12 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Playing Valkyrie Idle

Here is a list of essential tips and tricks to help new players have a great start in Valkyrie Idle, an exciting Idle RPG game.

Valkyrie Idle Guide and Tips for Beginners
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Valkyrie Idle is an exciting game that gives players complete control over their journey to protect the world of Valkyrie and find the gods. The game is set in an immersive world based on Norse Mythology, where players can collect companions and equip powerful gear to grow their characters.

Your main objective in this game is to battle fearsome enemies and enormous world bosses so you can progress through the story. Kind of a similar experience to what we’ve seen in Seven Knights and other Idle RPG mobile games. But as a beginner, there are a few things you need to be aware of to improve your leveling progress and get more rewards. Here are 12 essential tips and tricks for that:

Gather and understand the main resources

Valkyrie Idle - the main currencies in the game

The first step after starting your Valkyrie Idle journey is to understand its various in-game currencies and resources. Here’s a brief overview of them:

  • Gold – is the main currency required to upgrade your Valkyrie character’s attributes.
  • Crystals – this currency is required for upgrading your equipment
  • Rubies – you can use this currency to purchase Costumes and shop summons
  • Runes – these are required to upgrade your Companions
  • Special Points – you can use these to upgrade your Valkyrie’s Specials
  • Orbs – these special items can be used for purchasing new Valkyrie characters
  • EXP – experience is required to level up your Valkyrie characters.
  • Transcendence Stones – these items can be used on transcending Equipment and Companions.
  • Vault Ticket of Gods – you will need these to enter the Vault of the Gods.

Understanding the combat mechanics

Valkyrie Idle is an idle RPG, which means your character/hero will fight automatically. However, this does not mean that it makes you a complete spectator. You will still need to constantly pick better characters and costumes for them (our character ranking list will help you do this), and upgrade them as high as possible using the currencies mentioned previously.

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You will also need to equip your Valkyrie heroes with powerful gear and summon some of the best companions to help you in your battles, plus other similar upgrades. As you see, there are plenty of tasks and strategies to keep you busy and progress your game.

Take advantage of the free buffs

What I like about Valkyrie Idle in particular is that you get free buffs every day. There are 3 buffs you can activate every 30 minutes and as you see in the above screenshot, they include a 3x attack power boost, a 2x experience boost, and the third buff, a 2x increase in earned gold.

All you need to do to activate them is to press the green button for each of the 3 buffs. The first time they will be activated instantly. After that, you can repeat them every 30 minutes by watching a short ad.

Therefore, make sure you keep an eye on their durations and activate them as soon as possible as they can significantly increase your combat power, and your overall progress in the game.

Don’t stick to one hero for too long

In Valkyrie Idle there are over 14 characters to upgrade to, and each of them has unique abilities and stats. Trying new heroes can be a great way to increase your power and be able to take down more powerful enemies.

Unlike other games where you can switch between characters/heroes, Valkyrie Idle only lets you unlock better ones. They are basically an upgrade of your Valkyrie character and you cannot switch back to a previous hero.

To unlock new heroes, you will need to reach a certain level (displayed next to your avatar in the top-left corner) and pay a certain amount of Orbs earned from dungeons. That said, don’t be afraid to spend your Orbs and upgrade to stronger heroes or your progress can become limited.

Always summon in bulk

Valkyrie Idle gives us 3 summon options in the in-game shop: summon one piece of equipment or companion at a time, 10 at a time, or 30. Above these three buttons, there is also a chest with a summon level displayed on top of it as you see in the above image, and a progress bar.

Each time you fill the bar, which depending on your current summon level will require certain summons (e.g. 50, 100), your summon level will be increased and will reward you with a free item. This will also offer you better chances of getting higher quality items or companions.

This is why summoning in groups of 10 or 30 is always recommended. Not only will help you increase the summon level faster but will also increase your chances of getting better quality items or companions on each summon.

Turn the Rush mode on when you are ready

This is a thing you need to pay attention to. As your hero and companions fight through the neverending enemy hoards, your progress will be halted if they are not powerful enough to beat the boss at the end of a stage. At that point, the game will automatically switch to a Repeat mode and it will stay that way until you turn the Rush mode back on.

