Top Troops Adventure RPG Guide and Tips

If you are new to Top Troops: Adventure RPG, this guide will help you get started and understand the basics of this fantasy medieval game.

Top Troops Adventure RPG Guide and Tips

Top Troops: Adventure RPG is the latest mobile game by Zynga, the creators of popular titles like Farmville, and Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells. This free-to-play fantasy RPG offers a unique blend of strategy and merge mechanics, making it easy to try but hard to master. With epic battles, exciting game modes, and over 50 different squads to collect, players must build their armies and lead them against the forces of evil that have taken over King’s Bay.

This Top Troops Adventure RPG guide is for new players who want to learn the basics of the game and improve their gaming experience. It provides tips, tricks, and strategies to help beginners build their armies, customize their troops, and dominate in battles.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG Gameplay Basics

Top Troops: Adventure RPG is about rebuilding a kingdom that evil forces have taken over. You have to use your army to defeat the Dark army and build various buildings that will help you generate resources. For that, you will need a strong army of units like the ones ranked in the S or A tiers of our Top Troops Adventure RPG tier list.

In battles, you can only use a few characters at a time, but by merging them, you can make stronger versions of those units. This will increase your combat power and help you beat higher-ranked enemies. Battles are automatic, so all you have to do is place your characters strategically and watch them fight, as seen in the above video.

Exploring the Game Modes in Top Troops: Adventure RPG

One of the things I like about this game is that it has different game modes that you can unlock at certain levels. This keeps the game exciting and gives you new challenges as you level up.

The first and only mode you start with is Adventure, where you have to defeat enemies and clear out small portions of the map to construct certain buildings that will help you become stronger.

As you level up, you can unlock new modes like Arena, Ancient Battle, Tower of Factions, or the Magic Island. Each mode has its own maps, reset time, and special rewards that make playing the game even more fun! Here is a full list of the game modes available in Top Troops:

  • Adventure: This is the main game mode in Top Troops: Adventure RPG. Your objective is to clear new map areas, place buildings, and collect resources
  • Arena (at level 7): Setup your best team and defeat other players to climb up the League leaderboards. It resets weekly.
  • Ancient Battle (at level 9): Defeat Ancient enemies and climb tiers. Deal as much damage as possible and reach the top positions for the best rewards. It resets daily.
  • Events & Quests (at level 10): Complete new tasks and beat all the levels of each event to collect special rewards. The special missions are only available for a few hours.
  • Chambers of Destiny (at level 11): Search for the lost treasure in each of the 3 floors. You can only fail 3 times. It resets every 2 days.
  • Magic Island (at level 13): Complete special missions and defeat powerful enemies. The resets are taking place every 2 weeks from Thursday to Sunday.
  • Tower of Fate (at level 15): Climb up the tower and defeat powerful enemies on each floor (100 floors in total). It resets weekly.
  • Tower of Factions (at level 20): This is no doubt the most challenging mode. It has tough enemies, and various restrictions, and only 2 factions can participate. Resets every 28 days.
  • Clan Wars: Coming soon.

How to Unlock New Units

The units, also known as characters, are the key to winning battles in Top Troops. To unlock new characters, you need shards, where 10 shards equal one draw in the Summoning Pit, which can be accessed by pressing the Summon button in the lower left corner of your screen.

Celestial Summon drop rates in Top Troops Adventure RPG

There are 4 types of summoning shards, the most common one being the Essential Summon Shards. They can be obtained via rewards from quests, Adventure wins, Arena Market, Royal Season, and Merchant. Here are all the Summoning Shards and their drop rates:

  • Essential Summon Shards: 0.12% for Legendary units, 0.67% for Epic, 8.20% for Rare, and 9.20% for Common
  • Faction Summon Shards: 0.57% for Legendary units, 3.33% for Epic, 41% for Rare, and 45% for Common
  • Legendary Summon Shards: 0.80% for Featured Legendary units, 0.02% for regular Legendary units, 0.67% for Epic, 8.20% for Rare, and 9% for Common.
  • Celestial Summon Shards: 2.50% for Featured Legendary units, 0.07% for regular Legendary units, 0.67% for Epic, 8.20% for Rare, and 8.80% for Common.

