Rise of Cultures Treasure Hunt: All You Need To Know

Pirates, mysterious islands, and buried treasures. Learn everything you need to know about the Rise of Cultures Treasure Hunt event!

rise of cultures treasure hunt guide
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The Treasure Hunt event is probably the most intriguing and popular event in Rise of Cultures. It is a server-wide event that occurs every week and offers alliances the chance to earn rewards and compete against each other. This complete guide to Treasure Hunt will tell you everything you need to know to make the most of this event!

What is the Rise of Cultures Treasure Hunt?

The Treasure Hunt is a special event that takes place every week in the Rise of Cultures game. During this event, you and your alliance will have to complete a series of encounters on pirates’ islands, over 6 days to earn special rewards. On each encounter, you will either have to fight or negotiate your way through.

There are 20 encounters in total on each island, and every fifth encounter will be with a boss opponent which will reward you with valuable prizes if you are victorious.

However, after starting the event, you will have a total of 4 encounters (in other words, you can progress checkpoints), but you will receive one new encounter after every 90 minutes until you have a total of 4.

How to take part in the Rise of Cultures Treasure Hunt

How to access the Treasure Hunt event in Rise of Cultures game

To be able to participate in the Rise of Cultures Treasure Hunt event, you first need to join or create an alliance. Once you have done this, you can access the event each Tuesday from the “Treasure Hunt” tab visible in the menu at the bottom of the screen and it will take you to a mysterious island where you can start your journey of winning treasures.

Negotiate or fight?

After entering the event, you need to tap the skull visible on the island, which represents your first challenge. You will then be presented with two options – to fight or negotiate your way through the encounter. If you choose to fight, you will need to defeat the pirates in combat in order to progress.

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If you choose to negotiate, you will be asked to give them a certain amount of resources in exchange for safe passage. Personally, I choose to fight in most cases because I don’t want to spend resources, or goods, especially in the first half of encounters and because the enemy is not that strong.

The negotiation process

Pirates negotiation in Rise of Cultures Treasure Hunt

If you choose to negotiate, you will have to supply the right resource for each of the 5 pirates. If you are super-lucky and offer the right resources the first time, the pirates will let you progress to the next encounter.

If not, you’ll have 3 tries in total to get it right, and if you fail all three times, you will have to start the negotiation again or choose to fight.

The good news is that after each failure, they will give you a hint as to what kind of resource they want, or if that resource or coins are required by any of the pirates or not (see the screenshot).

The bad news is that you will need to ensure that you have enough resources, coins, or units to satisfy all 5 pirates to progress.

If you choose to fight

Treasure Hunt fight

If you choose to fight, you will need to defeat the enemy units in combat in order to progress. The number and strength of the units will depend on your progress in the event, as the further you get, the stronger the enemy will be, the boss opponents in particular.

The battle strategy is the same as in any other battle in the game – ranged units at the back, melee units in the middle, and cavalry units at the front. Also, using the right heroes and their special skills as soon as they are fully charged can give you a significant advantage in battle.

How to prepare for the Treasure Hunt event

The first thing you need to do to be prepared for the Rise of Cultures Treasure Hunt event is to gather enough food, coins, and other goods such as bronze bracelets, wool, alabaster idols, and so on.

The second thing is to train new units after each fight to ensure that you will have an army strong enough to defeat the next pirates. You can also save time and resources by using Refill tickets you get from the event to instantly train your units.

My last tip, as I mentioned in my previous Rise of Cultures guide, would be to ensure you have at least 4 workers available if you choose to fight so that you can quickly start training new units after each fight.

The mysterious Islands

Treasure Hunt islands

There are 3 islands so far, that you and your alliance can explore during the event, the first one being the easiest, while the third island is the most difficult. But with each island you explore, the chances of winning more valuable prizes also increase!

But to advance to the second and third islands, you must, first of all, have completed all encounters on the previous island, and all members of the same alliance need to donate attempts until the required amount is reached. For example, for the third island, a total of 140 attempts must be donated.

It’s a team effort!

The Treasure Hunt event is all about working together as a team to progress as far as possible and win the most valuable prizes. The only thing you could do to help your alliance is to actively participate in the event and complete as many encounters as possible and donate attempts to unlock all the islands.

By completing encounters, more Alliance Checkpoints will be unlocked from all completed encounters of every alliance member, which will offer additional rewards, a highlighted chest visible at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, if your alliance does well in the ranking against other randomly selected Alliances, all members of your alliance will receive additional research points as a reward at the end of the event.

The Rewards

The Pirate Fortress reward in Rise of Cultures
The Pirate Fortress reward

This event is all about the rewards, and there are plenty of them! By completing Encounters, you will earn different kinds of Culture Sites, which are great for boosting your city’s happiness, units refill tickets, food, coins, Gears to unlock World Wonders, and other goods.

You can even get Mercenary Commanders that will join your cause and help you in battle, but unfortunately, they can be used only once.

But, the most valuable prize of all is the Pirate Fortress, a special structure that can be upgraded to level 41 and can significantly reduce your unit recruitment and generate Research Points each day.


The Treasure Hunt event is a great way to earn rewards, but it can be quite challenging. You must work together with your alliance to progress as far as possible and unlock all the islands. The rewards are definitely worth it, so don’t give up!

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