Gold and Goblins Tips and Tricks for Clearing Mines Like a Pro

Learn how to make your way like a pro through the treacherous mines with these handy Gold and Goblins tips and tricks!

Gold and Goblins tips and tricks
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Gold and Goblins is a fun idle mine game where you can enjoy amazing graphics and smooth gameplay. The game consists of building strategies and using merge mechanics to upgrade your goblin miners in order to speed up your progress through the vast collection of mines.

But that’s not all you can do for a better gold mining performance. In this guide, we provide you with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to become a pro in clearing mines faster and better in Gold and Goblins.

Increase the gold production first

Increasing the gold production in Gold and Goblins

The first thing you need to do after starting a new mine is to increase your gold production by doubling or tripling the amount of gold produced by the Forge. This ensures you have enough gold to spawn enough goblins for a good start.

Similarly, once you claim and activate your first mineshaft, upgrade it as much as you can to increase the production rate. For that, all you need to do is to tap them as soon as they become green, which means you have enough gold to perform the upgrade.

Clear all the rocks

The rocks in Gold and Goblins are the main obstacles between your goblins and the gate. Now, you could just clear them in a straight line, and aim for the gate, but that’s not going to be the most efficient way.

Instead, you should clear all the rocks as they will not only offer you gold but also essential items like Gems, which are the premium currency in the game.

They might also contain hidden chests and elixirs required for upgrading your cards and automating your activated mineshafts. So destroy all the rocks you come across to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Merging Goblins is not always the best option

Merging goblins in Gold and Goblins
Merging goblin

Goblins are your main workforce in Gold and Goblins and should be constantly merged to speed up the progress of getting through mine levels.

Merging higher-leveled Goblins will provide faster and more consistent power for breaking down rocks and structures, allowing you to progress through the levels faster with less hassle.

But is not always necessary. For instance, while taking part in longer runs such as an event, it is best to spread out your Goblins before going to bed so that they will be working on multiple rocks, and/or the gate for as long as possible until you wake up. This way you can make the most of your Goblin power and clear mines like a pro!

Place your goblins strategically

Placing the goblins strategically - two goblins on the same rock
Two goblins on the same rock

To ensure a faster mining time for your goblins, you should put two goblins to work at the same rock, and stagger their positions so that they don’t block each other’s path.

Additionally, when you approach a gate, make sure that all your available goblins fit in that same area so that they can all work on that gate at the same time. If not, merge some of them to create a larger and more powerful Goblin.

Prioritize precious items

Smashing rocks is a good way to get gold continuously and progress through the game, but don’t forget to prioritize collecting precious items like gems and elixirs.

These items will help you upgrade your cards, automate your activated mineshafts, and progress even faster. Therefore, make your way through the rocks and collect the precious items as soon as possible.

Upgrade the right Cards regularly

Upgrading Cards in Gold and Goblins
Upgrading Cards

Cards are the most crucial aspect of Gold and Goblins because your gold profit and your progress velocity depend on them. Each card represents either a type of mineshaft or an option for increasing the rewards from rocks, decreasing the goblins’ spawn time, and much more.

Therefore, it is important to upgrade them as soon as you have the required resources. But that’s not all, you should also think about which cards to prioritize.

Depending on the mine level you are at, you should prioritize upgrading cards for the mineshafts that are currently available, even if they are not yet activated. However, the most important card is the Forge, and this should be your main priority, no matter what level you are at.

Spin the Wheel

Spinning the wheel in Gold and Goblins
Spinning the wheel

Spinning the wheel is a great way to get more goblins, gems, or items that can help you decrease the time required for breaking a gate.

You have one free spin every day and 5 more that you can get access to by watching a short video ad. Use these on a daily basis as they can really help you progress in the game.

Blast gates to advance faster

The big cannon you see in the mine will constantly spawn gold, goblins, and other useful items such as dynamites. The most important use of Dynamite is to quickly blast away gates, and rocks that are blocking your path or preventing you from entering a new mine.

They can also be used to instantly repair mineshafts. Use them when they spawn by dragging them over the desired location. Doing this can save you a lot of time.

