Top Troops Adventure RPG Tier List Ranking the Finest Units

Know which units to combine and deploy with our Top Troops Adventure RPG tier list! Build the strongest team to expand your territory faster

Top Troops Adventure RPG Tier List
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Top Troops is not your average RPG game. With a unique mix of strategy and merge mechanics, it requires you to carefully select and rank up your units to succeed in battles. In this fantasy world, the key to victory lies in unlocking and merging the best and most powerful units.

But with such a large collection of characters (known as units) to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best? Look no further! Our tier list ranks the top units in each faction and role, giving you a clear advantage on the battlefield.

Just like in any other RPG mobile game, the characters can be distinguished by their rarity and their role. There are 5 factions and 6 roles, all of which you will see below after each unit’s name.

Our Top Troops tier list ranks all the units in this game based on the mentioned factors, their power at the maximum level, and their skills.

S-Tier Units

The strongest units in the game, these are absolute must-haves on your team.

S-tier, the best units in Top Troops Adventure RPG tier list
S-tier, the best units in Top Troops Adventure RPG tier list
  • Vampire Queen (Infernal, Assassin)
  • Girtabilu (Divine, Ranged)
  • Dakini (Hunter, Melee)
  • Juggernaut (Militia, Frontline)
  • Ember Elemental (Infernal, Mage)
  • The King (Militia, Support)
  • Trickster (Hunter, Assassin)
  • Fire Slasher (Infernal, Ranged)
  • Samurai (Militia, Assassin)
  • Holy Protector (Divine, Frontline)
  • Battle Drummer (Wildling, Support)
  • Toad Druid (Wildling, Assassin)

Vampire Queen is the top-performing character in Top Troops Adventure RPG. She not only has the highest army power in this medieval-themed game but also can weaken the enemies’ attack. Plus, she is a member of the most powerful faction as mentioned in our Top Troops Adventure RPG guide. An absolute must-have for any top-tier team in this game, earning her spot at the highest tier – S Tier.

Girtabilu is also an excellent damage dealer. This half-human-half-scorpion creature is a must-have for any team that wants to dominate the battlefield. His ranged attacks will also weaken his targets by reducing their healing potential. We recommend pairing him with a strong Frontline/Tank unit as he can be vulnerable to melee attacks.

Dakini are two mighty twin demons with strong melee AoE attacks. They can also stun units and deal a tremendous amount of damage to those affected by it.

Juggernaut, on the other hand, is the most powerful tank in the game. He may not deal much damage, but his resilience and ability to taunt enemies and block projectiles from ranged enemy units, make him an essential character for any team.

Ember Elemental is a mage with high magical power that can inflict massive damage to multiple units at once, particularly to those affected by the burning negative effect. He can also become immune quickly, which is useful in tough battles.

Last, but not least, The King is a must-have support unit that can increase the damage of all ally units around him. At the same time, the more allies are surrounding him, the more damage he can deal.

A-Tier Characters

These units are still powerful and essential for any top-tier team.

A-tier units in Top Troops Adventure RPG
A-tier characters in Top Troops Adventure RPG
  • Slime King (Infernal, Melee)
  • Hermes (Divine, Assassin)
  • Frozen Heart (Militia, Mage)
  • Demi Angel (Divine, Melee)
  • Eira (Militia, Assassin)
  • Armored Troll (Wildling, Frontline)
  • Sharpshooter (Hunter, Ranged)
  • Oni Warrior (Infernal, Melee)
  • Stone Hermit (Infernal, Support)
  • Imperial Elf (Wildling, Ranged)
  • Werewolf (Wildling, Melee)
  • Boomerang (Militia, Ranged)
  • Sylvan Spirit (Hunter, Support)


Strong units that can still deal massive damage in the mid-game battles

B-tier units in Top Troops Adventure RPG
B-tier units in Top Troops Adventure RPG
  • Thundershot (Divine, Ranged)
  • Ose (Wildling, Melee)
  • Archangel (Divine, Support)
  • Ymir (Infernal, Melee)
  • Storm (Divine, Mage)
  • Berserker (Militia, Melee)
  • Thor (Divine, Melee)
  • Water Maiden (Divine, Support)
  • Leshy (Hunter, Mage)
  • Elemental Witch (Wildling, Mage)
  • Royal Guard (Militia, Melee)
  • Herbalist (Hunter, Support)
  • Dwarf Engineer (Hunter, Mage)


Average units that can be useful depending on the game mode but not necessary for beginner teams.

C-tier units in Top Troops Adventure RPG
C-tier units in Top Troops Adventure RPG
  • Ninja Mole (Hunter, Assassin)
  • Warrior Carriage (Militia, Assassin)
  • Valkyrie (Divine, Melee)
  • Arcane Hunter (Hunter, Ranged)
  • Pyromaniac (Wildling, Mage)
  • Golem (Militia, Frontline)
  • Cleric (Divine, Support)
  • Merman (Hunter, Melee)
  • Crabomancer (Infernal, Melee)
  • Catapult (Militia, Ranged)
  • Verleaf (Wildling, Support)
  • Abomination (Infernal, Frontline)
  • Conductor (Divine, Mage)
  • Mushroom Shield (Wildling, Frontline)


The weakest units in the game, these are not recommended for serious gameplay.

D-tier units in Top Troops Adventure RPG
D-tier, the weakest units in Top Troops Adventure RPG
  • Necromancer Rat (Infernal, Mage)
  • Orc Rider (Militia, Melee)
  • Draggy (Infernal, Mage)
  • Assassin (Hunter, Assassin)
  • Blue Wizzard (Divine, Mage)
  • Troll (Wildling, Frontline)
  • Goblin (Wildling, Melee)
  • Archer (Divine, Ranged)
  • Delivery Guy (Infernal, Frontline)
  • Swordsman (Militia, Melee)
  • Axe Thrower (Hunter, Ranged)

Final Notes

This wraps up our unit tier list for Top Troops Adventure RPG. Remember, having a well-balanced team with top-performing units is crucial to succeed in this game. Keep an eye out for new units and don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations.

Top Troops Adventure RPG Tier List
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): Adventure, RPG,
  • Publisher(s): Zynga
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