How to Upgrade Characters

How to upgrade units Top Troops: Adventure RPG
Upgrading units in Top Troops: Adventure RPG

Units or characters in Top Troops can be upgraded to increase their power and make them stronger in battles. To upgrade a character, you can simply tap it and press the Level Up button. Next, you will need Squad Coins, a special currency that is automatically generated by the Squad Coins Mine (150 per hour at level 1).

Once you upgrade a unit to level 10, additional materials will be required depending on the unit’s rarity and faction.

The extra materials include Stone, Wood, Seeds, Animal Pelt, and Common Dust, to name a few. A second way to upgrade your characters is to level up their skills, a feature that becomes available after reaching player level 9 (the one that is displayed near your avatar).

Completing Missions for Fast Progression

Completed missions in Top Troops Adventure RPG

Missions are an excellent way to earn rewards and progress fast in Top Troops. They can be completed by doing various tasks, like upgrading characters or completing battles.

You can find the list of daily missions by tapping on the paper scroll icon on the left side of the main screen. There, you have 3 tabs: Daily Missions, Current Missions, and All Missions.

The ones that offer the most generous rewards are the dailies because they offer 3 extra rewards if you complete all 7 missions, the ones in Current Missions and All Missions are a bit harder but you get gems for completing them.

Resources and Currencies

Upgrading a Gold Mine to produce more gold in Top Troops Adventure RPG

The further you progress in Top Troops, the more resources and currencies you need to manage and collect. The main resource in this game is Gold, but there are a few others that you will need to upgrade buildings and characters. Here are the most important resources and currencies in Top Troops: Adventure RPG:

  • Gold: the most common currency. It can be used to upgrade buildings, skills, and talents. You can get it from rewards and is also generated by Gold Mine buildings.
  • Squad Coins: Required currency for leveling up units in the Library.
  • Gems: The most valuable resource in Top Troops: Adventure RPG. Can be used to summon units or buy certain items in the shop
  • Battle Energy: This resource is represented by the flash icon at the top of your screen. You need it to enter battles in all game modes, and it regenerates over time.

Combat Tips for Top Troops: Adventure RPG

To wrap things up, here are some combat tips that can help you succeed in Top Troops: Adventure RPG:

1. Choose a strong team composition

Make sure to have a balance of tanks (Frontline units), attackers (Melee, Assassin, and Ranged units), and support (Mage, and Support) units in your team. This will give you better chances of surviving battles.

2. Place your units properly on the battlefield

Proper positioning before starting a battle in Top Troops: Adventure RPG
Proper positioning before starting a battle

To maximize the effectiveness of your team, you should place your units strategically. Tank units in front to absorb damage, attackers in the middle, and support and ranged units behind them for protection. Ranged units have high damage but lack defense, so it’s crucial to keep them safe.

3. Upgrade your characters and their skills

As mentioned earlier, upgrading characters is crucial in increasing their power and making them stronger in battles. Additionally, leveling up their skills can give them special abilities that can greatly impact the outcome of a battle.

4. Pick the best faction in Top Troops: Adventure RPG

Faction Chart for the Top Troops game

The best faction in Top Troops: Adventure RPG is by far the Infernal. This faction has some of the best characters in the game such as Vampire Queen, Ember Elemental, Fire Slasher, and Slime King.

But if you want to be a step ahead of the competition, you should first check the placement and the factions of your opponents before choosing yours.

This will give you a 30% extra damage bonus because each faction is strong against another. Contraire, if you pick the faction that is weaker than your opponent’s, you will deal 20% less damage. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of each faction:

  • Infernal and Divine: Equal against each other and no extra bonuses against other factions.
  • Militia: Strong against Hunter, weak against Wilding
  • Hunter: Strong against Wildling, weak against Wildling
  • Wildling: Strong against Militia, weak against the Hunter faction

Final Thoughts

This concludes our Top Troops: Adventure RPG guide. You should now have a better understanding of how to progress and succeed in this game. Be consistent and collect resources, complete missions, and upgrade your characters wisely.

And if you enjoy playing Top Troops, we also highly recommend checking out our character tier list for Top Heroes, another fantastic mobile game with similar gameplay mechanics. Happy gaming!

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