Sea of Conquest Tips and Tricks for Building a Strong Fleet

Use these Sea of Conquest tips and strategies to become a master of the high seas, build a strong fleet, and dominate your opponents!

Sea of Conquest tips and tricks
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As we covered in our Sea of Conquest starting guide, this game offers players an exhilarating seafaring experience full of adventure, customization, and strategic battles. With a vast world to explore and challenging quests to conquer, you must navigate the treacherous waters of the Devil’s Sea and build your fleet with skilled crew members and a powerful flagship.

This may sound daunting, but fear not! Our guide is here to offer you useful Sea of Conquest tips for building a strong fleet and beating any challenge that comes your way. So, hoist the black sails and get ready to set sail on a thrilling pirate journey!

9. Start by customizing your game account

Customizing the game profile in Sea of Conquest
Customizing the game profile in Sea of Conquest

After starting the game and you have finished the tutorial, one of the first things you should do is customize your profile and link your game account.

First, you should choose a unique, memorable name and avatar, so that other players can easily identify you. After that, you can proceed to link your game account to your email or social media accounts to ensure that your progress is saved and can be restored if needed.

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To link your game account, tap your avatar in the upper-left corner, and press the cogwheel icon at the bottom. Next, tap the Account icon and press the Bind button for any of the 3 available options (I recommend Google).

Once your account is linked, you can easily switch between multiple accounts by pressing the “Switch account” button on the very same page. Keep in mind that switching between multiple farm accounts is not a mandatory option but is highly recommended if you want to speed up your progress.

8. Make sure you never run out of supplies

Cooking to produce supplies in SoC
Cooking to produce supplies

In Sea of Conquest, the supplies will be consumed as you sail. Insufficient supplies lower the crew’s morale, their efficiency, the productivity of the ship’s cabin, and the sailing speed. On top of that, if morale drops to zero, some sailors may flee your ship.

Therefore, you should make sure to have a sufficient amount of supplies at all times. You can obtain supplies by cooking various food recipes in the Galley cabin, or by sailing to the nearest dock.

To produce supplies by cooking, you will need various ingredients like maize, raw meat, berries, and more. These can be obtained from quests, plundering enemy ships, and gathering resources from the conquered resource nodes on land. To conquer a resource node, your ship must be docket at a nearby dock.

7. Trade valuable items and treasures for gold

Trading items for gold in Sea of Conquest
Trading items for gold

As a pirate, you’ll come across various valuable items and treasures during your adventures. These can be traded for gold at the Trading Venue at any port. The most valuable items are the ones found in treasure hunts.

To access treasure hunts, visit the treasure clues tab in the Tasks menu, the paper sheet icon located in the middle-left part of the screen. These items can fetch a significant amount of gold but is also quite challenging to find these treasures if they are located in an unexplored area.

6. Level up your best heroes and improve their skills

Upgrading a legendary hero in Sea of Conquest
Upgrading a legendary hero

In this pirate game, you can recruit various heroes with unique abilities and skills to join your crew. These heroes will play a crucial role in battles, so it’s essential to level them up and improve their skills to increase their effectiveness. But to make the most out of your Hero EXP items, you should focus on leveling up your best SoC heroes first.

There are 3 ways through which you can do this: by increasing their level, rank promotion, and skill upgrades. Leveling up your heroes is the most basic and straightforward method to increase their strength. You can level up your heroes by using EXP items earned from completing various quests and events or defeating enemies in naval battles.

Rank promotion requires multiple hero badges of the same hero earned from Lucky Draw of Rocky. This will also unlock additional skills for your heroes so make sure to promote them whenever possible. The skill upgrade feature becomes available after pushing your hero to at least level 15.

5. Slay sea monsters to get unique rewards

Attacking sea monsters for ship parts and resources
Attacking sea monsters for ship parts and resources

While exploring the seas, you may come across fearsome sea monsters. These monsters are often challenging to defeat but offer unique rewards if you manage to emerge victorious. The rewards from defeating them usually include resources and Adventure Experience, but the most sought-after reward is the ship part chests.

They are required to upgrade the upper part of your ships to make them more powerful. However, before engaging in a battle with a sea monster, make sure to check its strength and prepare accordingly as they can be quite formidable opponents.

4. Upgrade your ship to increase its power and defense

Upgrading the ships
Upgrading the ships in Sea of Conquest

Aside from leveling up your heroes, upgrading your ships is also crucial for success in Sea of Conquest. Upgrading your ships will increase their power and defense capabilities, making it easier to defeat enemies and conquer new territories.

You can upgrade your ships in 3 major ways: level increase, cabin upgrades, and mounting and upgrading various ship parts. For instance, increasing the level of one of your pirate ships will not only increase its stats such as power, cabin space, armor, attack, and capacity but also unlock more ship parts slots.

Some ships require only gold to increase their level while the more powerful ones will require additional materials and resources.

Upgrading ship cabins will also increase their storage and efficiency in producing supplies and unlock various features that will help you in your journey. Mounting and upgrading ship parts will provide various bonuses such as increasing attack power, reducing damage taken, or increasing sailing speed.

3. Always have a balanced team of heroes with different abilities

There are 4 hero classes in Sea of Conquest: Captain, First Mate, Gunner, and Jack-of-all-trades. The best class in our opinion is the Captain. They can specialize in leading the crew and commanding the ship while also offering powerful buffs for their teammates in combat.

The second most powerful hero class is the First Mate. They assist the captain in managing the crew when fighting in their specific position. Gunner is also a fantastic hero class as they specialize in artillery attacks.

And finally, Jack-of-all-trades heroes are versatile and can fill in any role if needed. That is why it is crucial to have a balanced team with a mix of different hero classes to maximize their effectiveness in naval battles or close combat.

2. Use your Storm Horn to explore the sea and discover new ports

Using the Storm Horn artifact to increase sailing speed
Using the Storm Horn artifact to increase sailing speed

Sailing and exploring the Devil’s Sea can be exciting but at the same time a bit dull (at least in the early stages of the game). This is because your first ship has a slow sailing speed, and the sea is vast. Luckily, you can use the Storm Horn artifact to explore the sea faster and discover new ports for trading or looting.

The Storm Horn has limited uses but recharges every day, so make sure to use it strategically and prioritize exploring uncharted territories. To use this special item, tap the Artifacts icon at the bottom of your screen and press the Horn icon in the artifact tree while sailing. Similarly, you should use the Golden Compass artifact daily to discover hidden treasures.

1. Complete daily quests for rewards and bounty points

Completed daily quests example
Daily quests menu

Daily Quests are another excellent way to earn resources that can help any new player progress faster throughout the game. Various daily quests are available, each with different objectives such as defeating a certain number of enemies, completing expeditions, or donating to the guild.

Completing these quests will give you iron, wood, and Bounty Points. These are automatically used to unlock the chests you see in the above screenshot.

There are 6 daily chests and each of them offers Adventure Experience, speedups, Smuggling Warrant currency that you can use to purchase various goods in the Black Market, and some loot boxes. Make sure you open these chests daily and complete as many quests as possible to reap the rewards!

I hope these tips will help you on your journey to becoming a successful pirate in this engaging mobile game! Remember to upgrade your ships and heroes regularly and be consistent in completing quests to earn valuable rewards. Happy sailing!

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