Sea of Conquest Tier List for the Best and Worst Heroes

Looking for the best pirate characters in Sea of Conquest? Our tier list ranks all heroes to help you build a tough crew and rule the seas.

Sea of Conquest tier list best heroes
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Sea of Conquest has everything you could want in a pirate adventure game – exploration, customization, battles, and treasure hunts. As the Captain of your own ship, you’ll navigate uncharted waters, build your fleet and flagship, gather a crew, and engage in thrilling duels with other pirates.

Our tier list ranks all the heroes in the game so you can pick the strongest captains and gunners for your fleet. With this guide, you will be able to defeat sea monsters and rival pirates with ease.

S Tier (Best Pirate Heroes)

In this tier, we ranked the best captains and gunners with the highest stats, and strongest skills and abilities.

Sea of Conquest tier list: S-tier Characters
  • Ophelia (Captain, Legendary)
  • Barnacle (Captain, Legendary)
  • Bones (Captain, Legendary)
  • Sharky (First Mate, Legendary)
  • Griffin (Captain, Legendary)
  • Lester (Captain, Legendary)

At the top of our Seo of Conquest tier list, we have Ophelia. She is by far (at least up until season one) the strongest pirate captain in this game. Since she is an S1 character, she has a major advantage over the other regular legendary heroes, and that is having 5 skills instead of 4.

She specializes in artillery damage, and she can cause massive damage to her rivals in naval combat. But that’s not all; she is also a great hero for close combat, packing some impressive AoE bonuses and can inflict a Panic effect on enemies.

A-Tier Heroes (Strong)

In this tier, we ranked characters with good stats, and skills but not as high as the S tier. However, when paired with any of the heroes from the previous tier, they can be very effective.

Sea of Conquest tier list: A-tier Heroes
  • Luna (Gunner, Legendary)
  • Boa (First Mate, Legendary)
  • Old Ahab (Captain, Legendary)
  • Cordelia (Jack of all trades, Legendary)
  • Will (First Mate, Epic)
  • Lord Kojo (First Mate, Epic)

The top-ranking hero in our A tier is Luna. Unlike Ophelia, she specializes in close combat and is capable of dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. Her skills also provide buffs for her allies, making her a valuable addition to any fleet.

She may not have the highest stats or as many skills as Ophelia, but when paired with any of the S-tier characters, they make an unbeatable team.

B-Tier Characters (Average)

These characters have average stats and skills. They are not necessarily bad but may require more strategy or team composition to be effective in battles.

Sea of Conquest tier list: B-tier Heroes. Oscar character on the right side
  • Oscar (Gunner, Epic)
  • Madame Lulu (First Mate, Epic)
  • Ned (Gunner, Epic)
  • Eileen (First Mate, Epic)
  • Mad Dog (Gunner, Epic)
  • Cursed Ed (Jack of all trades, Epic)

Oscar is the first pirate character in our B-tier. While he may be the top-performing hero in this tier, he and the rest of the B-tier characters are best used in the early-mid game as they lack the stats and abilities to compete with higher tiers. Oscar’s skills focus on increasing his own damage output, and can cause some decent naval damage when paired with the right heroes.

C-Tier Pirates (Weak)

In the lowest tier, we ranked the weakest heroes in Sea of Conquest. They have low stats and limited or ineffective skills. It is recommended to avoid using these heroes in your fleet if possible.

Sea of Conquest tier list: C-tier Characters
  • Zola (Captain, Rare)
  • Betty (First Mate, Rare)
  • Armstrong (Gunner, Rare)
  • Gunner (Gunner, Rare)
  • Henry Hell (Jack of all trades, Rare)

At the bottom of our tier list is Zola, a good starting character for new players to get familiar with the game mechanics. While she may not be as strong as other characters on this list, she performs well in the early stages of the game in naval and close combat and can still be a valuable asset. Zola’s skills focus on increasing her own stats and debuffing enemies, but she lacks any major damage-dealing abilities.


Having a mighty fleet of ships and heroes is essential in the Sea of Conquest mobile game if you want to dominate the seas. By using this tier list, you’ll have a better understanding of which heroes are the best for your fleet and how to strategically use them in battles. Don’t forget to also pay attention to their stats, and skills, and regularly upgrade your ships to stay ahead of the competition.

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Sea of Conquest tier list best heroes
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