Try the events to earn great rewards

Gold and Goblins event leaderboard rewards
Leaderboard rewards preview

The events in Gold and Goblins offer the best rewards possible in the game. They last for a limited period and your main objective during an event is to collect as many purple crowns as possible, so you can climb the leaderboard. The higher your position, the better your rewards.

The rewards include gems, elixirs, speedups, and different types of chests containing large amounts of elixir and resources required for upgrading your cards.

You will also have the opportunity to collect keys, where each key will unlock a consecutive reward. Some key stages will also offer you a badge or medal, which will cover in more detail below. The event rewards can be claimed at the end of the event.

Boost your gold profit

The key to a faster progression in Gold and Goblins is to increase your gold profit. To do this, you need to upgrade your cards regularly and make sure that your workers are efficient.

But did you know that you can also double the amount of gold produced by your mineshafts for a limited time? If you want to take advantage of this, tap the boost TV icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen, and watch a short video ad.

Once the video ad is finished, tap the “x” icon that appears at the top-right corner and your boost will be activated for 3 hours. You can also increase this duration by watching additional video ads, as you see in the above screenshot.

Claim your free Wooden Chest periodically

Claiming the free wooden chest
The free wooden chest

The Store section in Gold and Goblins offers lots of premium packages for those who want to invest real money into the game. The great thing about the Store section, however, is that it also offers a free chest called “Wooden Chest” that can be claimed every 4 hours.

You can also watch a video ad to get an additional opportunity, once you have claimed the free chest. This chest can contain useful items such as gems, elixirs, and cards which will help you progress faster in the game. So make sure you check the Store regularly and claim your free chest whenever it’s available.

Activate and automate all Mineshafts

Automating Mineshafts

Same to the Forge, mineshafts are also very important in Gold and Goblins. Make sure that all of your mineshafts are activated and automated, so you can maximize your gold profit.

Automating your mineshafts will also save you time since they will continue to produce and claim the gold for you, even if you are offline.

Although the automatization process is not required to get to the next mine level, you will need to repair and activate all mineshafts, before being able to pass the gate to the next mine.

Use Small Time Skip potions

Using a Small Time Skip potion

Gates require the most time to be passed and are the most difficult obstacle you will find in a mine. To speed up the process, you can use Small Time Skip potions. These items reduce the remaining time of a gate and can be found in the Store.

They can be purchased with tokens of the same name from chests and event rewards and each item can decrease the required time by 1h.

Similarly, if you have progressed far enough and the duration of a gate is too long, you can use your gems to buy Medium (4H) or Large Time Skip potions (12h).

A medium potion costs 150 gems, while a large one 350. It’s the best use of your gems, so make sure to use them if you have accumulated enough.

Collect Medals & Badges

Medals and badges reward preview
Medals and badges reward preview

Badges and Medals are kind of like an achievement system in Gold and Goblins. You can collect them by completing certain quests or reaching a specific milestone in the game. Badges will give you extra rewards too, such as gems and even cards.

The requirements include reaching a certain mine level, collecting a certain number of keys during an event, qualifying among the top-ranking players in an event, and so on.

To access the Badges and Medals section and check your progress, simply tap on the small badge icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

Need more gold? Take a break!

Doubling the accumulated gold while being offline in Gold and Goblins
Doubling the accumulated gold while being offline

The more you progress in this game and spawn more goblins, the higher the cost of your upgrades will be. You will soon find out that you need a lot more gold and the Forge and mineshaft upgrades simply can’t keep up with your needs.

At this point, you might want to take a break for a few hours and return afterward. The reason for that is that the game will continue to collect the gold for you even if you take a break. What’s even better, is that the accumulated gold amount can also be doubled by watching a video ad.


Gold and Goblins is a fun and exciting game that requires strategy, dedication, and time to truly enjoy. By following the tips mentioned in this guide, you will be able to progress faster and get better rewards more quickly. Make sure to take advantage of doubling your rewards as often as possible, and you’ll be sure to clear the mines like a pro. Have fun!

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