How to Get More Jewels in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

This guide will show you the most effective ways to gain more Jewels in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, and what to use them for.

How to Get More Jewels in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG
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Like most games of this genre, Unknown Knights uses a premium currency called Jewels. They have many uses, but unfortunately, are not easy to obtain, or accumulate since most packages or items that you can buy with Jewels are not quite affordable. In this guide, we will present a few strategies that you can use to increase your Jewels, with or without spending real money in the game.

What are Jewels for in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

The most common use of Jewels in Unknown Knights is to summon knights and weapons. But you can also purchase various items in the Knight Shop, such as EXP Scrolls, Knight Summon Tokens, or Gold.

Knight Shop is a special building that you can construct inside your manor, and should not be confused with the regular Shop that you can access by tapping the Jewels icon at the top of your screen.

Additionally, you can use Jewels to buy 4 Special Gold Offers by tapping the gold amount displayed in the top-right corner. Each of the 4 daily supplies includes 50,000 Gold for 100 Jewels.

How to Get Jewels in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

1. Complete Honor Achievements

Completed Honor Achievements in Unknown Knights Pixel RPG

Honor Achievements are an excellent way to get more Jewels in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG. These are divided into 3 categories: Combat, Training, and Building Achievements. Completing them will reward you with Honor Points and 50 Jewels for each achievement.

While this may not seem like much, keep in mind that there are numerous achievements to complete and the rewards add up. Plus, most of them are fairly easy to do and include tasks like clearing one or two dungeon levels, reaching a certain character level, or collecting a certain number of Products from your most important buildings.

Not only that but completing Achievements can also help you gain more power in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG. To check access the Honor Achievements page and your progress, tap your avatar in the top-left corner, and press the “Honor Achievements” button at the bottom.

2. Check and collect Shop free deals

Shop Free Daily Jewels Pack in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

While the Shop includes mostly items for real money, you will occasionally find free rewards in the form of Jewels. This happens quite regularly and can be accessed by tapping the Jewels number displayed at the top. The first Shop section that includes free daily Jewels is the Package tab.

Here you will find 3 mini-tabs: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Each first pack of these 3 sections is free and will reward you with 100 Jewels, among other items like Exp Scrolls or Upgrade Powder that you could use to upgrade your best Unknown Knights characters. The next tab you should check every day is the Jewels tab. Here you have 3 free daily rewards, each one giving you 100 Jewels.

3. Check your Mailbox for jewel rewards

Mailbox jewel rewards

The great thing about this game is that it rewards you for being active or for major updates. You will regularly find rewards in your Mailbox, many of which are Jewels and other resources like Bread.

To check it you can tap the envelope icon in your top-right corner and press “Claim” as you see in the above screenshot. Bear in mind that these rewards have an expiration date, so make sure to claim them as soon as you can.

4. Finish stages with a 3-stars score

3-stars completed stages in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

I know how tempting is to advance as far and quickly as possible in Adventure mode, but if you are looking for Jewels then it is better to finish them with a 3-star score.

This will give you the best rewards, which include the highest number of Jewels per stage. Not only that, but you also have a Star progression bar as you see in the above screenshot.

The more stars you get, the quicker you will reach those 3 milestones: 100 Jewels for 18 accumulated stars, 300 Jewels for 40 stars, and 500 Jewels for 57 stars. To get 3 stars per stage, all your heroes must survive the combat. And the good news is that even if you finish with 1 or 2 stars, you can always improve your squad of heroes and try again.

5. Collect Wall Protection rewards

Wall Protection Jewels Reward in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

Wall Protection, as we described it in our Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG guide, is a good way to get free various items every day. While the number of Jewels and resources are not that great in the beginning they can still help.

The good news is that this reward increases each time you level up your garrisoned knights, so make sure to do that whenever you can. To collect this reward, press the Wall inside your Manor and hit the “Open All” button.

6. Complete event challenges

Pickup Jewels event rewards

Events are the best way to get Jewels in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG. Unfortunately, some of them, such as the “Pickup Jewel” event, can be quite difficult to complete. During this event, you will find 14 Jewel milestones with rewards ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 Jewels.

To complete them you will need to accumulate a certain number of points which are given based on the number of Pickup Knight Fragments and Weapons acquired from summons, and related to specific heroes or weapons.

In my case, I get 1 point for 1 Raven hero fragment and 20 points for each Banshee weapon. To get the first reward, which includes 1,000 Jewels, you will need 20 points, which may not be that hard to achieve if you are lucky enough to get 20 points from your first summon.

7. Visit the Attendance every day

Attendance Jewels Reward

The Attendance section rewards you with different items over 5 days. Among these, there is also a 200 Jewel reward that you get on the first day. There is also a second tier below the free one that includes 500 Jewels, but for that, you will need to purchase a premium pack.

Although you get the free Jewel reward on the first day, it would be wise to collect all of them as you will also receive Bread and some gero fragments. To access the Attendance, press the calendar icon on the right side of the Manor page.

8. Redeem Unknown Knights Codes

Another easy way to get yourself some instant rewards, including Jewels, is to use Unknown Knights codes. These promo codes are released by the game’s developers and they include great rewards like Jewels, Gold Coins, hero tokens, resources, and more. These codes are not always easy to find, but we will list them and update the list regularly.

9. Complete all 8 Daily Quests every day

Daily Quest Jewel Rewards

Daily quests are the quickest way for new players to get rewards in the game. But what I like about them is that they can also reward you with Jewels every day. Most of the 8 daily quests will give you 100 Jewels, and once you complete all of them, you will unlock the third bonus reward displayed at the top of the list, which includes 200 Jewels.

On the same page, there are also 8 weekly quests that can reward you with 150 Jewels each, but the bonus rewards do not include Jewels. To access the daily and weekly quests tap the “Quest” icon while on the Manor page.

10. Explore the benefits of a Premium Pack

Example of Jewels premium packs

Finally, if the free methods mentioned above are not enough for you, then the only option is to purchase a premium pack. The number of Jewels rewarded will depend on the type of pack you get, but some of them can offer you good value for your money. The advantage here is that you will get a bonus reward after you make your first purchase. This includes 500 Jewels and 100 Exp Scrolls.

Final Thoughts

Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG offers a ton of content and rewards, most of which are free. Therefore, if you are looking for more Jewels, all of the above-mentioned methods are your best bet. It might take some time to accumulate a good amount, but with patience and dedication, you can gather a nice chunk of this premium currency without spending real money.

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