completing quests, and participating in various events in the game.

Claim your Wall’s loot chest rewards

It’s the easiest way to be rewarded

Collecting the Wall's chest rewards in Unknown Knights

Another interesting feature of Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, is the Wall. You can use this structure to garrison heroes to protect your kingdom from invaders. And the good news is that they will automatically fight enemies and collect rewards for you.

These rewards will be deposited in a special cheese and can be accumulated for a maximum duration of 10 hours, whether you’re online or offline. The items you get from this chest include jewels, summoning tokens, dungeon keys, coins, resources, building materials, and Scrolls of Wisdom.

The reward can be further increased by leveling up the garrisoned knights. So make sure to log in often and claim your rewards by tapping the wall and clicking the “Open All” button.

Level up and train heroes regularly

To get stronger and defeat tougher opponents

Trained hero example in Unknown Knights

Obviously, the higher the level of your knights, the better they will perform in battles. Unlike in other similar games, in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG you can level up your heroes either individually by using coins and Scrolls of Wisdom or by training them in the Training Camp.

In this building, you will notice multiple slots to which you can add heroes that will gain EXP. These slots will offer different bonuses that will increase your hero’s level faster. So make sure you add your best knights in the corresponding Training Camp slot to level them up faster.

Try different dungeon scenarios

To collect more unique items

This game offers 3 types of dungeon scenarios for you to conquer, each with its own specific rewards and conditions. You have the Goblin Eradication, which offers coins, Scrolls of Wisdom, and Knight EXP, and also the Trial of Light, which gives you Light Stones, items required to upgrade the Knight Castle.

There is also a third one called Secret Mine which becomes available after clearing Battle 34 in the Adventure mode. Each type of dungeon session requires its own type of key, so make sure you are stocked up.

Do your Daily and Weekly quests

They offer plenty of gems

Completed Daily and Weekly quests in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

Some of the best ways to speed up your progress in this game as a beginner are to complete daily and weekly quests. This will give you rewards such as jewelry, Summoning Tokens, and dungeon keys.

Make sure you complete 8 tasks every day and claim your rewards before the time runs out. If you manage to complete 8 tasks, you will also get the additional rewards displayed at the top of the Quests page.

Earn event rewards

To earn exclusive rewards and boost your kingdom’s growth

The Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG game has several events going on all the time. These events will offer you amazing rewards that will help you progress faster in the game. For instance, the Ad viewing event will offer you different rewards based on how many times you’ve watched ads.

The Jewel Usage event rewards you based on how many jewels you spend in the in-game shop, while the Play Time event, rewards you for your first 900 minutes of playtime. So make sure you take full advantage of the events available and maximize your rewards before they expire.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG guide and tips for beginners. If you follow the tips and tricks provided in this guide, you should find yourself leveling up quickly and defeating your enemies with ease. Good luck!

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