Playing on repeat is great for accumulating gold and EXP to increase your level, but you won’t be able to progress until you turn Rush mode on, which can be done by tapping the “Repeat” icon at the top of your screen. But before you do that, make sure you first upgrade your character and companions enough to be able to defeat the final boss.

Do your Daily and Weekly Missions

Daily and Weekly missions are a fantastic way to accumulate more Rubies in Valkyrie Idle. As the name suggests, Daily Missions will offer you a series of different missions to complete every day.

While some can be collected directly, other missions will require you to watch an ad to claim your Ruby reward, which is not very exciting, but it is what it is. Weekly Missions, on the other hand, are much more rewarding; they require you to complete certain tasks within a week and offer slightly larger amounts of Rubies.

At the top of each of these two sections, there is also an additional reward that requires 9 Daily or 11 Weekly Missions and offers you a generous Ruby reward. Keep in mind that you must collect your rewards for your completed missions before the day or week is over, otherwise, you will lose them.

Upgrade and synthesize your equipment

Another fundamental part of the game is equipment. You will have to collect and upgrade your character’s gear to make them stronger and increase their stats. The best way to do this is by using the Synthesize option, which allows you to merge multiple similar pieces of gear and create a stronger one.

To do that, visit the Equipment tab and press the “Synthesize All” button under each of the 3 tabs, Weapon, Gloves, and Boots, and the game will automatically merge all items for you.

After that, press the “Auto equip” button located right next to the previous button, to automatically equip your character with the best gear you may have. Remember to do this after each bulk summon.

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Similarly, you want to upgrade your best equipment items as well. For that, press any of the equipped items and tap the “Upgrade” button as many times as you need, to increase its stats and level.

This will cost you Crystals, so make sure you have enough of it. You can also speed up this process by pressing and holding the “Upgrade” button, but again, ensure you have enough Crystals before proceeding.

Unlock and try new gameplay modes

Dungeon modes Valkyrie Idle

While the campaign mode is the main focus of Valkyrie Idle, you should also try some of its extra gameplay modes such as Dungeons, Vaults, Tower floors, Arena, and challenging World Bosses.

For instance, there are 3 types of Dungeons, each offering a different currency as a reward: Crystals, Rune, and Orbs. Each run will cost you 1 Dungeon Ticket, so make sure your team of Valkyrie and companions are strong enough before entering any Dungeon.

The last two, however, are not available in the beginning and require you to first clear the stages 25-10 for Arena, and 30-10 to enter the World Boss mode, but the effort is worth it. All of these extra modes will help you become stronger and progress faster in the game, so make sure to unlock and try them as often as possible.

Save your progress regularly

This is the first time I see such feature for a mobile game. While the majority of mobile games offer automatic save, apparently in Valkyrie Idle you must do it manually. This feature is located under the Menu, in the top-right corner.

Pressing the “Save” option will save your data to your Google account, which you can access on other devices as well. You should save your progress regularly to avoid losing your game progress in case of a device issue or switching.

Upgrade your Valkyrie hero constantly but wisely

Besides unlocking/promoting your Valkyrie hero as I mentioned earlier, you should as well upgrade your Valkyrie regularly to make her stronger. This can be done in the Attributes and Specials tabs, and each upgrade will cost you Gold and Special Points.

But the good news is that these upgrades do not reset when you unlock better heroes. However, there is a catch: you should prioritize the stats and options that matter most.

In our opinion, in the Attributes section, ATK is the one you should focus on the most, followed by CRIT, and Critical ATK. The Specials tab has a few more options but we suggest focusing mainly on these 3: ATK, Experience Gain, and Gold Drop.

The ATK boost will make your hero stronger, while the Experience Gain is essential for unlocking better Valkyries. The Gold Drop will offer you more gold from defeating enemies.

Collect your Rest Bonus in time

Rest Bonus

As a beginner to Valkyrie Idle, you should always remember to collect your Rest Bonus on time. This bonus is extremely useful since it can help you make great progress in the game by giving you Gold, Experience, and a massive chest with random items like Equipment and various currencies.

The only catch is that the bonus can be accumulated for a maximum duration of 24 hours, after which it will expire. So make sure to collect your Rest Bonus before the timer runs out.

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