How to Gain Power in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

How to Create a Strong Team of Heroes in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG
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There is no secret that Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG is a fierce game of Idle RPG, where only the strongest and most powerful beginners manage to progress quickly in the game. You recruited some of the strongest heroes and equipped them with some of the best weapons in the game, but you still struggle with that level or boss fight.

While the two mentioned methods are essential for success, are only the first steps to make your deck of knights stronger. In this guide, you will learn how to gain power in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG and build a strong team that can overcome any challenge.

Increase your Knight Castle Grade

Knight Castle Grade 4 Benefits in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG
Knight Castle Grade IV benefits

Your Knight Castle can offer you some nice increases in ATK Power, and HP for your team of heroes. This will help them become even stronger and more effective against the various enemies you will encounter on your journey. These bonuses become more substantial as your Knight Castle Grade increases.

Plus, more features become available to you with each new grade, such as more Knight Slots (you will be able to add more knights to your team), add more badges on your profile, and so much more. However, this method is also the most challenging as it takes a lot of time to complete those tasks, but it is certainly worth doing.

To check your Knight Castle grade upgrade requirements, visit the Manor, and tap your Knight Castle. Next, press the “Promotion” button as you see in the above image.

Unlock and equip your best badges

Honor Points and Badge Slot power bonus in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

Another excellent way to increase your deck’s power is by completing Achievements. Each new Achievement you complete comes with a unique badge that offers a certain number of Honor Points.

The more Honor Points the badge has the higher and better thresholds you will be able to qualify for. But for that, you need to equip the badges with the highest number of points, and/or equip more badges.

For instance, since I have 2 badges each offering 60 points, I qualify for the second threshold in the game which is between 101 and 200 points, and offers an 8% increase in ATK and HP for my team/deck of heroes. Therefore, the more badges you unlock and increase your Honor Points, the better the bonuses will be for your team.

Recruit the best knights and weapons

Obviously, the quality of your deck will greatly influence how powerful it is. That’s why you should try to recruit and use only the best knights and equip them with the best weapons possible.

To have an idea of which are the strongest knights in the game, take a look at our Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG tier list where we ranked all heroes based on their skills and usability.

You should also make sure to regularly upgrade your knights and weapons, as this will further increase their power. The most effective way to get better knights and weapons is to summon them in draws of 10, which cost 3,000 Jewels each.

This will not only increase your chances of getting better knights and weapons but also help you unlock the summon bonus faster, which offers a Legend Knight or Weapon at every 90 summons.

Unlock more knight slots

Knight slots maximum number reached at current Knight Castle level

In the early stages of the game, your squad of knights will be quite limited in terms of available spots. However, you can increase the number of slots available to your team by leveling up your Knight Castle.

This will allow you to add more knights to your team, which can make a huge difference in the power of your squad. To have 6 knights at once on your deck, you need to upgrade your Night Castle to level 4.

Create a balanced team

While having the same heroes of the same faction can offer a great advantage in battle, having all heroes of the same class such as Warrior, Tank, or Mage, is not beneficial at all. That is because your team needs to be balanced if you want to be truly powerful. Melee knights can deal massive damage but they need healing and they have a short range.

Therefore you will need ranged knights as well so you can target enemies in the mid or back rows. And while ranged knights such as Sniper or Mage classes can be extremely powerful, they can be easily taken out by melee knights so you need tanks and at least a healer from the Support class to protect them.

That being said, consider building a mixed team of heroes from different classes to have greater chances in battle.

Use the best Faction

Knight Synergy bonus

One of the most efficient ways to make your heroes even more powerful is to take advantage of the Synergy bonus that the best faction offers you. This bonus will trigger when you have a squad of knights where all members belong to the same Faction.

For example, having a squad composed of 2 Light Faction heroes as I have in the above screenshot, will offer you a 30% ATK increase. If you manage to have all 9 knights on your deck belonging to the Light faction, you will get a huge 85% ATK increase bonus.

Of course, not all factions offer the same type of bonuses, but the Light and Fire factions are the best for increasing your deck’s power. Here’s what all Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG factions will offer you as Synergy bonuses:

  • Light Faction: increased ATK
  • Fire Faction: increased ATK
  • Wind Faction: increased ATK Speed
  • Water Faction: increased HP
  • Earth Faction: increased Defense
  • Machine Faction: increased Crit Rate

Gather more Jewels and rewards

Attendance Jewels Reward

Jewels are the most important in-game resource, so it is essential for you to accumulate a sufficient amount of them. You can get more Jewels in various ways such as completing Daily Quests, completing Adventure chapters, and collecting daily rewards.

Once you have at least 3,000 Jewels, you can use them to recruit more heroes or weapons or buy various items in the Knight Shop to make your team even more powerful. You can also participate in various events to get extra rewards that can help you enhance your team’s power.

Position your heroes properly

Knight proper positioning Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

In Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, we have 3 lines or rows where we can place our heroes. It is essential to position your heroes properly in order to take advantage of their skills and abilities.

That’s because melee knights have better performance and damage resistance when fighting in the front row, and will protect your ranged heroes from the critical damage they would otherwise receive.

You should consider putting your Tank, Assassin, and Warrior class knights in the front line, your Mage and Snipper knights in the middle line or back, and your Support heroes always in the back. This way you can maximize their effectiveness and increase your chances of winning the battle.

Unlock and play different game modes

Dungeon Rewards preview - Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

While the Adventure mode is quite fun and the first one we get the chance to try in the early game, there are several other game modes you can unlock and play. These game modes will offer better rewards and chances to strengthen your team even further.

But for that, you have to first clear a certain chapter in the Adventure mode, so is always wise to check them regularly and try them as soon as you unlock them.

Other gameplay modes include Ancient Tower (requires Adventure Stage 53 to be completed first), Expedition (requires Stage 72), and Arena (requires Stage 43).

Dungeons, on the other hand, can be unlocked much sooner and they are also a fantastic way to get rare items like Light Stones, Upgrade Powder, and Grind Stones which can be used for upgrading your knights, weapons, or Knight Castle.

FAQ on How to Gain Power in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

Why do my Honor Points not increase after completing Achievements?

The Honor Points number displayed on your profile in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, can only be increased by equipping more Badges or Badges that have the highest score.

How to get more Honor Points?

You can get more Honor Points in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG by completing Achievements. The list of Achievements can be seen by taping your profile picture and press the Honor Achievements button.

How to unlock or equip more Badges in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG?

You can unlock or equip more Badges in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG by increasing your Knight Castle grade. You get one new badge slot for each new Knight Castle grade, up to a maximum of 10 badge slots.

What is the best faction in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG?

There are actually 2 best factions Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, Fire and Light. Both factions offer a huge increase in terms of power.

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